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Jan 11 2018, 01:13 AM

Peter needed a little break. He needed the old get up for now. Lately his brain had been racing whenever he was wearing that black get up. He wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not, but he needed the old red and blues to feel like himself again. He felt weaker without it, that was true, but he felt somehow...more clear headed. More capable of accessing things than he was before. His mind ventured back to the conversations he had while that suit was worn and the way he conducted himself, how strange it all felt. He stood on the crown of the Statue of Liberty on a much warmer day than the rest of the month had provided so far. he appreciated it as he stood at the spot he used for thinking more than anything else. Calmness and serenity were the main draw to the surrounding in general.

That serene atmosphere could not remain in tact as he saw something in the distance, something that caused his lenses to squint toward it. "No way." Peter muttered under his breath as the vision blazed passed his sights.

'It would appear to be The Human Torch, also known as Johnny Storm.' Karen identified and Peter sighed. "Yeah I figured." Peter commented as he watched the stream of fire blaze pass the skyline of Manhattan. Peter assumed that he was up to nothing much, just showing off for a girl or something. Peter never met the guy but heard enough about him, especially at school. Every girl wanted to date the superhero with the cool powers and nice hair and muscles. Suddenly Spider-Man became even more second rate as a superhero crush. His whole "young hero" domain was getting muscled in on. Sure there were people like Kamala, Kate, Sam, and Laura but this was different!

He was just so...cocky about it.

A smirk came to Peter's lips as he thought of a way to take the hot head down a peg or two. He leaped off the crown and weaved a web from the arm to the abdomen and all about on the side of the Statue of Liberty that spelled out "Fire Crotch Has The Bad Itch." He then landed on the torch of the Statue and folded his arms while watching the direction that the blaze of fire was flying about, waiting for the source to see the message he wrote in big letters specially for him.

Childish? Very. Worth it? Very much so.

Oct 17 2017, 02:40 AM

The memories were still fresh, the feeling and the weight of it just as constant as it had been prior. He could not shrug it off, could not shake it away.

He didn't want to.

Peter's hands grasped the straps of his backpack like they were life preservers. He didn't spare a look over his shoulder as his school let out and he, instead, went down a familiar path. The hour growing late, dangerously close to nightfall but still carrying the graying of the sky as the dim sunlight met the city smog. Steps on concrete were traded for pavement as he passed through the gate he passed by multiple times to pass along the rows of tombstones within the graveyard. He ventured toward a familiar site. One that was host to so many memories of times he visited the same place.

Each time he had to go suit shopping with his aunt. He kept growing and needed a new funeral suit for each time that he would end up here. The shared gravesite for his parents. Richard and Mary Parker were only in their mid-thirties when they died. Such a shy amount of life lived, something that always gave Peter pause. He was twenty years from the age they died at. Considering how he risked his life daily, he may have had even less time.

Right next to the grave was that of his father's brother and his uncle Ben. Simple,
as humble as he was in life. The three graves were more than enough to cause a stirring in Peter, feelings that he never could quantify. As he proceeded in across the long reach of the site he reached the most recent reminders of where he found himself. Apart from the elaborate obelisk that sat atop of Captain Stacy's grave was the one next to it. A tombstone with an angel upon it. Couldn't miss it, even if described to a stranger.
Gwen's, of course. There wasn't much to say this time, not much was new. Everything that he could have said he missed out on telling her when she was alive.

"Hey Gwendy."


Oct 9 2017, 08:06 AM

It wouldn't be an average day in Queens without the sound of an explosion cutting through the sound of an argument between a Mets fan and a Jets fan about who was being conspired against by the illuminati. That was the only thing that sent those adamant fans to run, even so they refused to admit they weren't tough guys from the borough they swore was the legitimate "hard knox" despite proof of otherwise all about.

Peter was on the scene in no time. Costume worn, eyes alight with curiosity and determination. Peter landed just outside of the scene of the explosion in the now blocked intersection.

"Gonna go out on a limb and say this wasn't Edward Cullen." Peter mused to himself and stepped into the wreckage of the building. He used a hand to lift a frayed campaign poster. Apparently it was some sort of district politician's office. Luckily it was after hours of operation so no one was in during the explosion. The emergency vehicles were arriving on the scene. However, that didn't do much to dissuade the single occupant that Peter had found.

A man in the buff. Long hair, sharp teeth. He looked at Peter and smiled before his eyes rolled back and he glowed a bright yellow color. "Fuck." Peter said simply before another explosion occurred. Peter barely managed to jump back with enough strength and force to dodge most of the impact. He still collided with the side of a mailbox at the end of his exit. After leaning up from the damage he saw the nude exploding man create small combustive bursts and propel himself from the ground down the street, bouncing off of buildings and creating minor damages on the sides of the buildings he bumped into before combusting again.

"Streaking supervillain...Thor gets Loki and I get a naked guy going 'splody pants with no pants." Peter complained while swinging in pursuit of the guy. "Hey you!" Peter called ahead to the still exploding man. "Stop doing that! There are children who can see you! I'm not about body shaming but...I'm gonna shame your body if you don't quit!"

