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Feb 3 2018, 02:15 PM

At some point in the night, the power had blinked off in his building. Of course, he had a small backup generator because a person like him had to have electricity. It was a necessity in his life because it kept the technology around him going. But he had woken up in a cold sweat when the power first went out. Why? Because it felt as if the several little devices in his apartment suddenly screamed out and went silent. Power surge. Awesome. Also a literal cold sweat because the heat was out. His backup generator didn’t cover heat, unfortunately for his ill-planning. So Charlie went about putting on whatever layers he could find on top of his t-shirt and boxers he had been sleeping in. Sure, they called for snow, but this seemed … excessive.

Then again, he was from Nashville. No Nashville native was used to much snow at all.

As his generator had kicked in for the technology, things felt like they were back to a normal rhythm. He added a few more blankets to the bed and fell asleep again with his phone in his hand, in the middle of texting his sister but too exhausted to finish the message. [Cold tonight, might need to meet … food … you …] Yeah, the partial message sent itself anyway just as he drifted back off. Things would be fine. He could handle the cold. And with the comfort of his charging cell phone in his hand, things felt okay again. A little blink of power wasn’t a big deal. He would meet up with Leotie to get a few more layers from her surplus of various textiles she made. After he got some more sleep.

Again, he jolted upright in bed. His sweat had started to partially freeze in areas, making some of his layers stick to him, but it didn’t matter. The … towers … the … cell towers. They were silent. No messages. Nothing. He could actually see clearly (except for a few little pale lines from his own devices trying to communicate with one another). While one would think seeing was a good thing, the sudden and complete absence of all the background noise he normally dealt with was crushing. His phone, now fully charged, just slowly blinked that it was trying to find a network. His heart raced, wondering what would cause that. It wasn’t an EMP because … well, those would’ve taken out all the technology, not just the cell towers. With a deep breath, Charlie started packing things into a backpack. His half-charged iPad. Several jump chargers. A few flashlights with fresh batteries (because something was better than nothing). His hearing aids (since he didn’t exactly need them at the moment).

Honestly, it was so crystal clear and quiet, he could hear something drop on the floor above him and it made him jump. Charlie had to get out of there. Find Leotie, power supplies, a bomb shelter, something.

Once he was bundled up effectively, Charlie pushed himself out into the cold. His cell phone was close at hand and ski goggles over his glasses (hey, his vision was already a bit off before his powers, so he still needed glasses). He managed to get to a subway stop, but the tunnel was blocked off. Too cold and snowy for the subway. Great. How was he supposed to get anywhere? Was he to walk to Manhattan? In this? Charlie let out an audible gasp as his phone hit on a cell tower. He almost dropped it in the snow in his excitement. [Too much snow to get to you. Stay safe. Finding old friend instead.] Charlie had to let his sister know he was okay, right? She would probably be worried, especially with these power outages.

[Are you home? I need company.] He sent a text to Sharon (GPS tagged), praying she’d get it. Hoping she’d be home. Charlie turned and headed towards her place, forcing himself through the snow as it seemed to grow around him at a ridiculous rate. How long had he been outside? And where was he? The cell towers flickered off again and he had to blink to adjust his newfound vision. What did that street corner say? Suddenly, there was a push from behind and he was face-down in a huge pile of snow (thanks, snowplows). He spit the filthy snow out of his mouth and turned to face … some group of teens with knives. Excellent. Just excellent.

He was being mugged. In the snow.

“Look, take my wallet. It’s cool. There’s some cash in there,” he struggled for a moment with his layers, finally producing his wallet. Being a former baseball player, though, he lobbed it over their heads and quite a distance behind them so they might turn from it and he could attempt to get away. One of the pack went for it. The others were unimpressed. The demanded to know what was in his bag. What were they hoping for? “Flashlights and provisions, you know,” he shrugged, not willing to part with it under any circumstances. “Seriously, the wallet will be of most use to you. I have a disability discount on my metro card,” Charlie kept talking, what was he trying to do? Elicit sympathy from a herd of teens with knives?

One of them (he had pegged for the ringleader) stepped closer, threatening Charlie. He just admitted to being handicapped and this kid seemed to think that meant he was easier prey? Great. Charlie tried to melt into the pile of snow that was propping him up, but it didn’t budge. “Seriously, nothing useful,” he did his best to push his backpack further into the snow. The kids were not impressed. Two of them came around the leader and grabbed onto either of Charlie’s wrists, tugging him firmly out of the snow so they could get at his backpack. He tried pulling away, but there was suddenly a blade to his throat. Charlie swallowed, was his bag worth his life? Would the kids really go through with this? If he could even feel his feet right now, he might’ve tried to kick out their knees or something, but as it was, Charlie could barely even stand. If it weren’t for those kids holding him up … he was just too cold to move.

