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Today at 06:08 pm

Sam double checked his phone twice now. This was where they had to agreed to meet. He didn't know what to expect. But he saw the stuff she wrote. Heroes, Spider-Man. Nova needed his name out there. Ms. Marvel had gotten a little press, why couldn't he. People knew Hawkeye, he was the only one who wasn't well known or even acknowledged. Everyone he mentioned his name to made it seem like they never heard of him ever. In some aspects it worked, but he wanted that to change. Nova would be known.

Shaking out his arms as he jumped up and down. He really hoped this wasn't a set up. He wanted good publicity, not the hero cops after him. Still he could probably fly away faster than they could catch up. He still didn't want that to happen. This was supposed to be his time in the light, not drowned out upon it.

It had taken a little of convincing, b he finally got the reporter to agree. Meet him at this small rooftop, in the evening. He hoped she showed up. Last thing he wanted was to be left high and dry waiting for her. Casually he leaned on the wall beside him, to casual, to casual. He pushed off the wall and swung his arms in the air, kicking and pretend fighting the air. Got to make it look like he just came from combat, or something like that. He didn't know, he had never done interviews before.

All he knew was that he was needed some person to mention what they were doing was good. Mention the name Nova and the Young Avengers. Stopping the crime and saving the city again and again. The world needed to know Nova. At least recognize the name. Plus she knew Spider-Man, or wrote aboutim, he wasn't about to be outshone by that dweeb.

So he'd wait, wait for this reporter to show. If she showed.

Dec 12 2017, 03:35 AM

Sam flew quickly over the city. He tried to control where he was going but the pain was to immense. So he had failed. The bad guys got away. Dropping lower he felt his eyes getting heavy. Sam only gritted his teeth and let out a yell. He was in pain lots of it. Who knew a truck could cause so much damage. Maybe if he threw up a shield, or blasted it.

A few hours earlier he was fine. He stopped a robbery, some guys throwing over a store. It seemed small enough, just some guys in masks with guns. They shot at him and fled trying going down the street. It had came so fast. He landed in front, landing in front of the speeding semi truck. It hit him. Sent him flying into another's passing truck. He hit thst one just as hard and went into the ground. Before he knew it we was flying from one car and truck to another bouncing down the highway. Then he soared. The last car knocked him into the water and he started to sink down, faster and faster.

All he could do was fly up and burst through the water. He soared high in the air, water dripping off his suit. He held his arm, looking down at the destruction below. It would be past over as an accident, pile up and cars spini. Those guys would be caught and would be considered the cause of it. Sam winced. He could take a shit ton of damage but this, this was different. He hit ten cars if he counted right. It wasn't that though. The last car that sent him flying off the bridge, it knocked his helmet off. Falling from the height he did, hitting the water. His shoulder dislocated upon impact.

Scrambling for air in the water he managed to get his sinking helmet and fly out. But his arm was killing him. It was more pain than he hadn't been in, in a long time. He was so used to being able to take all the hits, he had to be careful. As he flew above the city he needed to land. Touching down in a back alley he held his arm. It hung lower than the other, limp against his side.

He took a few steps forward and fell. His knees hit the pavement and he groaned in pain. Slowly he fell forward, his face hitting the puddle of melted snow. He tried to pull himself forward but only had the one arm. He crawled but his strength gave out and soon he closed his eyes. He just needed to rest, till he could get home.


Oct 9 2017, 12:34 AM

Sam put on the helmet and his suit materialized on him. He then tossed his wallet in a bag along with an energy drink and a bag of chips. Opening his window he slowly stepped out on to the fire escape and closed it behind him. He could see the light on in his mother's room as he climbed down the ladder and pushed off the ground, soaring into the air.

Sam quickly flew across town, it was late, very late. He had snuck out his window as he had many nights before. Only this night was different. He wasn't looking for trouble, he had no plans to go out and stop crime tonight. No, his time was going to be spent waiting in line with others for the release of a new game. Truly the opposite of being a hero right now.

