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Jan 7 2018, 09:25 PM

She had been up since four. Moira anticipated that the students would be arriving that day, and while she waited for the computer to do one last scan of the program she had just updated, she took small sips of coffee from her mug. The silence was soon broken by the computer.

All systems are ready Dr. MacTaggert. Moira plucked the card from the slot. She pressed a few buttons and smiled as a symphony of low hums alerted her that everything seemed to be running smoothly. After hours of inputting the newest medical data and running tests, she finally knew that her work was paying off. The Danger Room would be able to adjust to some of the most recent tests that had been conducted, and would overall aid in a better training session.

"Go ahead and run the latest input, I want to see how it turned out." her Scottish brogue seemed to be less harsh than it had since her first few days in the states. Moira knew at times it could be tricky even for the computers to understand her.

As she peered down at the danger room below, suddenly the rippling grass fields and the coastal cliffs of Scotland manifested before her. Her lips parted as she stood up more, her arms crossing looking out from the control room. Moira missed home but it was amazing what the computer could do. It almost felt like being back. In the distance, she could make out her lab, Muir Island. Moira figured one of these days the newest background would come in handy, but for now, it was just a program she had added as a nod to her home. A signature to the code that was uniquely her. A reminder of what she had left behind.

She was so lost in thought that she barely noticed the door behind her open.

Jan 6 2018, 07:42 PM

The news murmured softly in the background, behind the chatters of evening customers and the louder broadcast of some of the popular musical hits of that month. It was a song Moira had heard countless times in stores and restaurants. It wasn't one that she was particularly fond off but with a few glasses of whisky already in her system, she didn't seem to care.

Her mind was already too distracted by the conversation that had taken place with her husband...or rather ex-husband who just refused to make it official earlier to pay much attention to anything in the bar. From time to time she would signal the bartender to refill her glass before throwing it back. Moira was trying to take things slowly, but it was much easier to break her promises when she wasn't expected back at the mansion. Moira needed to appear like she lived in New York after all, and from time to time she would schedule lectures to make it seem like she did. She had the money to pay rent and live her current double life. It was necessary to protect the X-Men if anyone was to find out her real reason for returning to the states, it might have placed more than just Charles in danger.

You're mine Moira. You swore before God to love, honor, and cherish me till death. I choose to hold you to that. So if this is about the divorce papers, the answer is still no. I find being married to a Nobel Prize winner too politically useful for my career.

His voice cut through her and trembling fingers reach out to grip the fresh glass of whisky in front of her. Hot tears threatened to break to the surface, and she could feel a large lump forming in her throat. Part of her hated the fact she had even fallen in love with such a man. How naive she had been to believe a monster. It was the perfect guise. The perfect masquerade. She supposed that was why it hurt so much. Why she beat herself up for falling for it. It was men like Joesph MacTaggert that pushed her to fight, but for now, she was having to hold her tongue and lay low, and it killed her slightly. After all, she was damned to carry his name professionally. That was hell enough.

"Do you have something a wee bit stronger?" she slurred, her eyes blinking down to catch any tears that might have escaped. She was on the verge of breaking down but was doing her damndest to stay strong. This was certainly one of those moments were the geneticist hoped no one was watching as she pushed another half-empty glass away.

Jan 1 2018, 08:23 PM

It was all a balancing act after getting over the initial jet lag and move. Since Moira's arrival, she was living a double life. Her involvement with Xavier's was, for the most part, a complete secret and while most thought she lived in a rather cushy apartment in Manhattan, she spent most of her time in Upstate New York at Xavier's. Moira had her own opinions of the recent accords, but again, she kept that to herself. Moira was rather content floating under the radar in efforts to protect those that needed to be protected. Besides the time she spent in the labs and med bay, Moira was preparing herself for the most recent project that had been set on her plate, which she eagerly accepted.

It was a project that Jean had been slowly laying out the foundations for from Moira understanding, and while she was very interested in what Jean was starting, she had never once tried to insert herself into the situation, even though she secretly wanted to be involved. Of course, when the invitation was extended to her to help Jean with Mutantes Sans Frontières she couldn't refuse. It seemed like something that was needed, and Moira wanted to be involved and assisting with efforts to get it off the ground as much as possible.

Moira had just finished packing up a few things when stepped out of her office and into the hallway. "Well, I should be good tae go, are ye ready?" While she worked hard to speak more clearly, she couldn't completely hide her Scottish brogue. Moira figured it would lighten up the longer she was in the states. "I hope we are still on schedule, I wouldn' want tae be messin' up anything." as she looked over her bag one last time she snapped shut a few of the buckets and zippers to make sure all the contents inside were contained. While Moira had a general idea of what the mission was today, she was mainly following Jean's lead.

