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Jan 29 2018, 07:06 PM

"Matcha latte for Cory!"

Daisy looked up from her laptop screen and glanced at the counter. Sure enough, a barista with so much metal in her face it'd trip an alarm at the airport was standing towards the end, holding the latte she'd ordered. Sighing, she pushed her chair out and rose to her feet, weaving her way between the round tables over to the counter from her own seat nestled in the far corner. As she walked, she reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out her wallet, fishing out a five dollar bill just as she reached the island counter. Passing the money to the barista, she flashed her as pleasant a smile as she could manage. "Thanks." She said, grasping the latte with both hands, because she didn't trust herself to keep hold of it with just one, and making her way back to her table.

She was in shambles. More than usual. Not to say that she hadn't done her best to hide it. Her black eye shadow did a nice job covering the massive bags under her eyes, and her shirt sleeves (Complete with cutouts for her thumbs) concealed the gauze wrapped tightly around her hands. There wasn't much she could've done to hide the fat lower lip, or the glisten of cold sweat on her skin, but she'd at least made a token effort. It'd been close to a month, and the symptoms hadn't let up. There were nights when, as she sat in the back of her van, hugging her knees to her chest, she thought they were getting worse. Guess brainwashing spores were a harder drug to kick than she'd initially thought. A wry sort of smile crossed her face before quickly leaving as she sat back down and took a sip of her latte.

Setting her drink down, Daisy massaged her temples before tapping the power button on her laptop's keyboard to bring it out of sleep, and suddenly an email client opened up on the screen. Shuddering fingers began typing away, producing a staccato beat of keystrokes, as she continued the draft she'd been working on before her order had come up. It was addressed to a "Dr. Winslow," formerly Calvin Zabo. Normally she'd work on this kind of stuff in the privacy of her van, as opposed to a coffee house on the corner of 30th and 30th in Astoria. But the coffee joint had free heat and wi-fi that she didn't have to hijack. So her decision had pretty much been made for her.

She typed for a few more minutes, dark eyes scanning the lines of text for errors as she wrote them, before stopping. Tapping the down arrow key, her finger stopped and hovered over the Enter key as she stared at the email she'd just written. Doubt crept into her mind all of a sudden. What the hell was she doing? If she were S.H.I.E.L.D. and she were looking for a rogue agent, first thing she would do would be to monitor all lines of communication for their loved ones. They'd be keeping an eye on Zabo's email, on his veterinary clinic. All it would take would be a trace to find out the IP address of the network she's using, and then boom. They'd be on her like fleas on a dog.

"Damn it..." She muttered, pressing a couple keys and scrapping the draft all together. She tried to console herself by thinking he was probably better off not being in contact with her. There was no guarantee that whatever Coulson had done to Zabo to wipe his memory was permanent, and any contact with her might trigger a recall. She told herself this, but it didn't make it hurt any less. Resting her head in her hand, Daisy brought the latte to her lips and took another sip.

@NICK FURY All yours, Director!
Jan 25 2018, 12:25 PM
Sent from a prepaid burner phone

hey mr. wizard.

its lily. figured i'd shoot u a text to check in.

hows the agency treating u?

the director riding ur ass?

and hows ur sis?

@CHARLES ESKIND Figured the two of them would've worked out a system of code names so the other person would know who's contacting them. So Daisy = Lily because flower-themed names. Anyways, hope this is a good start!
Jan 24 2018, 11:26 PM

Team Coulson

Daisy’s former team when she was still a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and Elena's current teammates. Apart from Elena, most of them are not really impressed with Daisy running off to play vigilante, and are searching for her in the hopes of bringing her back into the fold, because they're ultimately a family. But they still have their orders from on high, and those take priority. Feel free to contact myself or @ELENA RODRIGUEZ in case you have any questions. We'll be happy to answer them the best we can!

Agent Phil Coulson (PB: Clark Gregg)

Team's leader and former director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Basically the team's “dad” and king of snark. Prefers to be on the front lines instead of behind the desk and isn't sorry to hand the director chair back over to Fury. Collects antique/hokey spy gadgets and Captain America trading cards. Also, don't touch Lola.

Agent Melinda May (PB: Ming-Na Wen)

Phil's unofficial second in command. Team's resident ball breaker and hardass but is secretly a sweetheart (and the team’s "mom"). Appears to always play by the rules but she's actually smart enough to know when she can get away with breaking them. Hates being called "The Cavalry."

Dr. Leopold Fitz (PB: Iain De Caestecker)

The engineering half of the team's science division. Scottish and capable of making some pretty awesome prosthetics! Totally non-violent (until he isn't) but has trouble sticking with one train of thought. Always has multiple projects going.

Dr. Jemma Simmons (PB: Elizabeth Henstridge)

The biology & chemistry half of the team's science division and Fitz's better half. English and utterly loyal, seeing the team as more of a family. Way better with a gun than she has any right to be. Can't lie or keep a secret to save her life but can make up a hell of a back story if given half the chance.

Agent Alphonso Mackenzie (PB: Henry Simmons)

The team's mechanic and extra muscle when they need it. Nicknames everybody (It's how Elena got the name Yo-yo. She's paid him back by nicknaming him Turtle Man). Loves his shotgun ax and hates androids (so much so he has a special clause in his will for death by android). Fitz's best buddy, Daisy's pseudo bro, Yo-yo's favorite flirt.

And Other Agents

Bobbi Morse (PB: Adrianne Palicki)

Mockingbird. The Huntress. Agent 19. Bobbi joined up with the team after Hydra came out of hiding. She loves her stick and has a complicated relationship with her ex-husband, Hunter. Bobbi recently got burned by the agency and had to take leave of spy work but would love to see her again!