As he touched down he quickly pulled the helmet off and stuffed it in his bag. Everything was going smoothly, he was on time. Looking at his phone he hurried down the block to where the game store was. As he rounded the corner he saw the massive line and slowly followed behind. A few others.

It felt like a waste, he bet Ms Marvel was out stopping badguys, or Spider-Man. They didn't waste there night in line. Here he was thinking for himself when he could be helping others. But he deserved a night off. The city didn't need Nova as much as he'd like to admit, but right now he needed this game.

Opening his phone he sent a message to the people he played the pervious game with. The message read:

"Standing in line about 2 get the new game so excited ^.^ "

Having online friends wasn't as rewarding, but it was fun. He didn't know if any of them would even get the message but he hoped to get home and play it well in to the night with them. Who needed sleep when you had video games.

@BILLY KAPLAN | Hopefully this works for a starter //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif let me know if I need to change anything.

Sep 26 2017, 04:28 AM

It was late by the time Sam flew down to the entrance of the small jewelry store. The moon was out and the sky dark. The city was quiet right now, at least around the closed shopping district. No peoooe, no cameras. Only light came from three flashlights inside the small store. There were three men inside. They wore ski masks and carried bags. One held a crowbar the other a pistol. The last was opening one of the display cases, using a small key.

Sam knocked on the glass. "Doing some late night shopping are we," He shouted through the window. He was already dressed in his super suit. The all black helmet with a red accent. His suit materialized on him, the only colour besides black being the gold accenting down the front and arms. He smiled and peered more into the store.

The robbers said something but he couldn't hear them, only see their mouths move. "I can't hear you," Sam yelled, "Try speaking up." He pulled open the door and the alarm went off. A single light flashed by the door and the robbers all turned towards him.

"Great look what he did. Now we need to get out of here. I thought you said you turned it off before your last shift," The one with the crowbar said as he swung it around.

"This was supposed to be easy money Spencer," The gun wielding robber said as he started shovelling contents from the open display into his case, "you got that key cut and everything bro."

"How was I supposed to know he'd open the door. Who is this clown anyway? Looks like a kid," The last robber said as he moved around to another display case, opening it with the key again. "And don't say my name, I told you call my Reaper. We all chose the names we wanted, we're going to use them. Right? Reaper, Lucio, and McCree "

"Uh excuse me, hero stopping you," Sam said as he cleared his throat, "And it's Nova, I'm not a kid. Love the theme by the way. Way to stick with it."

@ASHER ROSCOE | Hope this works for yah

Sep 24 2017, 02:28 AM

Sam was having a good night. He stopped a few crimes, a mugging and a robbery. Sure they were small, but at least he was doing good. He was trying, trying to push himself. He knew he was different since stopping his training, he could feel it. It was like there wasn't the same energy behind him. He had yet to see if he could breathe up there, but it didn't stop him from wanting to try.

Flying up he soared through the sky above Brooklyn. Slowly he broke through the crowds, looking at the city below. As he went higher he began to feel cold, his throat was tight. He soon began to fall, faster and faster. He was blacking out, in and out of consciousness. He rocketed towards earth, his body limp, not ready for impact.

Casting eastward he found himself over a small city in Long Island. He was falling, the energy from his suit drained as he rocketed toward the earth. Fire began to burn around him. He crested down, hitting the ground. Dirt flew up around him and he let out a groan. His head hurt, and the wind had been knocked out of him.

Slowly he rolled over and climbed out of the small crater he left in the yard. Looking up he saw the light on beside the house. As the door open he threw up his hands. "Hey sorry about your lawn, and bird bath. I uh...fell." He noticed the grass was smoldering and he smiled. "I don't have money to fix it, I'm sorry." Yeah he didn't have a job, or any form of income.

He was still dressed in the dark black suit. The helmet was dark as well, red accent along the front. He smiled as he stepped more into the light. The lights of his helmet slowly fizzled out turning off. This was new, and unexpected. Slowly the the suit disappeared and he was left standing there in just the helmet and his boxer shorts. "Okay, this is awkward. Uh...can I borrow a screw driver?"

@BRUCE BANNER | let me know if this works.

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