@SHARON CARTER | come kick their ass, then kick his for being dumb!

Jan 9 2018, 09:09 AM

Perhaps his beard had grown a bit longer … or fuller? Either way, he hadn’t been taking care of it nearly as much since the Expo. Since he helped a few civilians escape before being ushered out myself by none other than THE Pepper Potts. As in the head of Stark Industries. Sure, Charlie was a Stark fanboy, but the guy had his hands full with none other than THE Black Panther. It was kind of a big day for him. But ever since the Expo, Charlie couldn’t help but wonder if he should’ve done more. If he could’ve. Not that there was much he could do in the field, but he could’ve done more to track the people who attacked, to figure out who they were, something. But he wasn’t supposed to use his powers unless he got approval.

Stupid Accords. They meant well but … anyway.

Speaking of the attack, part of the reason he had to be ushered out is because he lost his hearing aids in all the mayhem. So he had cobbled together an old pair that would work for now and was getting himself to the store for parts. Sure, Charlie enjoyed dumpster diving on a good day for fun things, but he was not about to put dumpster parts anywhere near his ears. He pushed up the new pair of glasses (oh, yeah, his old pair also got trampled at some point) and walked into the store where he was practically a regular customer. With a nod at the guy behind the counter, Charlie bee-lined to the section he needed.

As he rummaged the shelves, Charlie thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Or, rather, someone. Then again, someone with Charlie’s shitty vision … he blinked and turned his head to get a better view. Charlie clicked his cane against the hard floor for a second, considering moving closer to her to get a better look. Was she the one that was at the Expo? Honestly, she reminded him slightly of a younger version of his sister. Charlie blinked and looked yet again. Nope, not Leotie. With some trepidation, he finally managed to walk towards her. Would she remember him? Hell, he didn’t even remember her name.

Then again, could you blame him? Given what happened.

But he had seen her display on the way in to the main event. Charlie felt bad now because he had promised to come back. When he was escorted out by Pepper, he hadn’t even gone back to make sure the girl was okay. “Hey … are you … did you present at the Expo?” He asked, trying to figure out a way to talk to her without directly revealing he had forgotten her name.

@SHANI KATZIN | he’s got jeans, blue t-shirt, and tan leather jacket that has seen better days. Also, his seeing eye cane (or whatever it’s called). Honestly, he needs a dog.

Dec 1 2017, 10:33 PM
Charlie needed practice. Practice with his hacking skills. While he was fairly skilled, it wasn’t nearly to the level he wanted it to be. Besides, the more he could do without his powers, the more he could do with them, right? Because the more he understood what his fingers were actually doing, the more he could analyze it with his abilities and understand what he was seeing. Therefore, this was a little practice. A small website, interesting level of security. And who didn’t love drawing mustaches on things? Charlie was busy hacking in to a (surprisingly secure) website about Betta fish and drawing cute little mustaches on the fish.

This was his first honest to goodness no-powers hack in a while. But he wanted to go back in later with his abilities and add little canes and top hats to some of them. A tiny part of him felt bad for the owner of the site. A big part of him wanted to meet them because the level of security on this thing was better than the average pet fandom page. Not that he checked. Okay, so he checked. Drawing mustaches on dogs had been his first idea, but those sites were easy. Far, far too easy. Sure, this place wasn’t exactly the federal government, but it had some good stuff behind it. Besides, what fun was hacking the federal government when you were the federal government?

None. Okay, maybe a little bit of fun. But not much.

Hmm, the Notorious RBG with a mustache … nah. Her people would kill him. Possibly … literally. They would backtrack him with their magic ways and kill him in his sleep. Was he being dramatic? Yes. Hell, she was so amazing, she’d probably find it funny. It would be nice to meet her someday. Probably wouldn’t ever happen, but a guy could have dreams, okay? Dreams like being as excellent at hacking like some of the top agents in SHIELD (current and former). Which is why he needed practice. The poor boy needed plenty of it.

As he cleaned up his exit from the server, Charlie clicked back onto the site via a secure network of his own making. He didn’t want to be caught staring at his creation, after all. And there they were, little fishes with mustaches. He even made one or two into a gif – which is what took so long, honestly.

@SHANI KATZIN | I didn’t know where to put the thread. Also, feel free to have her react and then start plotting against his next move, lolz.

* RBG = the amazing Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is a Supreme Court judge. Hopefully people know about her. If you don’t know the Notorious RBG, look her up, bro.

