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Today at 10:49 am


Unbeknownst to the X-Men, or anyone else, Emma Frost has made a deal with the closest thing to the real life devil, William Stryker himself. For the past year, he's been operating his Purifiers from the shadows, while keeping up an organized front with his company, the Crusade. Now, he's taking a more active role in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is complete eradication of the mutant race.

Before he will mount a larger attack, he intends to learn more about what he's fighting, to see if there's anything he can use against them--and he's been just served free-of-charge test-subjects.


Jean Grey is planning on taking a few students to Coney Island for some much needed fun but as you can tell by the introduction above, it's not going to go as planned. The thread is going to take place at the end of their little trip and as you might've guessed by now, be promptly kidnapped for some good times.
First part of the plot pertains to:Please answer in the thread if you want to participate! Optional, of course!

There's two choices here: First one is to have your student be kidnapped and brought with, the second one is for a student to break off to warn the X-Men although preferably this is just one or two students. If everyone wants to have their character with throughout the whole plot, alerting the X-Men will be done regardless (Chuck will do a cameo of some kind).

This will be one thread to start with and once they've gotten to the facility, we can keep playing around with interactions with Purifiers and Stryker, as well as some testing. Once the first thread is done, there will be a rescue that will be two threads, read more below.


For an extended period time now, the X-Men has been retired. The past couple of years they've watched the public opinion regarding mutants steadily deteriorate, but still Charles Xavier has kept them back, for their own safety. This though, is personal and hits close to home, giving them more than enough incentive to make themselves known again. Please answer in the thread if you want to participate! Optional, of course!

Once the X-Men is alerted and on their way, they will receive their guidance from Xavier and arrive at Tarrytown Lighthouse, which is an entry-point for an underwater testing-facility. It's been abandoned for years, as well as forgotten but through former military contacts is how William Stryker has been able to find this location.

This part of the plot will split up into two threads. The X-Men will divide in two groups, one with the objective of distracting/subduing bad guys (armed and dangerous Purifiers) and the other group will search for the kids. At the point of the rescue though, the students will be separated as well, in order not to make one thread too crowded. This means that both group of adults will come across and save students.

Questions? Feel free to post below or poke Ruth!
Dec 12 2017, 02:52 PM

November had reached its end and few of the trees on the ground was sporting any leaves, the field that billowed down towards the lake, the grass had since weeks ago turned yellow. Standing by the window she had watched some of the cars pull up, finding temporary parking spots for today's occasion, the last parent day of the year. From the beginning such a thing didn't exist, it hadn't seemed necessary with the organisation since there had just been five of them and... because most of their parents didn't really show, for a number of reasons. Her own parents had been the most frequent visitors but a few of her fellow team-mates, they had never had none. The history of that reflected the present time just as well. Some of their students always got visitors, others never got any.

Jean wished that there was a way to make it a day that everyone could enjoy, that everyone could benefit from but it wasn't always possible but even so there was a necessity in the day, at least Charles thought so. To keep welcome those with open minds, that could be a part of the solution. She truly understood it but couldn't help thinking it was a bit naive. Regardless, when the doors opened and family poured through, Jean smiled and greeted everyone as if they were all a part of the school.

Several tables had been put together in one of the common rooms and held food and drinks, something suitable for everyone, they had made sure of that. The school was always in a state of buzz but even more so now. A young girl was dragging her mother by the arm towards Jean and close behind was a father and also in tow, a boy Jean knew was the girl's friend. "Mrs Perez...?" The woman took Jean's hand warmly and there was a compassionate smile on her lips. "Ms Grey, we wanted to ask, if there's any chance that we could perhaps... invite Carl to our home, for Christmas? It was Anna's idea."

Carl peaked out from behind Mr Perez, a sort of hopeful look on his face, sweeping his brown bangs from out of his eyes with a hand. Jean looked at him and then towards Anna, who had now positioned herself in front of Jean with wide, pleading eyes that made it hard for her not to smile. "Of course. That's not a problem." Jean's smile was small but honest and also grateful. Not because she wanted the young one taken off her hands or even from the school, but because it was a chance for him to experience something, experience the feeling of family. It wasn't always about being genetically related, even though someone would say that they all were, as mutants.

The two children took each other's hands and then with the parents in a loose follow, they made their way towards the food, where plenty others were gathered. One child, a teen girl, was on the ceiling, clinging too it while her parents stood below, not sure whether to be proud of embarrassed. Behind them, she noted a slender figure, dressed immaculately and with her blonde her perfectly smooth and glossy. There wasn't resentment in Jean's eyes, just consideration, a hope that Emma wouldn't give the parents the wrong idea about the faculty. It was a hope, that was weak at best.

Nov 30 2017, 07:12 AM

London, United Kingdom

It wasn't often Jean found herself on foreign soil, at least not as of late, not since the X-Men had 'retired' to avoid prosecution and exposure of both themselves and the school. Before the Accords and the Avengers, they had often crossed borders in order to keep the peace between mutants and humans, often saving lives in the process. They had managed to proceed as usual even after the Incident but times were different now. Existing behind a thin veil as they did--hiding as some preferred to call it--was a necessity more than it was an actual choice.

