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Alias: Echo
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Codename: Scarlet Witch
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Feb 13 2018, 05:38 PM


2 (technically) / JUST VISION / ENHANCED (probably) / PAUL BETTANY

- Frequently struggles to understand humanity and makes his decisions based on logic (though has recently started becoming distracted by emotions)
- Dangerously powerful, what with an Infinity Stone in his forehead
- I would like to play out some sort of bond between Vis and Wanda over the shared source of their powers
- We can even follow the Infinity War trailer where Vis is able to be disguised in human form



- Once saved the entire world from Dormammu and made it look so stylish
- It's up to you whether he is yet to become the Sorcerer Supreme or whether he is now there
- Hopefully a future mentor to Wanda and her soon-to-be-discovered magic
-Owner of a badass cape



- Without question, the most badass Avenger
- As a master of stealth, she could have been pretty much anywhere since Civil War
- As the other female member of the team, I would love to have some sort of friendship/mentorship between them
- With her fighting skills and Wanda's powers, I can see Wanda going on missions with her as the Willow to Nat's Buffy



- Insanely powerful mutant who has his own ideals of what mutant rights should look like
- Whether or not you want Erik to be Wanda's real father is up to you
- Plenty of X-Men here for Erik to battle



- Possibly another of Strucker's experiments, one which he didn't get to use against the Avengers before his death
- Capable of extreme strength, speed, flight and imbued with ionic energy
- In a nod to his comic storyline, he could have been a famous actor who was kidnapped by Hydra and presumed dead
- I've always enjoyed the interactions between Wanda and Simon in the comics, so Wanda could always be the one to find Simon here.
Jan 2 2018, 04:01 PM

Although saying farewell and leaving Wakanda behind didn’t feel exactly like leaving home, however temporary her departure was, the feeling that she did have wasn’t far from it. There was a sense of safety and freedom in T’Challa’s nation, a stronger sensation than even her time as an Avenger had provided her. Whether it was down to their individual choices or whether they were simply obeying the commands of their king, the people of Wakanda seemed to show no fear of trepidation around her. Well, at least not on the surface. But, after living among the caution that the United States had shown her, no wonder it was difficult to say goodbye.

Even with all this, when the motion to bring her back was put forward by Clint and Sharon, there was no way that Wanda could say no. T’Challa had gone out of his way by hosting her, but the world needed the Scarlet Witch, though they didn’t realise it. Her powers had been given to her by Hydra to destroy but Wanda understood her own purpose was to protect. She couldn’t do that in Wakanda.

Though she could understand why Clint would choose to help facilitate Wanda’s return, she was surprised that Sharon Carter also put herself forward. They had meet briefly in Leipzig, but they didn’t know each other. Sharon owed her nothing yet she still chose to do this. No wonder Steve trusted her. Between the two of them, they had paid off the captain of a cargo ship to hide Wanda and bring her from the shores of Africa to Canada, where she would be met at the Hudson Bay.

When the cargo ship docked, the Sokovian waited behind until most of what it had been carrying was taken off into the harbour. She didn’t want to leave without thanking the captain of the boat and she shook his hand warmly before she left. Sharon’s face stood out almost immediately and Wanda couldn’t help but want to run over and embrace the woman. She didn’t though, due to her lack of knowledge as to whether that would be appropriate or not. “Miss Carter,” Wanda settled for a smile and a courteous wave. “You truly didn’t have to do this.” As she took in her surroundings, the young woman considered silently as to whether she could have done the same thing as Sharon, if she were in her shoes. The answer wasn’t as easy as Wanda would have liked it to have been. “I know I’m not technically in New York yet, but it feels so alien being back.”

@SHARON CARTER Let me know if anything needs to be changed!

Dec 28 2017, 10:49 AM

So Wanda here is still mostly based in Wakanda, though she has made several brief visits to the United States, unbeknownst to anyone else but the Secret Avengers. Though she hates that she is once again on the bad side of the US government, having briefly been given the chance to live a normal life under the Accords, she holds little regret for her part in the 'Civil War'. Hopefully she'll be back in NYC soon!

Friends: Considering that for most of her life it was just Wanda and her brother, she (by her own admission) isn't the greatest at knowing how to make friends. I imagine that she has improved her social skills since the first time she became an Avenger, but she'll never be a social butterfly. If you have the patience to deal with Wanda's reluctance to open up, you're sure to have an enriching, loyal and passionate friend.

Enemies: As Tony Stark once described her, Wanda is a potential WMD and there are many people out there with a keen interest in making sure that she doesn't go off. Her past actions, both serving under Hydra and her incident in Lagos, have also contributed to the number of people who don't hold her in high regard. In the general sense, she is not reckless but she absolutely hates any attempt to control her and will not hesitate in fighting back against any one who tries to.

Love: In much the same way that Wanda has never really developed a friendship circle, she has never had much of a chance to explore this side of her life either. She's enjoyed flirtations with boys and possible dates prior to Hydra, but there was never anything serious here. Wanda, though she might not seem like it on the surface, is a romantic at heart, though that's not to say she doesn't enjoy the idea of more causal and fleeting encounters.
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