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Jan 23 2018, 07:58 PM

This wasn’t her city. The people, the smells, the traffic… the size of some of the buildings, sheesh! She missed Bogota and her well known neighborhood. Sure, there were probably just as many criminals there as here, just as many corrupt figures standing tall, but it was her home. It felt… warmer. Well right now it was actually warmer. The winters here sucked.

A small bag over her shoulder, she came up the stairs from the subway station, taking a moment to look around at the buildings and locate the street sign. This wasn’t her first time visiting New York but the place was so big it might as well have been. At least the street names made things easy. Follow the numbers.

Pulling out her phone she shot off a quick text before heading east. She was looking for an old book store, a surprising antique all on its own in this age of electronics. Certainly not a place someone would expect to find a computer guru like Daisy hanging out. She spotted the sign and picked up her pace to reach the door wedged between a deli and some small apartments.

An old bell rung as she stepped inside, dust motes floating on the air as she looked around dubiously. A girl from behind the counter called and greeting and Elena lifted a hand before heading for the over crowded stacks of books so she could pretend to peruse. ”Great, now I probably have to buy something as a cover… why couldn’t it be a coffee shop?” She muttered to herself as slowly worked her way deeper into the store.

@DAISY JOHNSON Hope she likes books too!
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