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Jan 20 2018, 07:31 PM
Hi beautiful members!

You might notice that a lot of the OOC background info threads, such as affiliations, background info, etc. have been revamped and reorganised. Over the past few months, WGP has grown wonderfully thanks to your active plotting and brilliant ideas, and so Ruth and I felt it was necessary to shift information around to both make things easier to find and make room for future additions. Don't worry; previously posted content has not changed.
[dohtml]<hr></hr>[/dohtml]Major changes (added to First Step forum):
  • New forum: Affiliations.
    Summarises current corporations, teams, etc, where the following topics are found:
    • Companies and Corporations (places recognised as official businesses, e.g. Stark Industries, Daily Bugle, Oscorp)
    • Organisations (these range from criminal to government, e.g. Hand, SHIELD, United Nations)
    • Teams (small groups of people with a common goal, e.g. Avengers, Thunderbolts, also includes Civilians and Unaffiliated)
  • New forum: WGP and MCU.
    Summarises what's canon in WGP and what's not, where concepts, movies, and TV series will be listed as necessary. Included topics so far:
    • Mutants and X-Men (summary of mutants and X-Men in WGP universe--information is same as before)
    • Movie, Thor: Ragnarok (summary of Ragnarok changes and what's not--information is same as before)
  • Updated Quick Start with the new links.
[dohtml]<hr></hr>[/dohtml]Any new content pertaining specifically to your character, such as companies they run, were grabbed from apps, threads, and the MCU wiki. Don't hesitate to let us know if anything needs to be corrected.

Ruth and Ky
Jan 19 2018, 10:43 PM
While no one truly knows when or how mutants came to exist, it is believed that they have always existed alongside humans. However, due to the fact that their numbers are few in comparison to humans, they have kept their abilities hidden to avoid persecution.

Extraordinary events have cropped up time and time again during human history, but a combination of fear and self-preservation have allowed mutants to remain largely unknown. SHIELD has been aware of mutants for decades but encourages ignorance of their existence by helping to conceal mutant-related events. A number of agents with remarkable abilities have been employed by SHIELD over the decades, although for their safety, their status as mutants is deliberately omitted from their records.

Widespread public knowledge of mutants first arose in 2007, after mutants were witnessed during an attack of a military naval base in the United States. From there, word quickly spread about these 'aliens' and 'monsters', and more animosity than acceptance was given to these mutants. Over the years, anti-mutant campaigns grew steadily in number and influence, with the most extreme group led by William Stryker, a vocal, charismatic preacher and war veteran. Having seen first-hand the destructiveness of mutants after they attacked his post ten years ago, he condemns all mutants as demons disguised in human form and orders their immediate eradication. Among all the anti-mutant protesters, Stryker is easily considered the most radical and thus, the most dangerous.

In 1965, Professor Charles Xavier established a private school in the United States; unbeknownst to the public, the students attending his school were exclusively mutants. Within this safe environment, he taught them to harness and control their powers, and also trained them to protect themselves. His efforts eventually culminated in the formation of the X-Men, a team of highly skilled mutants who reacted and handled mutant-related incidents. While they operated in secret, their activities eventually caught the attention of SHIELD. However, Director Carter and Professor Xavier reached an agreement, and the two factions formed a symbiotic relationship: SHIELD protected the secrecy of the X-Men and omitted all knowledge of mutants from their records, and in return, they were allowed to recruit the X-Men and the school alumnis into the organisation. This agreement carried on even after Nicholas Fury took over as director of SHIELD.

Public knowledge of mutants remained extremely limited due to the self-preserving nature of mutants as well as SHIELD's additional efforts to minimise their visibility. However, this changed when Magneto, a powerful mutant who believed that humans were subservient to his kind, finally made his move and declared war against humanity. Assisted by his team, the Brotherhood, Magneto attacked a navel military base off the Atlantic coast. Although he was thwarted by the X-Men, his attack resulted in the deaths of many officers and the destruction of military property. SHIELD was able to contain the situation, but the first murmurs of hostility towards mutants had already begun.

Before SHIELD fell in 2014, the long-standing agreement between the X-Men and SHIELD ensured the anonymity of the former. However, without SHIELD's protection, the X-Men became vulnerable to the public eye; soon, their activities garnered much attention and criticism from the media. Driven by his desire to protect his students and ensure the survival of mutantkind, later on Xavier ordered the X-Men to withdraw. His decision proved to be wise when the Sokovia Accords came into effect a couple of years later.