Oct 22 2017, 09:09 PM

His hands were still shaking from using the gun. Why was this an idea? Why had he let Sharon talk him into this? Sure, they were trying to be casual with some coffee back at her place now (his treat, obviously), but it was still … too real. He shot her. It was an accident, of course, but it still happened. The bullet managed to just barely graze her. Charlie’s shaking hands brought the coffee to his lips so he could blow across the surface. Maybe she had some liquor lying around they could put into it.

“I’m sorry.”

It was an admission of guilt. Something he had kept saying since leaving the range. In his defense, this had been a terrible idea. She was bleeding and Charlie was left feeling horrible. He could barely even hit his target (at least, not until they moved it a considerable distance closer), but somehow he managed to graze one of his best friends? With a freaking bullet!? Maybe caffeine wasn’t what his poor heart needed. His hands were shaking even more, the more he was stewing over what happened.

“I … I should’ve interfaced with the cameras in there to see more clearly. Or something. Do they make computerized scopes? Not that I’m ever planning on shooting a gun again ever,” he swallowed the knot that had formed in the back of his throat, pretty confident that if Fury or Coulson heard what happened, they would have words with him. You can’t just go around shooting people. Not only was it wrong and probably illegal, but they were going to kill him for it. Probably.

Or Sharon would.

Was she incredibly angry with him? While she didn’t seem horribly angry, Charlie wondered. Was she just keeping things buried inside? There was an element to her that was a bit secretive about things naturally. Oh heavens, was she going to shoot him in return? He deserved it. Charlie almost expected it, honestly. While he didn’t want to think about the very real fact that she had probably been shot before and this was literally nothing in comparison, there was still the fact that he shot her. At a gun range.

@SHARON CARTER | I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait. Totally no rush on this one, though.

Oct 22 2017, 08:33 PM

Charlie was trying to be calm and casual. He went with a comfortable vest over a white button up, his sleeves rolled slightly. His beard had gotten slightly bushy, but he didn’t care. The nerd played with his tie, feeling it get wrapped around his ID badge. Maybe he just needed to put the Expo badge and his work ID into his pocket like a normal person. And not be THAT GUY. You know, the one who is just too excited for words to be here and omg is that Tony Iron Man Stark? He took a deep breath in and let it out slowly. This was fine.

This was normal.

He managed a spot near the front (a few rows back) and Charlie was practically bouncing with excitement. As such, when Iron Man appeared on stage in typically dramatic fashion, the smile on Charlie’s face somehow got larger. He was probably the loudest one cheering in his section as Tony Stark was welcoming everyone back to the Expo (hey, this was NOT Charlie’s first time here, okay). And, Charlie was pretty sure Mister Stark pointed directly at him (though part of his brain knew he was just pointing at people randomly and he definitely didn’t now the Inhuman from anyone else).

It still made him too excited for words.

And, he was going to get to hear from the great Reed Richards, too! Awesome day for an Expo! It became apparent that Tony was stalling, but Charlie didn’t mind. He was at the Expo, he had his half-eaten pretzel in hand, and … what’s that? Was Tony going to officially propose to Pepper on stage? That would be awesome! Charlie stared in surprise mid-pretzel bite.

But the surprise was cut short. Charlie’s excitement turned to worry. Especially as Tony admitted that first boom wasn’t him. And the collective crowd gasped as the lights went out in the area then it was back up again. Charlie swallowed, stuffing his pretzel down into his messenger bag. His head ducked to avoid the chattered glass of the ceiling raining down as an RPG hit the stage. While Charlie wanted to make sure people were alright, he also had very little field experience. Mister Stark was an Avenger, he’d probably be okay.

Charlie needed to calm himself down and maybe help folks around him in the crowd. But his head ducked again as there was suddenly body-armor clad figures firing rounds amongst them. He had to stop and pat himself down to make sure he was alright before tossing the strap of his bag over his head and moving towards the nearest person. They needed to get out of there without getting shot, trampled, or … set on fire? Great. Just … great. While Charlie knew the Expo provided a very good target for whatever this was, he hadn’t expected it to happen.

What was he supposed to do? Did he need to call someone? Surely Mister Stark would call for backup.

He flinched as a bottle landed near him as he was trying to make it out of there. Part of his bag caught fire and he quickly smacked it with his bare hand to put it out. Don’t try that one at home kids. As he looked up, he saw a girl near him and he decided to go straight towards her and make sure she was okay. “Hey, are you okay? Come on, let’s find a way out of here,” he held out his non-burnt left hand to help her up and out of there … hopefully.

@KITTY PRYDE | hope this is cool

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