Guthrie Family, Jay's siblings!
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Hoorah, the Guthrie family! These are just the main three I would love to see running around, but there's plenty of Guthries to choose from if you click any of the linked Wikis and browse the "relatives" listed beneath their picture on the right! I've written little blurbs for these three but things can be changed if need be to fit with WGP's universe. I would love to see the siblings interacting and doing their wild Guthrie thang, hehe.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

Samuel “Cannonball” Guthrie

The eldest of the Guthrie children, mid to late twenties. Kickass X-Man who possesses thermo-chemical energy field propulsion, thus is able to fly and fight by blasting enemies with energy. Sweet ol’ Southern boy who had to step up and help Momma Guthrie after the passing of his father and thus worked in the coal mines until he mutated, and then he left for Xavier’s and went on to be a prominent X-Men member.

Paige “Husk” Guthrie

The second eldest Guthrie child, early to mid twenties. Also a kickass X-Man who possesses the ability to shed her outer skin and have different materials for her exterior. Quite tech savvy and intelligent, though her physical morphing has left her prone to depression and insanity if not handled properly. As it comes with being from a huge family, she's very caring toward younger kids and is a driven and determined person, and maybe even breeching into the "overachiever" territory just a little bit. But don't let her soft and motherly side fool you: she's one hell of a fighter. Don't stand between her and what matters most to her because she will protect anyone she loves with everything she's got.

Melody “Aero” Guthrie

The fourth Guthrie child, only a little younger than Jay. A wonderful girl with the ability to fly (a Guthrie mutation trend, hehe). She’s a minor canon with not very much information so there is plenty of wiggle room to write her! Writer’s liberty!
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