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Alias: Butch
Age: 14
Codename: Princess Powerful
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Today at 07:37 pm

Molly may be young but she's a heavy hitter. Inspired by the superhero's like The Fantastic Four, and Avengers, she wants to help. She also knows she can't help, not yet. She has a group of friends, ranway from LA to NYC. Now she is livng in a temporary home and trying to forget they didn't just save the world.

She's Mutant, but doesn't know what a Mutant is. All she knows is she's strong and can punch real hard. Also if you've seen a dinosaur in the forests of America, message her, she is missing her friend. Luckily she has a bunch more. Though Molly could always use more friends. If your in New York and want to get into a little trouble, she's the best to be around.


Molly is quite friendly and it's pretty easy to be her friend. She hates jerks and badyguys. If you're already a hero then that's a plus in her book. She looks up to those fighting crime and trying to stop it. One day she to dream to be on a team and a hero like Thor or Iron-Man. Though currently she's just a really strong mutant who doesn't know she is.


Thugs, sper villains, prents who try and take over the world. They're her enemies. She doesn't always see the bad in people though. Sometimes the good can over power the bad. For the most part though if you're bad and hurting people, she won't like you. Even more so if you're a jerk.


None for now, at least nothing past a childish crush. One day she will Marry Wolverine though and he the best X-man

Come be Molly's new best friend and show her being a hero is awesome. //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Feb 19 2018, 05:43 AM

The Squad

This group of California teens are anything but ordinary. Superheroes without actually being superheroes. Who needs capes and tights when you got friendship and teamwork? Parents are totally bonkers, and totally evil. But don't let that stop you. Even when spilt apart they will find a way back together again. Just some friends, out to save the world.

Theme Song

WGP info

Gertrude "Gert" Yorkes

• The best big sister
• Follows her heart and mind
• Has an over protective pet dinosaur (though currently in a Damage Control warehouse in DC)
• Secret softy
• Hair on point

PB: Ariela Barer

Chase Stein

• The team jock
• Also pretty smart
• Built some cool gloves with his dad
• Heart's in the right place for his team
• Totally not scared of the dinosaur

PB: Gregg Sulkin

Karolina Dean

• Super bright colour beam flying powers
• Parents are sort of a big deal
• May be an alien
• Having fun and loving it
• Good substitute big sister

PB: Virginia Gardner

Nico Minoru

• Novice Dark Mage with cool staff
• Total badass
• Not as scary as she looks, but don't tell her that
• Has the best fashion taste
• Dark is totally in

PB: Lyrica Okano

Alex Wilder

• Super nerd, but cool about it
• Hackerman
• Team Leader
• What's he planning? Who knows.
• Manipulative, hopefully for the right people

PB: Rhenzy Feliz

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