She didn't think that either of them approved as matters were currently, but they had other things to consider beyond themselves and the mission they had taken upon them those years ago. Now, there were students and children who's future hinged on their discretion. So, when you thought about it, it had grown into a choice, at least that was the case for Jean. She wanted to help, wanted to help everyone but her heart and mind was with the school and her family there, always. It was her responsibility, as they had taken these kids in. That however, didn't mean that she had completely stopped trying to affect the outside world.

Today, she was finding herself in London to attend not what she outright wanted to call a protest, but the theme of the day was information that spoke against the Accords. Her own part in this was to try and find benefactors for Mutantes Sans Frontières, an idea that had as of yet barely made it out of the cradle but the hope was that it would and with its growth, highlight the difficulties that lied with not only the Accords but general treatment of mutants as well. Controversial difficulties currently hindered regular organisation, who stood before the risk of having their agenda questioned, scrutinized unconditionally.

As she took the stage, spread out applause was heard around the room. She looked out over the mass in front of her, offered a genuine smile before she started. The words came easy to her, not only because she had prepared herself but because she spoke from the heart. "...and I believe that it would be beneficial for everyone to consider the impact--" An unintended pause, and she sought her notes with green eyes but when she glanced back up, she felt that something was about to change and not for the better.

Oct 9 2017, 11:06 AM

When the Professor had called Jean into his office to prepare her for a sort of mission, one that included potentially picking up a new young mutant for the school, she hadn't expected the disclaimers regarding it. Not only was it quite a ways to go, but she was to bring company with her and that company wasn't of her choosing. It wasn't so much the actual individuals that Jean opposed to--that was what she told herself at least--it was the sheer number of them but the Professor had been adamant about it. Jean was to travel to New Orleans with not only a suitable guide in form of Remy LeBeau, but given the nature of the mutant as had been seen in Cerebro, Emma Frost was also a participant of the group.

"You might find yourself in use of a counselor," had been what Charles had told her, and for the briefest moment Jean had been under the spell of the briefest of arrogance, a feeling that had suggested that whatever Emma Frost could do, she could as well, but the matter of fact was still that Emma was the counselor, and she wasn't. It was a notion that she later had been ashamed of and had sought to adjust her thought pattern accordingly. Whatever she personally felt regarding Emma Frost, she was still a part of the faculty and a mutant. One of them. The direct association didn't however breed warm feelings, especially not given her experience with the woman. There was still the matter of the poorly executed Danger Room session with the students, where they had found themselves trapped in a program, but only after Emma had managed to break the control pad.

Thankfully, her sense about Remy wasn't as complicated, but neither where it crystal clear but she found that it was a more reasonable approach taken, maybe because she was more familiar with his presence in general. The trip there had been as pleasant as it could be, a fairly quick flight and then after the rental of a car, they had found themselves at the hotel--Emma had insisted--where they had booked rooms. Jean had approached the front desk with their names but found that there were only two rooms booked, to her small dismay. In the grand scheme of things, it did perhaps not matter much as they would leave as soon as the young mutant was located but Jean turned to Emma just in case. "...you don't happen to own a hotel around here?"

Oct 3 2017, 11:16 AM

A crescent moon graced the night sky, in good company by passing clouds. The light was strong and bright as it made its way through wispy curtains, leaving the checkered pattern of the window's frame upon the carpet. It was a quiet night but Jean Grey still somehow found herself sitting up in bed, leaning her forehead into her hands with a small sigh. There was, despite the initial expression, an acceptance in Jean's posture as she sat a little straighter and then slid out of bed. What she experienced now was heaven, it was still great relief in comparison what she had gone through as a girl.

Jean had been very young when her telepathy had manifested, had been brought about in a moment of great stress and grief. Before the Professor had blocker her telepathy, she'd suffered from nightmares and insomnia due to voices and emphatic imprints that wouldn't stop filling her head. When she had gotten older, there had been a point where the blocks had been removed and she'd struggled to get back in control. It hadn't been easy but she had gotten there. Sleep was an actual thing now, at least most nights. Although, obviously not tonight.

Soon enough she was in comfortable clothes and making her way down stairs, quietly not to wake anyone. As far as she could tell, most of the minds in the mansion were asleep, which they also should be. A light however, caught her attention, coming from the hallway down to the kitchen and towards the teacher offices. "I swear if Bobby is raiding the fridge again..." she muttered to herself. She soon discovered the kitchen to be empty and continued down the hall way. A figure came around the corner, quite suddenly, making Jean jump back and put a hand to a collarbone. "God, you scared me."

There had been an instant relaxation upon seeing who it was and a smile soon followed. "Please don't tell me you're working at this hour." Needless to say, it wouldn't surprise her if that was the case.

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