Dec 15 2017, 01:51 AM

Wolfsbane || Rahne Sinclair

I would love for someone to take up Wolfsbane. The play by is currently opened to anyone that would fit the part. I would ask that like Moira, her Scottish heritage is kept and that her history sticks closely to the comics, with the intention of mixing the Moira of the site into things at some point. Moira would love to gain her adoptive daughter!

Banshee || Sean Cassidy

Moira might be a hard nut to crack when it comes to love, but one person that will likely be able to sweep her off her feet (and who might be equally as stubborn and persistent) is Sean Cassidy. The two share some tough love history from their past, so there is at least an element of understanding there. Sean and Moira have an on and off relationship history in the comics and I would love to explore elements of this here, perhaps eventually having Moira grow a bit more comfortable with the idea of loving again. I ask that Simon Baker is used as the FC and that elements of Sean's history are kept similar. Deep down I just want the Scot and Irishman to go at it with back to back witty banter.

Dec 14 2017, 09:43 PM

Moira might have considered herself somewhat possessed when she agreed to give a lecture at a conference two days after arriving in the states. Perhaps her stubbornness had gotten the best of her when she thought her jet lag would have been long passed. More so, it was likely her lack of judgment.

Regardless, Moira was now stuck with the pressure of presenting some of her most recent findings to a bunch of doe-eyed students at a conference celebrating some of the successes of the scientific community. Considering her numerous papers, published articles in peer-reviewed journals, countless hours of lab and medical work, not to mention a Nobel prize, well many were thrilled the Scot had agreed to come stateside and let alone to NYC. What many weren't yet aware of was her permanent plans to reside in America but she wasn't one to share too much personal information.

After everything with Joe it had been several years since she had set foot on American soil. Most of her work with the public had been through Oxford and Edinburgh University, though many reports (that she was painfully aware of) had labeled her as rather hard to get a hold of, especially after founding her research facility Muir Island. The public hadn't really been aware of what research Moira was conducting there, and her name only seemed to appear from time to time as she got out less and less. Moira wanted to argue that she had been just working harder to fine tune her skills, but what she really had been doing was hiding. Hiding from him and most of all the memories of a failed and violent marriage.

Joesph MacTaggert had no issue plastering her name alongside his for his campaign, claiming Moira was just "busy" with life-changing research which he understandably allowed her to continue to conduct, but they two talked almost every day. Joesph MacTaggert seemed to always captivate his audience in such a way that the signs weren't necessarily always obvious. Had Moira noticed his delusions and tendency to tell lie after lie, she would have likely saved herself a lot sooner, but somehow she managed to fall for it all. An even though she desperately tried to pull away from his grasp, he still owned her. Moira was convinced she would never shed herself of his name. It was a shame that name was how the public knew her. Then again, she didn't want him to have any more power over her. Moira was on her own, despite her exhusbands lies. She wouldn't let him have that victory and to cloud her thoughts any longer than he needed to.

For the first time in a long time, she decided to move. Moira was sure Joe would think of some new way to spin his lies and make it seem like their "loving" marriage continued. No matter how many times she signed the divorce papers, he didn't. It was all a game to him and she was nothing more than some toy that boosted his ego and reputation. The thoughts made her sick to her stomach, but there wasn't much she could do but try and forget him. She continued to pour herself into her work, keep herself busy, and avoid drinking too much.

Despite her jet lag, Moira managed to give a rather impressive presentation, even if at the time her Scottish brogue became a bit thicker. By the end of the presentation, she was ready to return to her hotel room which she was only going to hold for another night before officially settling at Xavier's Institute; her new home. For now, she would go through the motions as though this was any other trip. As though she would be returning back to Edinburgh. Privacy is what Moira wanted the most. The world had become a complex and confusing place.

While Moira didn't necessarily agree with some of the actions taking place, Moira knew she couldn't continue to hold in her opinions much longer. She worked secretly with those she cared about the most but it was only a matter of time before she couldn't hide any longer and her passions would pour out a bit more vocally, even if it meant risking her career. The registration felt wrong and while Moira wasn't actively fighting it, at least not yet, she wondered how much it would eat at her now that she was much closer to everything.

Just as she exited the conference center and made her way back to the hotel lobby she heard a voice call out from behind her. Moira wanted to ignore it, but she had the feeling that someone was about to stand between her and the bed she so desperately wanted to be reunited with.

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