Today, Xavier Institute remains a safe haven for all mutants. Students that arrive at the school are offered not only regular schooling but also power tutoring. There are voluntary combat classes available for students that are interested in honing their powers further. After the age of eighteen and high school graduation, they are eligible to become X-Men in training. While the X-Men are officially 'retired', the members still helps out in their own way, either working in the school or within society.
Jan 19 2018, 10:34 PM
All members are registered and agree to abide by the Sokovia Accords. They carry out missions as ordered by the United Nations. See here for their group plotter.

Starting out as a ragtag group of enhanced individuals linked by a common goal, the Defenders saved New York City when an ancient organisation known as the Hand threatened to wipe the city's existence. Since then, the unofficial group has disbanded, but there might come a day when past and new members come together to save the day once again.

Fantastic Four
Comprised of an overzealous quartet that was lost in a cosmic storm for over twenty years, the Fantastic Four is a team that fully complies with the Sokovia Accords. The members live and work out of the Baxter Building and work closely with the government and law enforcement.

Secret Avengers
Members were once part of the Avengers team prior to the creation of the Sokovia Accords; now, they are considered wanted criminals. Since Civil War, members have scattered across the globe and left to their own devices, although they maintain some contact with one another. Recently, members are converging back to the United States. See here for their group plotter.

The Superhuman Restraint Unit complements the Thunderbolts and are managed by the same division, although its members are exclusively human. Recruited from different branches of the United States military, these agents are specifically trained and tasked to bring in and neutralise so-called heroes who do not comply with the Accords and the Registration Act. Its members are are equipped with riot-esque armor and various of none-lethal weapons, such as tranquilizer darts, stun weapons (guns, batons, tasers), war hammers and sonic devices.

Officially known as the Sokovia Accords Task Force, its hand-picked members are registered assets that are assigned to enforce the Sokovia Accords. Informally nicknamed after Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, these enhanced agents operate at street-level, occasionally in collaboration with law enforcement, to deal with threats that are beyond human--specifically, they track down individuals suspected of violating the Sokovia Accords. If the individual is deemed threatening, the task force has the authority to arrest them by any means necessary.

Some task force agents are assigned to police precincts, and either groups can request the other as backup. All task force agents are given trackers so mission control can monitor their geographical locations and basic biometrics. See here for their roster and here for their group plotter.

A team of mutants established by Charles Xavier, the X-Men operate under the radar and are locally based, only occasionally working out of state. Beginning in 2007, the X-Men's deeds have attracted the attention from the public. While the group haven't been very active since the establishment of the Sokovia Accords, they've found ways to keep themselves busy.

Young Avengers
This ragtag group of unregistered do-gooders and dreamers operate in a little corner of New York, juggling superheroism and calculus homework on a daily basis. They're old enough to save the world, but sadly, not old enough to rent a car. See here for their group plotter.
Jan 19 2018, 10:22 PM
Yami no Te, or The Hand, is an ancient ninja clan originating in the lost city of K'un-Lun. Although they predominantly operate in East Asia, the Hand are active all over the world and are involved in many enterprises, from the drug trade to weapons manufacturing to organized crime groups like the Yakuza. Their leaders, frequently referred to as 'grandmasters', use a substance derived from ancient dragon bones to prolong their lives through mystic alchemical means, and are even capable of coming back from the dead with enough of it. Most of the Hand's senior leadership was killed in the destruction of Midland Circle, leaving a considerable power vacuum that their more ambitious members are striving to fill. The current Grandmaster of the Hand is Madame Gao.

Hellfire Club
A highly exclusive club for the elite and obscenely wealthy, most members are unaware that the Hellfire Club, up until recently, used to be run by the Inner Circle, a secret organisation with significant influence over political and military affairs. However, a couple of years ago, the Inner Circle was defeated by the X-Men. Most of its members have been brought to justice, but a few have managed to escape persecution and arrest.


Purifiers originally started small, secretly founded by William Stryker after Magneto's attack on Cape Citadel in 2007. However, as public awareness of mutants and resentment of the latter have grown, so too has the group. It's home to many a religious fundamentalist who believe that mutants shouldn't be part of this world, an idea that is only strengthened by its fanatic leader. Currently, the Purifiers' direct tie to Stryker is unknown to the public, the latter operating his private army from the shadows whilst funding the group using his company, Crusade.

An international espionage organisation based in USA, SHIELD was formed shortly after WWII to protect the world and preserve the delicate peace. However, thwarted by the enemy organisation HYDRA, SHIELD fell in 2014. The organisation has slowly been trying to rebuild itself and recruit new and old agents alike. The current director is Nick Fury. All SHIELD personnel are registered with the Sokovia Accords, whether they are enhanced or not, and the organisation answers to a new World Council that is managed by the United Nations.