Lance Hunter (PB: Nick Blood)

Former British soldier, spy and mercenary. He joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and Coulson's team after Hydra came out of hiding. He never likes to be without his guns and loves talking about his evil ex-wife (see Bobbi). Recently got burned from the agency and had to take a leave from spy work but would love to see him anyway!

Joey Gutierrez (PB: Juan Pablo Raba)

Inhuman with the ability to manipulate metal. Former member of the Secret Warriors. After the Hive scare at the base, Joey quit S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Secret Warriors to return to his old life. Would be great fun if something drew him out again!

Jeffrey Mace (PB: Jason O'Mara)

The Patriot. Enhanced human. Though Mace was for a while the new director S.H.I.E.L.D. this story line wont work exactly for WGP. Would love to see him as a member of the team in perhaps a different capacity.
Jan 24 2018, 12:00 AM

Tonight was shaping up to be a mess. But then, most of her nights had the distinction of being absolute messes lately. This was a special kind of mess, though. The kind you can only get when you mix volatile elements, prone to exploding violently, and then give them a good shake. The volatile elements in this case? Two criminal syndicates with a reputation for excessive brutality; the Hip Sing Tong and the Gnucci Crime Family. And Daisy was about to step right in the middle of them.

She stood in the shadows of the alley, wearing a black hoodie, black jeans, and black combat boots. She could feel her hands shaking, despite herself. This one genuinely had her a bit nervous. She'd dealt with tongs before. Well, okay, technically triads, but the former was an offshoot of the latter anyways, so the difference was miniscule. The Gnucci's, though? They were new. And not only were they new, they were devouring the competition. With the Kitchen Irish, the cartels, the Blacksmith, all of them gone, the Gnucci's were able to snatch up a big chunk of the pie right at the word go, and they'd been top dogs ever since. And they were willing to do anything it took to keep things that way.

Daisy took a deep breath, flexed her hands. The worst they had was guns. But she could do one better. She could drop the whole damn building on their heads if it came down to it. After all, that's why the papers and news channels called her "Quake," right? Exhaling, Daisy poked her head out of the alley and stared at the warehouse across the way. The deal was going down in there. Drugs, mostly. A couple crates of small arms; kinetic, thankfully, not alien. It'd all be sinking to the bed of the Bronx River by the time she was done.

Pulling the hood up over her face, Daisy broke into a sprint across the street, slush splashing underneath the cleats of her boots. She glanced up at the building as she ran, noting the open window on the third floor. That'd be her ticket in, then. Spreading her hands, flat palms aimed at the ground, she activated her powers, near-invisible blasts of seismic force emitting from her hands. The vibrations propelled her upwards, causing a gentle rumble in the asphalt below as she sailed towards the open window. Upon reaching it, she dived through, transitioning into a roll as she hit the floor, kicking up clouds of dust.

She was in the building, and the chances were good that none of the targets inside were even aware of it. So she'd have the element of surprise. Seemed like a good start. Now all she could do was hope things didn't get more complicated...
@THOR ODINSON Hope this works!

Jan 22 2018, 07:51 PM

Packed snow crunched under the heels of her boots as she made her way through New York Marble Cemetery. Her steps were slow, gentle. Her due respect to the dead; allowing them some peace and quiet. Hands stuffed into the pockets of her leather jacket, Daisy moved among the rows of grave markers, polished gray stone displaying the names of the departed in sober lettering. In all honesty, she hated being here. Ghosts hung heavy in cemeteries, and the last thing she needed to be dealing with was ghosts. Not when she still had so much to do. But there was one grave she had to see with her own eyes. Pulling a hand out of her pocket, she stared at the scrap of paper it held. Row 5, plot 15. Matthew Murdock.

It had been a while since that name crossed her mind. Years, in fact. Her running away from St. Agnes pretty much severed all contact between them. She'd tried to justify it back then, make herself seem less guilty in her own mind by saying she really had no way of helping him. Just another mistake in a long line of them. It'd only really struck Daisy to check up on him within the last few months, now that S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn't keeping her busy. She couldn't help but crack a smile when she saw that he'd made headlines as a lawyer, particularly for the Union Allied case that ultimately brought down Wilson Fisk. But that smile was quick to fall off her face when she read his obituary.

So now she was here, visiting his grave to pay respects. Because Lil' Miss Badass Superspy didn't have the time to pick up the phone and call the guy when she had the chance. You are just an absolute winner, aren't you, Johnson? she thought as she shuffled down Row 5, eventually happening upon Plot 15. Daisy stopped a couple feet short of the grave when she noticed that a couple workmen were pawing at the headstone. She winced as her hand drifted towards the KA-BAR sheathed on her belt. Not the best idea, for two reasons. A: these guys were just doing their jobs so far as she knew. B: her hands looked like broken glass under x-ray; she'd be lucky if she could keep a firm grip on her knife, let alone hold her own in a fight. But sometimes it was hard to fight back against instinct.

"Hey! Hey, what're you doing with that grave?" Daisy barked at the two workers, stuffing her shattered, aching hands back into her pockets as she stepped forward. "What's it to you?" The bigger of the two men asked, taking a step toward her. He probably thought she was looking to start trouble. A reaction she was used to getting lately, what with the goth aesthetic she picked up. Sighing, she took another step forward. "Look, I'm a friend of the guy buried there, I just want to pay my respects. Can I get a couple minutes? Then I'll be out of your way."

Hopefully she was right in her assumption that these two were honest workers, and not graverobbers. There was no way she'd be able to handle both of them with her hands in their current state.

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