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Feb 5 2018, 06:22 PM
With a determined edge to her furrowed brow, Sue pushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear, out of the way as she fixed Ben with a deeply probing stare. Ironically, the people who were the most qualified to study them were them; Reed was focusing more on the cosmic storm and what had caused and while Sue was no doctor, her deep knowledge of human biology made her more than capable for the job. And yet, she was having some trouble with the task, least of all that she wasn’t entirely certain that Ben was still human. Originally, the plan had been to draw blood to examine under a microscope, to find irregularities in his blood streams, a clue as to what he was and what had caused the changes, but now, with the remnants of several syringes, scalpels, and high duty tweezers lying askew on the table beside her, Sue’s goals were turning into just piercing Ben’s adamantine hide.

There was a part of Sue that was excited; there was nothing she loved more than a scientific mystery, a problem into which she could sink her teeth and revel in the discoveries that unfolded one after the other, right before her eyes. Another, equally large part of her was frustrated with the lack of results as she tried to find some way to cure her friend. She had had a hand in the event that had turned him into this rock monster and it killed her that she was no closer to fixing her mistakes. In frustration, she had taken a handsaw she’d dug out of the back of some utility closet and taken to Ben’s leg with a fury. It lay in mangled pieces on the ground beside her. With a huge sigh, she threw her hands up in the air and shook her head.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Ben. If I can’t even get to your blood.”

It was mostly with a strange mixture of desperate determination that she gave him an inquiring look, head cocked to the side, looking across the lab bench to the chair Ben sat in (reinforced, of course). She was frustrated, yes, more and more so as the hours ticked by with no results, but she was undeterred. The Storm name was practically synonymous with stubborn. With a practiced ease, she slid a hair tie from her pocket and tied her hair up in one smooth motion. When all else failed, try something else, even if it was insane. It was with a smile on her face that she hefted up the heavy, big wrench, dug out of the same utility closet as the hacksaw.

“Brace yourself, big guy. Let’s see if this works. This might hurt.” Unlikely. Nothing up until this point had left so much as a scratch on his orange skin. But then, she hadn’t expected anything to. From what she’d seen of him already, the biggest member of their little quartet was virtually invincible. Catching his eye, she gave him a reassuring nod, braced her grip on the wrench, and swung with all her might. A good solid, baseball swing, she thought as it connected with his knee.

The next post will be more science-y, I promise (and apology-y for hitting Ben with a wrench lol)! Just love the idea of a Sue at the end of her rope and just needs to let out a bit of steam. Then immediately being sorry cause there was really no point to hit him with a huge wrench lol
Jan 19 2018, 09:47 PM

Sue Storm! Genius scientist, badass time traveller, and all around awesome superhero!

This ain't ya mama's Invisible Woman! This Sue is no damsel in distress waiting for a man to save her. She a genius scientist in her own right and had carved out a career for herself through determination, grit, and sheer spite. She's used to being the only woman in a room and, while she's a tad more gentler spoken than her fiery compatriots, she definitely knows how to stand up for herself and fight back against injustice

After flying into a cosmic storm in space, time traveling twenty years into the future to 2017 and gaining the amazing abilities of invisibility and force fields, she's decided to take up the mantle of superhero and use her abilities for good. Being time displaced, there's a certain level of "fuck it" in her manner now, where she will take nobody's shit and will apologize for nothing. She's becoming stronger and more sure of herself as a hero, getting used to this whole "savior of humanity" thing, and she really like who she's becoming.

For friends, anyone who is a genuinely good person and wants to do good in the world is bound to be friends with her. She's been told she can be a bit of a Pollyanna when it comes to believing the world is inherently good but she strongly believes you get out of life what you put in and she'll be damned if she lets anyone tear the smile off of her face.

Enemies can be anything from someone who's trying to take over the world to someone who denies proper science (just ask her to explain how vaccines cause autism and then strap in) to someone who's just a plain dick. So don't be a dick and y'all will get along great!

As for lovers, she's a thoroughly modern millie and believes in a woman's choice to be a prude or a slut. Her body, her rules. She, however, is more attracted to intelligence and strength of principles and convictions than anything else. Whether you're an awkward scientist, ruler of a small European monarch, or the biggest megalomaniac under the sea, riches, platitudes, and empty gestures do nothing for Sue. Capture and entrance her mind and you've taken her heart.

She's here, she fell through the atmosphere, and she's ready to shake things up. Have at her!

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