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After the battle with the Hand, Jessica re-opened Alias Investigations. Her business flourishes, partially thanks to a hardworking and enthusiastic Malcolm. Among their clients are Robert Coleman, who possesses powers and thinks someone is out to kill him, and Pryce Cheng, who wants to absorb Alias Investigations and hire her for his firm.

Coleman's violent death sparks Jessica's investigation into her own past. The investigation leads her to IGH, the organisation responsible for giving her her abilities following the car crash. She discovers that her mother, Alisa Jones, also survived the crash and was subject to experiments that gave her powers similar to her daughter's, but also left her dangerously unstable.

Jessica finds her mother, but the family reunion doesn't as expected. Knowing her mother has killed several people, Jessica is torn between doing the right thing (turning her mother in) and recovering what she thought she had lost forever. Jessica compromises by insisting the lead bio-geneticist Karl Malus answer for his crimes but Alisa, in love with Malus, adamantly refuses. Following a skirmish with law enforcement, Alisa is mortally wounded and she dies in her daughter's arms.

Important additions or changes below.
  • Jessica never met Oscar Arocho and his son.
  • Will Simpson died protecting Trish.
  • Alisa never went to prison and Jessica never killed the prison guard.
  • IGH was a very small branch of the Weapon X program, focused on developing combat enhancers for soldiers but Karl Malus, their bio-geneticist, performed illegal experiments on subjects (Jessica and Alisa Jones) that been brought in after an accident. After risking exposure to the program, it was shut down.
  • Trish's involvement with Karl Malus has been left vague on purpose, depending on a possible applicant's desired approach.
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