United Nations
The United Nations (UN) is the world's intergovernmental organisation, tasked with promoting global cooperation and keeping the peace between countries. It was the UN that, in response to the destruction of Sokovia and Lagos, created the Sokovia Accords to police enhanced individuals and regulate enhanced teams such as the Avengers. Also under their jurisdiction include groups such as the Sokovia Accords Task Force, the Superhuman Restraint Unit, and SHIELD.

Xavier Institute
Although Xavier Institute is publicly known as a private school located in upstate New York, it is, in reality, a safe haven and specialised institute for young mutants to learn how to control their powers. Due to an unofficial but unbreached agreement made with SHIELD decades earlier, the school has escaped notice from the Sokovia Accords and its close affiliation with both mutants and the X-Men remains unknown. The headmaster and founder of the institute is Charles Xavier.
Jan 19 2018, 09:58 PM
AIM stands for Advanced Idea Mechanics and was originally a scientific research and development agency founded by Aldrich Killian. After the events in December 2012 that resulted in Killian's death, renowned scientist Monica Rappaccini was appointed CEO and has since then turned the agency into a thriving business. AIM is partially funded by the US Army for their exceptional work in robotics and creating artificial limbs, an aid for many veterans.

Behind the scenes, unbeknownst to the public and its funding parties, AIM participates in illegal human and mutant experimentation as well as unsanctioned weapons manufacturing. AIM is secretly connected with extremist parties such as HYDRA and William Stryker. In exchange for material, funds or test-subjects, AIM provides weapons, experimental enhancements, robotics, and zipped lips.

Daily Bugle
Known for its unflattering articles about superheroes, the government, and just about everything else, the Daily Bugle is one of the city's largest newspapers. Its headquarters are located in Manhattan, and while the building boasts forty-six storeys, the owner and editor-in-chief, Jonah Jameson, pragmatically works from the third floor. The newspaper company has a few subsidiaries in neighbouring states and employs a number of interns, who are as hardworking as they are underpaid.

Frost International
Once a failing transportation company that was saved from destitution and transformed by Emma Frost, Frost International is now a multi-billion dollar corporation. It specialises in electronics, with a focus towards neurotechnology, and many of its devices are used in hospitals and health facilities. Although Emma Frost stepped down as CEO in 2017, she retains her position as chairwoman and still has significant influence over the company she built from nothing.

Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz
This top notch law firm is headquartered in New York City and is run by lawyers Jeri Hogarth and Desmond Tobey. Reflective of the city's colourful citizens, the firm's clients have ranged from runaway teenagers, CEOs, to alleged murderers. The firm has hired private investigators to find evidence to acquit their clients.

Founded by Normal Osborn, OsCorp started as a chemical company that later found great success after it opened its new Interplanetary Weapons Division and secured itself as the world's top weapons industrialist. Although there were rumours that Norman had been ousted from his own company, he was reinstated as CEO not long after and continues to drive his vast weapons empire with a relentless and indomitable will.

Rand Enterprises
Headquartered in Manhattan, Rand Enterprises is an international corporation currently co-managed by Ward Meachum and Danny Rand. A chemical company, Rand Enterprises are involved in both manufacturing and acquiring additives, fuels, and pharmaceuticals. Although there was quite a bit of controversy following Danny's seemingly impossible appearance in New York, news regarding the company has since quieted and business proceeds as usual.

Stark Industries
Founded during the fires of WWII by the great Howard Stark, Stark Industries started off as a weapons company, working closely with the military to supply armies with state-of-the-art equipment and weaponry. The company was succeeded briefly by Obadiah Stane and then by Tony Stark who, after his abduction in 2010, made the controversial decision to shut down the weapons division. After Stane's tragic plane accident, Tony announced himself as Iron Man and eventually stepped down as CEO. He named Pepper Potts as his successor, a decision that drew criticism at the time.

Presently, Stark Industries is one of the top tech conglomerates in the world, focusing its research towards sustainability. The company also notably hosts Stark Expo, a grand exposition that aims to bring the future into the present, but lately only brings explosions and destruction instead. Stark Industries Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, but also has a base in Stark Tower, in New York City.

Worthington Industries
An international company boasting both rich history and vast success, Worthington Industries is currently run by Warren Worthington III, the son of the late CEO. Following the change in leadership, Worthington Industries has expanded its business ventures to include the acquisition of an aeronautics firm as well as the purchase of a frozen yoghurt company.
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