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Feb 5 2018, 08:38 PM

There was a pretty big downside to running out of rations. Marshall tried to stay on top of saving what he could, especially with food, but often he found himself rummaging through the black backpack he always kept with him, turning up empty-handed as far as food went. So then it came down to dumpster-diving. Now that he was in a massive city, however, he knew that it wouldn’t be too long before he found something to munch on. There were soup kitchens here and there, sure, but their hours varied so much that he truthfully couldn’t keep up with who was open and who was closed.

Despite being homeless, he had his own set of standards: only take from the top of the pile, never dig down into the garbage for anything to eat. If it looks questionable, toss it. Don’t beg unless it’s a necessity. He’d lived in New York long enough to know which areas were “prime hunting grounds” for discarded food and so he easily made his way down usual routes to the dumpsters that were currently almost full. Easy.

The alley was between a restaurant and what Marshall assumed was some sort of electronic store. He’d never paid much attention to that side of the alley, really, and his back was turned to it as he faced the dumpster.

As if by a stroke of luck, it looked like someone had just recently tossed scraps onto it the pile. Half-eaten sandwiches, scoops of sides, bones with traces of meat on them still. Licking his lips, Marshall picked out the cleanest slices of bread, scavenged for the sides that didn’t have too many questionable spots, and hummed with delight as the food began to quell the rumbling his empty stomach was making. Not the tastiest, no, but it still hit the spot. And as he polished off that first course, he reached back in to repeat the process, again going for the cleanest he could find.

@CHARLES ESKIND I hope this is alright! Lemme know if I need to fix anything!

Jan 25 2018, 06:09 PM

Inhuman, homeless, healer, become almost too optimistic for his own good, panromantic, open to any and all plots!


Don't let his resting bitch face fool you: he considers everyone to be his friend. Doesn’t matter if they’ve met once before or are seeing each other for the first time ever. He’s learned a lot during his period of homelessness and came to realize that a friendly face and personality certainly go a long way - especially when you can’t exactly touch people without accidentally outing yourself by absorbing a wound someone might have. (It’s never really a fun conversation when it starts with “What d’ya mean your broken knee feels great?”) But it doesn’t stop him from trying to befriend anyone and everyone, even if he’s avoiding physical contact.


Everyone is given the benefit of the doubt from this guy until all his patience runs out, and that can take a while, but things like cut-and-dry hatred is not tolerated; he’s not afraid to give what’s being dished out so that people get a taste of their own medicine. When worse comes to worst, he’ll start throwing punches, but he knows that physical fights aren’t his forte since, well, he’s simply absorbing whatever injuries he’s giving his opponent, so he tends to stick to using weapons instead of his bare fists. But once you’re his enemy, there’s still always a chance to become friends again. He doesn’t think he’s got it in him to eternally hate someone unless they do serious damage.


Since he’s incapable of feeling very much physically, he doesn’t really go out looking for love. He does eventually want an emotional connection, however, but it’s rather bittersweet. To him, it feels like window shopping: you can look, but touching is, well… rather moot. But he would love to make someone feel loved and go through the old school way of dating, though there too lies the problem of his socio-economic class and his status of homelessness being a barrier. Love finds a way, right?

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