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Jan 30 2018, 05:30 PM

Norman detested forced collaboration. He had hated it in his schooling, and in hindsight the years spent forced to collaborate with Professor Stromm had done more harm than good. Working with someone else was just going to hold him back. But the pencil-pushers behind the Accords had been very clear in the contract offered to him:

Collaborate with Tony Stark to make some form of non-lethal neutralizing weapon for use by Ross's little squad. A simple enough task on its own, and an easy government paycheck if nothing else. The only problem was having to work with that braggart Stark.

"If you hate the man so much, you could always-"

Norman stopped listening to his worse half before that particular sentence was even done. The thought couldn't even be humored. Such an incident would be too public. Too messy. Too idiotic. Especially when the Goblin's last big hurrah had ended in the death of a child. No, there was no need to get the Goblin involved in this arrangement. Besides, OsCorp could always use the extra money.

Norman would just have to handle this the way he handled everything. With a barely affable facade, a stern look, and a slightly surly disposition. And that was how he would present himself upon getting into Stark Tower. That had been where the secretary or assistant or whatever they were to Tony - it didn't matter much to Norman - had said they should meet. Norman preferred a home field advantage, but he wanted this over and done with. And the best way to get this over with was by being reasonably compliant and personable with Mr. Stark.

Though showing up early for this meeting and being stuck waiting in Stark's 'praise-me-tower' was wearing his patience mighty thin already.

Lemme know if anything needs changed or if you have any problems with this starter. Kind of recovering from illness still and just took medicine, so I'm worried it may sound a bit loopy. @TONY STARK
Jan 9 2018, 02:26 PM

"And I'll live inside you forever,
With Satan himself by my side!"

Norman Osborn is a man with two souls. One is that of wealthy industrialist Norman Osborn, the other the deranged serial killer called The Green Goblin. Driven insane by years of abuse, an experimental alien serum and the death of his wife. Currently a big time weapons manufacturer for the US Government, a staunch proponent of the Sokovia Accords, and is subtly selling tech to the criminal underworld of NYC for the right price.

I say allies because Norman does not have any proper friends. He puts on an affable fan in public, but he often values people solely for what he can get out of them or use them for. Criminals looking to buy from him or willing to be used as muscle are in this, as are any pro-Accords politicians whose agendas align with his. As the Green Goblin, friendships are non-existent.

These are more numerous. Norman is a cold and ruthless businessman who has probably screwed a good number of people out of deals. And as the Goblin, he is a notorious super villain so that isn't doing him any favors. He hates heroes and anyone he cannot control or manipulate, as well as anyone he deems useless or weak.

Norman is closed off in this regard, and still honestly mourns the death of his wife Emily. He is also currently a bit too cray-cray and obsessed with conquering the world at the moment to be a good boyfriend.

Anyway, I'm down for whatever and hate writing plotters, so just throw ideas at me.
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