Oct 2 2017, 11:24 PM

Three gunshots. A scream. Alarm ringing in the air.
Several police sirens.

"Yeah, that can't be good." Peter said to himself, another day in the big apple, home to the wide variety of stress that came in the form of relentless crimes. You'd think with the street level heroes, not counting those who literally could turn into giant green monsters or hit any target aimed for, it would stall. Instead, it only seemed to increase.
People thought they were special, the anomaly. They would be able to avoid capture or they would manage to get abilities or weapons themselves that made the job easier on their end.

Alas, those limits were not nearly enough to resolve the issues of the greater question.
Evidence of which was reflected in Peter's effort to swing over being reason for the bank robbers who were now escaping taking that smart route. You'd think they would stop,
cut their losses, not waste the time and effort or the property damage but...Peter landed atop the getaway van and climbed over to the side. He clung to the side of the van and peered through the driver's side window. His head tilted at the sight through the open window. Two men looking frantic but still wearing their masks while in the getaway vehicle.

"Well look at us, aren't we a party? Buncha guys in masks...having a fun Sunday drive." he teased before one of them turned their head, long flowing hair catching the wind in the process. "Oh I'm sorry, I meant 'buncha people' I should assume genders...unless that's you, David Spade? Thanks for making Joe Dirt 2 by the way. We were all waiting on that." he added before having to lean back to dodge a bullet fired his way. Peter leaned back in after. "No cool, bruh! No guns." he shot a web that attached to the shotgun and he pulled it across. The force of it caused it to cross the jaw of the driver and middle passenger. The middle passenger took the brunt of the force and was knocked out, the impact against the driver caused him to swerve dangerously.

Peter was thrown back by the motion and a connection with a cardboard advertisement.
He flipped over it and ran as soon as his feet hit the ground, shot a web that attached to the back of the van, and pulled himself toward it again. "Ok. Ouch?" he nearly landed when the back door of the van opened with a flash, a man with a gun glowing with lightning stood in the back with a broad grin and a cigar clenched in his mouth.
Peter kept hold of the line of web and slid on the street. He rolled to either side and dodged oncoming traffic on the busy street.

"Someone's getting a timeout!" Peter threatened and the man in the back shot another bolt of energy, this time narrowly missing Peter. After dodging, Peter proceeded to pull himself toward the vehicle by the web, all the while trying not to get thrown off or collide with anything. Which, thanks to all the ruckus, now included police vehicles.

Sep 24 2017, 07:04 PM

"Nothing can stop those dancing dogs, Janet!...We're just getting some breaking news as we speak. The Alchemax East Facility is the scene of an ongoing hostage situation. The report is that there are fifty-four employees and what seems to be seventeen armed men, as well as four enhanced individuals...possible mutants. Daniel "Fancy Dan" Brito, Raymond "Ox" Bloch, Walther "Baron Brimstone" Theodoric, and someone who calls themselves The Inventor. No word if the SATF have been dispatched. The NYPD are on the scene but are being fended off by the captors. We will continuing updating the situation as new developments emerge."

Not long after the start of the broadcast, Peter was up and moving. He made an excuse of needing to pick up his Aunt's laundry, something that earned a roll of the eyes and a wave from Robbie Robertson. Peter then emerged onto the rooftop of the Daily Bugle and switched into his costume quickly. The fact that The Enforcers were at it again, this time with some Inventor character, was enough to launch Peter into action on it's own.
Those were high numbers and stakes to answer currently, but he would manage it somehow. Who else was there?

He rushed to the situation with a leap and a web swing. He had to hitch a ride on a police boat closing in on the isolated offshoot island that the plant was housed on. An old facility built in the Great Depression. More of a fortress than a plant, truly. The former manufacturing of nuclear based tech was now replaced with advancements in science that Alchemax manufactured. Peter attached a web to the side of one of the taller buildings of the complex and pulled himself into the air. Several police lights locked onto him and one of the officers with a megaphone pretty much announced his arrival. "Oh good, they let me have the element of surprise. Thanks, New York's Finest." Peter flew right through the window on that upper level. He slid until he landed on his feet, he rose to his feet afterward.

After getting his footing he was ready to get started. "Okay, Droney, you're on."
Peter instructed and the drone pried itself from his chest before darting out of the recently broken window. "Got the floor layout yet, Karen?" Peter asked "I most certainly do. On the current floor you'll see three of the armed men, two of the hostages, and The Enforcer that I would guess, judging by body mass, is the one who identifies himself as 'Ox'." Karen's assessment was further exemplified by the hulking figure who walked into the light at the end of the hall and cracked his knuckles, neck, and more things than Peter had seen someone limber up. "Gonna go out on a limb and say you were right, Karen." Peter's eye lenses narrowed at Ox. "Alright, Bullwinkle, let's do this." Peter teased and caused Ox to charge. "Bullwinkle is a moose." Karen commented wanting to be helpful.

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