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Alias: Max
Age: 66
Codename: Thunderbolt
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General, Secretary of Defense, and now prospect and candidate for the highest office in the land. Yes, the guy yelling at a giant green monster from a tank travelling across land is running for President on the platform of Superhero Law Reform. Ross is that kind of jackass who wants everyone to play by his very overbearing rules. All because his daughter doesn't like him much and her boytoy keeps breaking things.

Ross is not a happy and healthy man. He has hid and masked most of his illness from the public while he campaigns and stays in NYC where he can keep a thumb on things at the epicenter. He wants to be on the scene if/when things go awry so he can say he was there and he fought against it. He has some serious trust issues and a lot of parts of his mind left behind in Nam. He is on the hunt for a solution to his illness, something to make him stronger. There was one suggestion that he was vehemently against, something very hypocritical that could very well save his life, but he dislikes the idea of owing anyone anything.


Not really possible. Either he's using you for a photo op or Betty asked him to 'be nice'. He is a gruff and grumpy old man who considers the time he's got to be precious. It is not uncommon for him to simply leave a conversation he is either bored by or considers to be beneath his necessity for attention.


Practically impossible since his wife passed. That was his everything and ever since he's been more keen on things like waging war and raising a daughter. Apart from that, he's more worried about staying alive long enough to put a clamp down on these Superheros and leave a victorious legacy for humanity.


Most people would definitely fit in here since he rubs everyone wrong. He'd puff cigar smoke into a nun's face. He's just not the nicest fellow about xD So he's bound to get mixed up in some trouble. Plus, he's always pushing through legislation and stoking the fires of anti-meta rhetoric. It's not uncommon to see him making a speech in front of likeminded masses at his rallies and using the mysterious dangers of meta to tap into people's fears and bolster his credibility as 'their savior'.


There's a plotline in store for him and finding a cure. That would involve needing to be far more like his enemy, Bruce Banner. In fact, he needs his blood to test the theory that was given to him. There's that whole risk that saving his life could also make him the exact thing he hates. Thaddeus has resigned that if the results are indeed grim then he would try and destroy Bruce once using that power, destroy all of the metas that plagued him, then destroy himself.

Then there's this Thunderbolts project named after him that he figured was a half-measure but, due to the motions of the SRA, he may need to take a more active role in ensuring the continued success of.


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