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Feb 18 2018, 11:25 AM
After their FTL capable ship was caught up in an (yet) unexplained cosmic storm, a group os astronauts were launched through time, landing 22 years later, each of them gifted with fantastic abilities.






The Fantastic Four share the top five floors of the Baxter Building, an addition to the former paper recycling company turned office building, located at 42nd Street and Madison Avenue, Manhattan, New York City.

The following blueprint offers a general idea of how the place is laid out:

Feb 13 2018, 08:30 PM
Reed hadn't really needed Ben to go with him to the military base where The Fantastic was stored. Yes, he absolutely needed to move some pieces of The Fantastic around, get some new pictures and samples and measurements, but he could have managed that without him. He would just need to bother a whole lot of the soldiers there, who already didn't like him very much, and somehow procure a crane. So it was possible, just near impossible, especially in a short time. So he really appreciated when Ben had said yes. And he owed him one nice dinner. Or several.

They were on their way back, after a whole day shifting the ship's parts, finally back in Manhattan. A small part of Reed still liked the base better than the city; he had spent almost all of his life moving from one University campus to another, and almost all of them shared the same look, with the sprawled, low rise buildings surrounded by green, instead of the gray, high, compact look of the cityscape. The city surely had its advantages, the theaters, the stores, the restaurants... Reed just never made use of any of them. He had always lived on food delivered to his house, usually eaten cold in his lab, and that, he got everywhere, even here. That meant he had no idea what was a good place to eat in New York.

"Thanks again, Ben." Reed had thanked him over and over already, and kept doing it. He realized it was out of guilt; the Fantastic didn't hold the same meaning to Ben as it did to Reed, and he knew it. "We should eat before going back home. Pick a place, anywhere."

Feb 13 2018, 06:54 PM

February 2017

Reed had never shared the usual distaste for lawyers; at least, not until then. After their return, between handling matters of their return from the dead, their newly acquired powers, and sudden military contracts, Reed felt like he spent all his time around them, and barely got a chance to be in his labs, which meant he was only managing up to 13 hours of work a day, instead of the usual 18 to 20. 'Familiarity breeds contempt' went the proverb, that seemed to be proving itself right, and took ominous contours as he considered what they were doing.

Picking a place where all four of them could live in and work at, together, was about as hard as it seemed. Especially as now everything seemed to be voted on, Reed found himself on the losing time more times than he cared for. He had wanted to go back to California, find an isolated, roomy house they could renovate at will. Instead, they were looking at something in a New York building.

This one had been the first one they all seemed to agree with, at least on paper. An old industrial site retrofitted for high tech offices, many of them with connections with the military themselves, they wouldn't have much room, or hopefully interest, in complaining about their presence. They, themselves, would be on the upper floors, an overambitious addition made by a company that made a lot of money in one bubble or another, and went down when it burst, leaving behind their hopes of ever becoming the New Yorker Google.

Still, Reed wanted to see it for himself. Of course, he could manage to turn everything into a lab, but, now, it was a matter of doing so according to strict zoning laws and military oversight. He was not the type to give up midway, and part of that was not starting doomed enterprises.

Still, he had to admit, he was impressed. The ceilings were high, the floors were wide, the foundation was solid. He could definitely see himself living there. Seeing himself sharing it with three other people was a little harder.

"Well?" Reed turned to his companion. "What do you think?"

Sorry, is a month too early to move in together?
Feb 9 2018, 11:01 PM

A long, long time ago, when a lot of you were children, or not even born yet, there was a really smart guy. He was really, really smart, and he really wanted to go to space. So, he studied his whole life until he figured out a way to travel fast enough he could reach another solar system before he got old and died, but the ship was very, very expensive. So he got Tony Stark to give him a whole lot of money, and used it to build a ship, and then he put everyone he loved in it, so they could all go to space together.

Then his ship exploded, and he and everyone he loved died. Because dreams are stupid. And, also, everything Tony Stark touches turns to crap.

Just kidding.

He actually got in the most unlikely freak accident in the universe, that made him not travel through space, but through time, so he ended up in a world that was a little better suited to him. And he and his friends all got cool superpowers (even if some of them don't realize it yet). And the lesson here is: you should always do whatever you want, because everything always works out for the best. And, also, if you need money, you should ask Tony Stark, he'll hook you up.


Reed Richards likes science. And space. And using science to go to space. If any of these interest you, and you are self-aware enough to realize he's way smarter than you so maybe you should listen quietly while he speaks about science and space, you can definitely be friends. Or you can tell him to shut up and listen to you, instead. Sometimes it works. Not all the time.
Current friends: Ben Grimm, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm.


Reed doesn't have any enemies. Sometimes, people get envious of Reed because he's a genius, or hate him because he's a smug, overbearing a-hole, but he's usually to busy being a smug, overbearing genius to notice it.


Sometimes, not very often, people also think Reed is handsome and charming and want to date him. If you're one of those people, you should get help tell him how you feel in a very clear way. If you're very smart yourself, and interesting enough he actually enjoys having a conversation with you, he might just go "Oh, okay.".
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