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Nov 16 2017, 02:45 PM
NOVEMBER 2, 2017, 1:30 PM
Anyone who saw Ororo right now knew instinctively not to get in her way. Little eddies of wind pushed åt the edges of her skirt as she walked down the hall, her powers flaring slightly in her irritation. Whenever she was mad or tense or sad, anytime intense emotions flooded her breast, it always became more difficult to hold the power of the storm at bay. Usually, she was able to keep her temper in check, åble to hold back the full force of the elements, but there were a few people who knew how to push her buttons just so, just enough to push her to the edge of her own limits on control, and any time she had to meet with that..,woman, she was certain to leave with a need to soothe her spirit.

Her jaw was set in a hard line and, though they were not glowing, her eyes held a warning for anyone she passed. She’d never been timid about sharing her feelings and opinions about any number of topics, but she knew she needed to calm herself, knew intimately the effects she could wrought upon the natural world if her emotions were left unchecked. When she was younger, she would revel in her emotions, let them out in any manner of ways with her abilities. It was an intoxicating feeling, being tapped into the power of Mother Nature. But she had since learned the true destructive powers of her abilities, knew she must hold herself to a different level of control than other mutants. Even beyond that, she was a role model for these kids, a living example of what could be achieved if you learned and grew with your powers and kept them in control. She had a responsibility to them not to give into the temptation to drench her office rainwater. She would try. But she would need a friend’s help.

“There you are, Jean, wonderful. I am in the mood for a Danger Room session. Would you care to join me?”

She stepped into Jean’s office without knocking, a habit born of familiarity, finding her friend at her desk. Ororo’s tone was oddly hard and formal, the way it got when she was extremely wound up or tense, lacking her usual warmth. She would revert to the way she used to speak when she was relatively new to the English language, each word carefully thought out and pronounced. She always spoke with a certain regal elegance, choosing her words carefully, but it was when she was angry that they became clipped and precise, as if by adding structure to her speaking, she could build a bulwark to hold back the rising tide. Structure would keep her temper in line. Structure, and the opportunity to blow some things up. The storm didn’t enjoy being held at bay. Occasionally, it was therapeutic to release it’s true strength.

Notes: I’m kinda implying it’s Emma she’s angry about (cause lbr, she’s a bitch lol) but Ororo totally would rather talk about anything else. Or just blow things up, option two haha
Nov 15 2017, 04:04 PM
NOVEMBER 1, 2017 10:00 AM
Ororo’s fist paused, raised as it was to knock on the office door. She had hoped things wouldn’t come to this. This was perhaps the last place she wanted to be right now, or ever really. While it’s occupant was new to the mansion, she had already made an impression on the weather witch, one that couldn’t necessarily be considered good. The woman rubbed Ororo in all the wrong ways, whether it was her snide, unhelpful comments or the general air of superiority that surrounded her whenever she entered a room.

In all honestly, the woman had given no reason for Ororo to distrust her. She had come and filled a vital role at the X-Mansion, one that her empathic abilities were uniquely tailored to handle. With so many young charges in the early stages of their development, it was instrumental to have someone who was able to help them unravel the vagaries of their own inner lives, someone who was trained in just that and whose powers would aid her in her duties. Still, there was something about their new guidance counselor, some niggling in the back of Ororo’s mind that she couldn’t quite place, small doubts that set her teeth on edge. She would like nothing more than to lower her fist and walk away from this door, find a solution to her problem on her own.

But, as always, her students came first, before any personal feuds she may have with the newest member of their staff. After years at the Xavier Institute, she had fully bought into the work they were doing here, raising young mutants to use their powers for the betterment of all life on earth. If she something good came of these few minutes of playing nice, then they would be well spent indeed, no matter the price of Ororo’s sanity. Before she could talk herself out of it, she knocked firmly and succinctly on the door. She didn’t wait for an answer before opening the door and entering the office.

“Good morning Emma. I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

She got right to the point. Her tone was polite, cordial even, but there was an underlying hardness to it that belied how much she wished she were anywhere else. Her very bearing made it clear that the pleasantries were only skin deep; she did not particularly care if she had interrupted anything.

"I have something to discuss about one of my students."

Even the way she said "my" made it clear what she thought of Emma, that she was trespassing on the grounds and her unique "talents" maybe be best served elsewhere. Ororo's trust was hard won and Emma had done little to earn even a little. Still, she had enough politeness to remain standing until she was invited to sit, an invitation that she wasn’t entirely certain would be forthcoming.
Nov 12 2017, 10:27 PM
NOVEMBER 7, 2017, 2:00 PM
The warm interior of the greenhouse was a welcome relief from the cold that continued to deepen beyond its glass walls. Though Ororo’s body was naturally resistant against all temperature extremes, she always found she was much more comfortable in the humid, misty warmth that the plants luxuriated in. It reminded her of home. The wildness of the garden ironically served the purpose of calming her own mind, the task of tending to the plants focusing her mind and giving her fortitude to withstand the seemingly relentless barrage of the world. It was a sanctuary for the weather witch. And she was about to open it to death.

Ororo knew she shouldn’t speak so critically of her own student, even in her own mind. It was not Kevin’s fault that he could not control his powers, that his touch was deadly to all life. She firmly believed that all mutations were a gift. They were all beautifully and wonderfully made, that whatever higher power had created them had made no mistakes. It was harder to seek out the good in some abilities, how they could be used for good, rather than destruction. Her own abilities had manifested with the murder of a man. It had been a long journey to become the mutant leader she was today, teaching the generation of tomorrow. Every cloud has a silver lining, just waiting to shine through.

Her hands hovered over a potted flower, a small storm cloud dripping a measure of water onto the plant below, tiny lightning bolts sparkling over it’s gray surface. Her eyes glowed with otherworldly strength, yet her smile was gentle, her mind relaxed as she watered the thirsty plant, centered and at peace. Her connection to the natural world seemed like a complete antithesis to Kevin’s abilities. But it was more because of her abilities that she sought so readily to help him, her connection and respect for every living creature. Every person, mutant or human, deserved to feel the same peace she felt when she watered her plants. Kevin deserved to feel comfortable in his own skin, no matter what that skin could do. Still, she had chosen the greenhouse for a reason; as much as she wanted to help, she knew she’d need the added comfort of being on her home turf. She would help him, she was was certain of it.

***Let me know what you think, if anything need to be changed!
Nov 11 2017, 08:30 PM

It's the weather witch! She's exactly how you expect her to be, fierce, powerful, vastly loyal and HBIC.

Her friends are made up of the X-Men and any other heroes who fight against tyranny. People who love the earth, who take care of those around them, who would fall down on a grenade for the ones they love, those are the kind of people she respects and surrounds herself with. She is caring and fun-loving and gives strength to those around her. Her enemies are anyone who believes that superhumans deserve the bigotry and discrimination that has fallen upon their people. People who think they can take advantage of those around them, turn them to their own purposes, and cause destruction and mayhem, she opposes them with all of the considerable strength in her body. And while she vastly doesn't have time for lovers, she's not opposed to love, but any person she chooses will have to keep up with her bombastic spirit and her indomitable independence. She is attracted to intelligence, strength of will, and, perhaps most importantly, a desire to see good works done in the world. She has always a soft spoke for people with rough edges, who have a bit of a wild, animalistic streak. Those who are as hard to tame as the weather itself.

Please feel free to hit me up with any ideas you may have or, even if you don't have any ideas, just if you want to thread! She's open to it all!

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