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Feb 9 2018, 10:54 PM

You need to be home by ten tonight.

There. Straightforward text and no room for argument. It seemed direct enough and that was exactly what May was hoping for. Then the realization hit her.

Pick up milk. We are out.

So much for that. May sighed and placed her phone down. It was her day off but she had spent most of it cleaning and thinking. Peter had been a bit more testy with her lately and it was about time she found out exactly what was going on. The only problem was she had been so consumed with paying the bills she barely even had time to get a word in edgewise, much less catch Peter before he left.

Picking her phone up again with a bit of a groan, her fingers danced across the screen. She knew she should have just waited for him to walk through the door. This would have probably gone a whole lot better.

We also need some more eggs. Please and Thank you!

For the goal of trying to have a serious conversation with Peter, she knew she really had stuffed that, but could she really go hard on the kid?! I mean she wanted to but to try and stop Peter from being Spider-Man, well it seemed selfish, but there was something very wrong and she was going to get to the bottom of it even if that meant marching right up to every other hero and town and trying to get answers.

It seemed like hours were ticking by slowly as May tried everything to avoid looking at the clock, only to fail miserably. She had almost dozed off entirely on the loveseat in the living room when she heard a nose that jolted her from her tired state. "Peter?!" she called out, worry in her voice. May would be lying if she didn't think of him stumbling through the door one night badly injured, or hearing that he had been lost to the crazy whims of some city threat. But how much could she really prevent?

"Did you get the milk and eggs?!" she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, trying to marshal her thoughts. If she was going to have a serious conversation with him, she needed to focus but she didn't want the groceries to spoil.


Feb 9 2018, 10:38 PM


May recently found out the boy she swore to protect is nonother than one of the most well-known heroes protecting the city, and perhaps the world, from some of the biggest baddies out there. That is a lot to deal with between paying bills and trying to restart her own career as a nurse. May, is adjusting in her own stubborn way. She is the kind of aunt that can tell things as they are, all the while making sure Peter doesn't get himself killed. Try to kill her boy and she might just have to give you as much hell, but win Peter's trust and she might take a crack at making you a meal and giving you a few life lessons.

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