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Feb 2 2018, 02:18 AM

Jake followed Crawley down under the bridge. This wasn't the first time doing so. He pulled his jacket tighter, it was a familiar by now. The smell, they dirt, the sights. There were a few bedrolls and tents set up. Quickly able to tear down if they had to. A fire barrel was going, providing the warmth even in the sheltered underpass. A few people looked towards him, most didn't even glance an eye. Jake was scruffy, unshaven. His cap pulled down over his eyes. With his collar popped up his face wasn't very visible.

"This better be good," Jake said to the older man who led him. Crawley walked confidently. Most around here knew him. Probably shared a cup of whatever he was drinking their first night under here. He was loyal, knew people. Jake liked that about him. Even if the people he trusted weren't the same as him.

"Oh it will be. There's a few people who will be more than merry to help you with the situational task you have. As long as you have the proper payment that is," Crawley led him to a small fenced off area as he spoke. This was a tent in a semi circle, a single barrel burning in the middle. A few men sat around it. All were older gentlemen, long hair and having been down here long enough to blend in with the furniture they sat on. "Here they are, some of New York's most loyal."

Jake nodded, reaching up to scratch his face. "They all look like they'll fall over any minute. I need something delivered across the city, not down the block. They need to be able to move, loyal or not." Jake looked at the men who only stared straight ahead. He didn't even know if they were all there. These weren't who he needed, Crawley at least tried. If it was a different task he may be able to trust them, but not with this.

"What about him," Jake motioned to the man in the back of the closed off area. He wasn't front in centre, but he looked healthier than the others sitting around the fire.

"I don't know him that well, not like the others," Crawley continued to defend his picks.

"Hey you, you want a job. I can pay, just a simple tail," Jake called form he men in the back. If not he guessed one of these others may do. He'd just have to watch closer. He was hoping the young guy would be willing though. To lots of these people money was something they needed. He knew what to pay to get them to do what he wanted. Steven could loan him some if he needed to twist a little harder. "I ain't got all day."

@MARSHALL TIGER | Hoepfully this works, if not I can edit it. I'll leave it up to you if he is talking to Marshall or not //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Jan 22 2018, 12:06 AM

To understand Marc Spector, one must first understand all the things that make up Marc. Split between multiple personalities and beliefs he is truly five different people in one body. Steven Grant, Jake Lockley, Marc Spector, Moon Knight, and Khonsu, with more laying underneath.

Steven Grant is a wealthy businessman. Largely based in financial and investment based deals. Working at a financial firm he is often the face of all his deals. Attending functions and parties, makin clients and working deals. He is a man with a heart of gold that has mastered a sale and knows his numbers.

Jake Lockley is the complete opposite. A cold bitter man, Jake drives cab in the city. Picking up passengers he gets the dirt of the city and how it operates. With connections to lots of the homeless in the city he knows where the action is and how to move around the concrete jungle. Jake is a violent man, doing whatever it takes to get what needs to be done. He is a give no shit attitude with bad temperament, just trying to keep the streets safe.

Marc Spector is the embodiment of all these personalities. Ex-military and CIA, turned merc. The combination of all the other personalities. Mostly kept to his personal life at the moment. Marc is very skilled, and very complex. After his near "death" experience Marc has reserved to spending the majority of his time in control as Moon Knight.

Moon Knight is the vestment used by all three minds. The hero protecting the night. Using the skills of Jake, Steven, and Marc he does what he can to stop crime in New York. From kidnappings, to thugs on the street he is there to keep the city safe.

Khonsu is Egyptian god inside his head. Khonshu influences Marc's actions, convincing him and guiding him. Though he doesn't always agree with the way Marc does things, often wanting a more violent and permanent approach.


Marc isn't the easiest to make friends with. He's easy going, but can be quite distant. Offten disappearing for days at a time. Though a few like Jean-Paul and Crowley have broken him out of this mood. Often times you aren't friends with all of Marc Spector, just an aspect of him.


Marc has a list of foes he has went up against. The Midnight Man, Black Spectre, Bushman, and The Stained Glass Scarlet. Thugs and those out to harm others are also on his list of people to stop. From arms dealers, to human traffickers, he plans to take them all down.


Until recently Marc's only lover had been the on and off again girlfriend of Steven Grant. Until recently the two had been living together. Marc gave that life up in order to focus on being Moon Knight. He still has her saved as a contact in his phone, but that's about it. He's open if someone wants to wrap their arms around crazy.


Open for just about anything with Marc. Steven Grant is open to the more upper class people, while the shady people can deal with Jake Lockley. Of course if you want to get some violent crime fighting going on Moon Knight is around too.

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