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Jan 16 2018, 07:14 PM

Just three words could be used to surmise the annual Fundraiser noioso alla Galleria degli Uffizi: privileged, posh, and long.

Although events at most establishments of its caliber (world-class) tended to follow a strict timeline, the fundraiser was famous for lingering well past the witching hour - a fact one of its guests, a familiar brunette who had spent most of the evening lingering on the outskirts of the crowd, found entirely unnecessary.

Clad in a reasonable black dress for the affair, Ana Helden wiled away the hours with a smile painted on her lips. She'd flown across the pond almost entirely to make her appearance that night at the gala, and nowhere else - the usual fashion photographers that haunted these affairs hadn't even gotten a shot of her until she'd stepped onto Uffizi property officially, and even then, she'd stopped only long enough for her name to be crossed off the list at the door.

She was one of the fortunate, not the famous, and as such, the paparazzi had pressed no further.

Coming without a date probably wasn't ideal, even in these days, but there was no one she felt comfortable appearing with at the time, particularly given her most recent clientele. Keeping a low profile was more important than maintaining perfect social graces, and as such, she'd waved off questions throughout the night by stating she simply "hadn't found" her date yet, but would consider "working on it." Socializing with the type of people who attended this gala was tiring on your own, however, and by the time midnight came around, she found a reason to excuse herself from the crowd gathered in the main gallery.

Security was extraordinarily tight that evening, but a few soft words and an honest excuse - that she just needed to take a moment to herself - had convinced one guard well enough to let her slip off into one of the halls (plus, a public women's restroom was around the corner). A little bit of forced empathy went a long way.

Once she was more or less by herself, she stopped amid the marble and let her shoulders drop with a heavy sigh. Twenty-four hours to go; that was all she had to endure without falling in love with the sensation of knowing no one in a strange place, and then she'd be on her way home again.

Or, well, at least to New York.

With a lift of her chin, she took a few steps forward and... realized she'd been walking for at least a few minutes, now. This wasn't the sort of place you just got lost in - it'd be hugely embarrassing if anyone found out, and worse, she'd probably be questioned, which would lead to scandal that would inevitably drift back to her patients. She glanced around, half-turning, and then brought up her phone in the hopes that she could just Google Maps her way back to the party if she had to. It was as her phone loaded her location that she thought she heard a faint sound - maybe the footsteps of a guard? - and took a hasty few steps back herself.

This was a terrible decision, because the tap-tap of her heels echoed nicely through the hall's stately arches.

She very nearly cursed. At the last second, however, her prey instinct settled in (Ana was quite used to having to hide), and she instead started to turn to head in the opposite direction, careful to lean her weight on the fronts of her soles rather than the heels as she moved.

@JEAN-PHILIPPE DURAND and here... we... go! mwah, love you dear <3
Dec 13 2017, 08:29 PM

Considering the fact that most therapy sessions took place in hospital behavioral wards in small, standard offices, the house Tony Stark pulled up to that evening was completely beyond the pale.

For the nouveau riche, it was a touch quaint, but it was clear from the moment it came into view that the Ms. Ana Helden he'd been ordered to see did quite well for herself. That said, nothing about the property would be unusual for Tony; if anything, it'd probably feel small to him, but the quality of the home's construction shone through and hinted that the hour he'd be spending inside would, at the very least, be comfortable - and, more importantly, private. There weren't any other houses around at least for the countryside equivalent of a few blocks, and the forces that be that forced him into this whole affair had apparently done a very good job at keeping things quiet, as not a single agent of the press had followed him.

As the sun dipped down below the treeline backing the home, a light came on in the entryway. If he looked, Tony would have been able to see a feminine frame shadowed in the windows flanking either side of the front door - someone was looking through, and they weren't making a secret of it.

Finally, the door opened, and behind it, a small brunette greeted him with a smile - one that failed to show any teeth, but communicated warmth nonetheless. She stepped aside, pulling the door farther with her as she went, and in the process opened up a glimpse into the foyer and beyond: warm lights, tasteful, mid-toned woods and a bounty of both art and florals as decoration.

"Hello, Tony. I'm Ana, nice to meet you. Would you like to come in?"

A breeze rustled outside, tousling patches of snow gathered on the landscaping and making the warmth of the indoors seem all the more inviting. Ana offered her hand through the doorway for a shake.

@TONY STARK at long last!!!!! Hope the starter is OK, if you need more detail or anything, let me know. <3
Nov 22 2017, 11:13 AM

"A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other."
― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities


F R I E N D S: Ana keeps a very close circle of one to three close friends at any given time, and the rest, while they aren't history, are periphery at best. She isn't prone to opening up to people, and even those aforementioned close friends have knowledge about much of her past.

c u r r e n t: N/A.

E N E M I E S: Rare, but those she has are likely in high places due to her family history and the clientele she keeps. Ana believes that flies are attracted better with honey than vinegar, though, and as such is difficult to make an enemy of - even if she's deserving of it.

c u r r e n t: N/A.

I N - B E T W E E N: This is Ana's comfort zone. Keeping people at arm's length while still making them feel as though they're close to her is something she excels at, and she's happy to place the majority of her social circle in this category.

c u r r e n t: N/A.

L O V E R S: Few and far between. Ana's picky and has a host of issues of her own, and these two combined factors lead to a fairly sparse love life. She was engaged once in her late 20s, but does not speak of it. Doesn't engage in casual sex, and has a strong personal rule about becoming involved with patients (i.e., "It's deeply unprofessional" and "Please do not sleep with your patients").

c u r r e n t: N/A.

P A T I E N T S: The meat of Ana's interpersonal interactions will fall under this category, as she spends most of her time working with clients in therapy.

c u r r e n t: Bruce Banner (tentative - Ky confirm? <3), Tony Stark.

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