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Oct 2 2017, 11:29 PM

The biggest job he had ever been offered. A call to venture back south, out of New York, passed his birthplace in Georgia and slightly westward.

Down into that dirty south, that bible belt that he tried to avoid at all costs. The reasoning for his trip being the drug ring he had been investigating. After busting one of those involved he got a tip that it was a two man operation, and the other one had heard about Luke and was operating remotely.

Luke figured that if the guy was going to terrorize his home, then he would pay that man a visit and return the favor. So he ventured into the big easy, New Orleans. The weather was a bit of a shock, enough to leave Luke without his hoodie and instead reliant on his yellow t-shirt. He had a contact who moved out there and lived on the bayou, the same one that was home to this second ringleader.

Right on the porch overlooking the bayou, Luke sat with a cup of tea in hand in waiting.
What he had heard of the man concluded that he was versed in voodoo and other mystic arts. Luke was not one to buy into magical mystery mumbo jumbo, but if these guy was some sort of threat he wanted to avoid falling into his trap. He also knew he couldn't take this one alone, so he had made a call and arranged for a contact to join him in this venture. He acknowledged that it was going to be asking a lot as a first job, but it would hopefully serve well enough and be effective enough.

That voodoo man lived in an old mausoleum. A man named Joshua "The Miracle Man" Ayers, known for bringing back the dead and having a cult worship. Rumored to be an immortal who only began dealing drugs to "enlighten the mind" and calls his prostitution "peace offerings" with the god of Death. A man selling snake oil and harming people while not even looking those people in the eye, using others instead, was the exact type of person Luke was determined to stop.

Sep 24 2017, 06:59 PM

A simple visit always seemed to be out of the cards. As Luke soon, and quickly, would notice this was a common theme for him to notice and learn from. He decided to pay a visit to his old couch crashing pad, aka the home of Jessica Jones. The way over was blindsided by several masked men making rapid approaches to the address. Nine of them in count. Luke sighed at the forced entry. There was no mystery who they were coming from. As it turned out, the job of private investigator led to plenty of enemies being made, most of them unsavory or childish. To say they had their history of dealing with angry people was to be putting it lightly.

Luke made his approach casually and entered after them. He put his hood up and stepped into the elevator. When it opened on the proper floor, he saw the men brandishing bats and crowbars. They were making their approach to her door and Luke set his hands into his pockets. He whistled to alert them and caused them to turn around. "Business hours were over thirty minutes ago, boys. Trust me, I know." he cautioned them, something that resulted in one of their lot asking "Who the fuck are you?" to which Luke smirked. "The guy telling you that you should go home now, in one piece, or be sent home in many." he threatened and two of the men rushed him. One swung his crowbar which bent as soon as it collided with Luke's skull.

"How cute." he teased and flicked his forehead, which knocked the man out. The next swung his bat which Luke pushed back and led to the man smacking himself in the face with it. He clutched his nose and doubled over. Luke pushed him to the ground then went to the following seven. Three tried to take him on but the other four fled. The three that attempted to fight were given a light kick to the abdomen, an elbow to the jaw, and the last was flipped over his shoulder. "G'night, boys." he said while continuing to the door. The conscious men scooped up what was left of their posse and fled to the elevator. "Remember, I go easier on people than she does." he then knocked upon her door.

Sep 13 2017, 09:25 PM
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Luke Cage is a man of principles and philosophy. He's the guy you would not expect to hear words of wisdom from on first glance. He's a gentle soul in contrast to his hard to penetrate skin. He's the kind of guy you can depend on and ask anything from. Those that oppose or harm anyone he cares about, however, will definitely be met less passively. He's a man of action and will pay you a visit if you're doing something he considers wrong.


People from Harlem or street level heroes usually fit best here. From his time as a marine to his migration from Georgia to New York, he's met a lot of people and made plenty of friends. Most of those he made after his incarceration were out of necessity since he tried to keep a low profile during those times before he was recently exonerated. He's also a friend to most civilians if they have any need. The guy was planning on making his Heroes for Hire business bigger and expanding the radius of operation, but with the accords his hands are tied when it comes to how much attention he can get for it.

If you're looking for someone who will always have you back then he's the guy.


To say Luke Cage has a...complex romantic history is about as obvious as saying water is wet. The excuse "I just fell into bed with her" legitimately applies to him. He doesn't wear it on his sleeve or promote it about the place with pride. Instead he keeps it casual. Ever since his wife, an ordeal that ended with a lot of misunderstandings and betrayals, he has been more and more on guard about being too close with someone. He thinks it better to keep things physical and not emotional. He's a stand up guy to be with.


Mess with his friends, he'll pummel ya! He's not the kind of guy who accepts people preying on "weaker" people. He comes to people's defense when they need it with the understanding that he since he can, he should. Those who side with the accords stand opposite with his personal beliefs on the matter. As someone who understands the multilayered instances of oppression he considers the whole of the accords to be way too invasive. In true Luke Cage fashion, he's ready to engage any supporters in a debate over it.


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