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Jan 23 2018, 01:43 PM

Though the cab had dropped her off at the door to the building she hadn’t been able to avoid getting a bit of snow of her in the few steps it took to get from the car to the door. The snow was falling in earnest now, laying a thick wet blanket across the city. She hadn’t believed the weathermen at first. Who ever really did? But in the last two hours had seen many streets coming to a standstill.

She was tempted to head over to Hell’s Kitchen, surely it would be more entertaining to get snowed in there. At the rate things were falling she might have to walk a good portion of the distance. Not as bad as trying to get to china town but she’d still need better boots then what she had on her feet right now. Designer shoes were not meant to play nice with the snow. Neither was her coat, it had been more for looks, but then she’d left earlier today to get some paperwork sorted out, not tromp through snow.

Ducking inside, she smiled a greeting for the door man that wasn’t likely to see his shift relief tonight, and headed straight for the elevators. She’d just pop to her apartment real quick and get what she needed. Hmm.. Wonder if the hardware store was out of sleds already? Or was the snow too deep for that? She had no clue. Her childhood had not included having “fun” in the snow.

The elevator doors slid open and she stepped in, glancing at the one other person coming along for the ride before pushing the button for her floor moving back to wait. Her eyes fixed on the numbers as they started to climb, counting along in her head. The only sign of her unease at being in the metal box was her singular focus on those numbers that would tell her just when the ride was over..


Jan 14 2018, 08:59 AM

She’d won a bit of freedom in the whole debacle but she wasn’t outside in this cold to think about that. She’d had enough damn thinking lately, her head was tired of it. What she really needed was just a good bout of physical confrontation but she was trying to be “good” and not starting a fight was probably on the wrong side of that line.

Not that some people were going to make that easy. This wasn’t the first time she’d wandered out into the city and been tailed. In fact it seemed to be a constant thing at times. If it wasn’t ninja’s on the roof, it was a dark man in a black trench coat and a horrible hat. Like an oversized extra from Newsies. She’d seen it on Broadway once. They’d all worn those hats.

Sadly this guy didn’t seem interested in breaking into song and dance while trying to sell her paper.

She picked up a paper at magazine stand on the sidewalk anyway, passing over the money to the waiting hand before heading further down the block towards the café. She was of a mind to at least grab a cup of decent coffee if she was going to leading a tail all over Manhattan. In fact, maybe it would be fun. She could lead him a merry chase. See just how determined he was!

Approaching the café she ducked inside as if completely unaware of the man and proceeded to order herself a small cup of the seasonal favorite. Did Mr. Newsie like coffee?


Jan 11 2018, 09:16 PM

The room was a mostly empty space and yet it never felt like that. Though the center was cleared with a matted floor, a place that had seen so many sparring matches. So many lessons. Blood and sweat. It had soaked into the very atmosphere of the room. As if you were quite enough you could hear the sounds of flesh hitting flesh and bodies hitting the mat.

Ellie had a broom in her hand but a scowl on her face. She would have rather been practicing, even if only alone against the bag. Instead she had been handed a broom and told to sweep up. She’d immediately gone around, sweeping the entire room with hasty, broad strokes. “A sloppy ass job” Stick had called it when he came to check and told her to do it again and do it right.

So now she was sweeping again, her scowl deeper but with concentration between her brows as she focused on the floor. She stuck those bristles into every crevice, moved every weapon rack, skimmed along every wall. Neat, precise strokes. She’d show them, they’d never see the floor this clean again..

Foot steps were coming from the hall, getting louder. One set she recognized, the occasional tap of the cane a dead give away even if she hadn’t memorized the cadence of his walk. He wasn’t alone though; his steps were paired with a set quicker and lighter. Her head came up and she turned around, broom still in her hand as they reached the doorway. She was surprised to see another young girl with Stick.

I think this is the foundation of why she hates house work..

Jan 8 2018, 11:51 AM

Friends: “Friend” can be a precarious title when it comes to Elektra as she is quick to turn on someone if they turn on her. Or if they get in her way, that friendship might be in jeopardy. Situational ally is probably where most people fall on her radar but when they gain her real loyalty thats hard to break. As long as they remember attacking them doesn't mean she hates them, necessarily. I am totally open to some new, or new old friends!

Family: Ellie doesn’t really have any blood relatives; even her adopted family is dead along with her long time master Stick, who she saw as a father figure. I’m open to plotting something though! See my plot wish list at the bottom.

Relationships: Elektra is in love with Matthew Murdock but their relationship has been complicated ever since college. She's not looking for romance, and her idea of romance is a little difference then the typical dinner and flowers. That bores her. Her style of flirting is more along the lines of exchanging a few blows. But there could have been lovers from her past, this is open to plotting.

Enemies: This list has probably gotten a lot longer in the past 6 months while she was under the influence of Alexandra Ried and the Hand. She was sent on a killing spree to destroy the Chaste and though its believed she managed to get them all, maybe a couple managed to hide. Or some that are ex-chaste and they’re not likely to be feeling all that generous towards her. She has enemies within the Hand as well. After killing Alexandra and failing to stop the Defenders at Midland circle there are factions within the Hand that don’t believe in the Black Sky any longer and are more then happy to put her down. The list doesn’t end there, this too is open for plotting!

Plot Wish List: I’d like to get Elektra back towards being more of an antihero instead of the villain the Hand made her into. She’s always existed in more of a morally grey area and though she was embracing the darkness for a time I want to bring her back more towards that grey.

I’d love to work out some past interactions with some characters, to help broaden her associates. I’d especially like to explore a relationship with someone (older then her) that might have known her when she was a teenager and nothing more then a coltish, lonely girl. A sort of friendship, maybe almost like a big brother or fatherly relationship in some ways. Someone that would be upset at the villain the Hand made her but would also understand her antihero-ness.

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