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Feb 3 2018, 04:26 PM
Nyssa, sitting cross legged on a hard wooden chair, was as perplexed as she'd ever been, staring at the fuzzy black-and-static screen of her laptop in silent judgment. Perhaps, she realized, I ought to have been more careful to avoid injuring it. Though in all fairness she had not dropped it. Nyssa had ended up pushing over the light, three-legged table with the computer on it in the lightless wee hours of the morning, actually, sending the poor electronic tumbling to the floor rather dramatically and upsetting the neighbors below, earning Nyssa chastising, inner terror because she'd flipped a table and it was too early for that sort of thing, and certainly too much stress for this early in the morning and not a drop of coffee yet. At least she hadn't broken the coffee pot.

The woman didn't think she'd 'dropped' the SHIELD issued laptop TOO hard, I mean, sure it had fallen to the floor then had a table fall on it but truly, weren't these things supposed to be sturdy? So once she'd soothed the neighbors, she'd righted the table and set up the computer, only to find it static-y and something thoroughly wrong with it. She pushed the on/off button. She closed it, opened it again. She muttered curses at it with vile frustration lovingly whilst she pressed every threatening 'ctrl' button and 'alt' thingy. Nothing made the lines of static interlaced with soul-crushing dead black disappear or change. Nyssa had really pissed it off this time, she supposed.
Which she decided did not bode well for her career at SHIELD-She'd been here for a few weeks, and had already 'broken' her laptop. Wonderful. Still, the offending electronic went shoved into her bag and hauled to work with her, where she questioned any and all agents she could nail down for a tech who could, in her own words, 'Fix whatever I apparently broke on it.'
The agents were amused, but a few gave Nyssa what she sought, and soon she was off across the city, weaving through the ever-confusing ins and outs of NYC in her self-assigned mission to find this 'Mister Wizard'. Mister Wizard? Seriously? She'd never understood this odd code-name craze, but whatever. His reputation preceded him, and it was good enough to lure the recruit in, laptop tucked in a backpack so that it didn't receive any more abuse.

New York was an experience for Nyssa. Eternally different from the plethora of places she'd lived in her life, it was taking some getting used to. It was loud, and busy. There were people everywhere, the smell of food and cars and people reeking through every pore of the city. It had character, and personality, alright. The woman, being so removed from inanimate objects as she was, found it strange to see the city almost as a living thing. Surreal. And a tiny bit intimidating. Her own anonymity in the masses of humans around her was perhaps her favorite part, though. She didn't even have to try very hard. There were so many different kinds of people, all mixed together in the cultural palette of the city that she blended into the background with ease.

Finally, Nyssa found where she'd been told to go, hands tucked around the straps of her pack, and dark hair messily in her face from the wind. She smoothed it back with one hand, then knocked. She felt silly, shifting from foot to foot, because she shouldn't have thrown a table onto her computer in the first place. Wait. What excuse was she going to spin for it? Because flipping a light table onto the computer because she did not, in fact, have night vision and was a rather slow waker unless Nyssa believed there to be a real and immediate threat was a terrible, terrible thing to say.
Ah, perhaps she threw it t an intruder. Oh God, no. No, Nyssa, no. A cat? Hm. Nah.
The truth was not so bad, it would just make her look like a half-wit. The recruit rolled her eyes and knocked again, harder.
Half-wit it was, then. Fine. With a code name like 'Mister Wizard' this techie had zero room to judge.

OOC: Leaving what is wrong to the laptop and whether it's fixable up to you ;D As well as where exactly they are. Hopefully this is an ok starter!
Jan 30 2018, 10:17 AM
Quiet-voiced and serious, the picture of a goodie-two-shoes with no sense of humor at first glance. And, in all honesty, she doesn't really mind actually usually being a rule-follower. Doing so rewards her better than rebellion does, she's found, so she sticks to obedience and formality. Just underneath the surface, though, lurks a sense of humor (however sarcastic, late or morbid) and a dependable person. Smart, but not super book-smart. Not a morning person, exists with the help of coffee.

Nyssa doesn't have very many of these, nor does she particularly go out of her way to find them. While quite friendly, she prefers to surround herself with acquaintances and has difficulty making or maintaining meaningful relationships. That said, she is not opposed to making friends. She just is not quite sure how to go about that, so prefers to focus on other things. (Like her job, job, job, or job.)
In general, she's pretty laidback and chill, and gets along ok with most. She'll tolerate most anyone, and isn't necessarily aloof by any means, just tentative when it comes to people.

Um. Not a ton of these YET. But she's not opposed to making them, nor is she unaware that her job title is very likely to make her a target. Eh. Whatever. She's cool with it.
As for people whom actually manage to piss her off and aren't simply trying to murder her...If she thinks she can get away with it, she'll take you on any time of day. If she knows she won't get away with it, she'll simply be as passive aggressive as humanly possible without straight up stabbing you in your sleep.
Generally tries to think things (read: fights) through. 50/50 chance of her not thinking something through and being an idiot. (read: getting herself into trouble.)

Just kidding, actually she's-No.
Not on the hunt for a relationship, but if something happens, well. There you go.
As for sexuality-It's not something she or I have thought about. I guess we'll find out along the way!

Plot ideas?
-Currently, Nyssa's a fresh SHIELD recruit, so I'd say there are some plots there, mostly. She's pretty excited about her job. She will be less excited when she sees the red tape.
-Best of intentions, not the best at bringing those ideas about.
-Will and can kick your butt, would rather have coffee.
-Likes books. And coffee. And soft things, like puppies.
-Sometimes impossibly patient, usually very impatient.
-She's an OC. She needs to develop. Thread with her. Go crazy. Let's see where she goes.
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