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Nov 30 2017, 05:55 PM

Once again he wasn’t sure why he’d left the safety of the school and walked into the mass of people that thrived in New York City. Perhaps, he figured, he’d gained a shred of confidence after his outings with Jubilee and Mary Jane and Kurt; he still had to wear that uncomfortable harness, of course, but it allowed him to explore the city. See the sights he only ever saw in pictures or movies. It was quite a spectacle and those skyscrapers were far taller than he’d ever realized - flying to their tops sounded like a very enjoyable thing, but only at night. He’d have to be safe about it, of course.

With his gaze locked upward, he hadn’t seen the group of twenty-something-year-olds in front of him, and so he collided with a few of them. Instantly his hands shot out to steady whoever it was he’d ran into. But as he grabbed the man’s arm, that man whirled around and smacked the grip off.

”S-sorry,” came the mutant’s immediate response as he took a step back. The man wasn’t going to take that apology, however, as he rolled his shoulders and followed the redhead. Jay shrank back and was horrified to see that the rest of the group was tailing the one he’d run into. ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you. I wasn’t payin’ attention.”

”Clearly you weren’t,” the man responded. His cronies flanked him in a manner that corralled the mutant into an alley.

Jay wasn’t sure as to why the group was so suddenly uptight about the accident. Had he looked at one of them wrong? Was the man already pissed off and the little shove was the final straw? Whatever it was, the Kentucky boy was suddenly very aware of his situation as he saw the brick walls on either side of him were quite narrow and felt like they were closing in on him.

”Were you trying to take my wallet?”

”What? No!” Sure enough, the mutant’s back hit a wall, and a little gasp sounded from him. Great. He bit his lip while his anxiety grew. Sure, he’d gotten into scraps back home in Cumberland, he knew how to throw punches, but against what looked like five people? No, he couldn’t take on that many. The fleeting thought of hypnosis crossed his mind but he immediately shot that down. ”I just bumped into you--”

”I don’t believe it.” The accuser’s hands balled into fists and the first punch went flying, striking the mutant in the face. Jay’s head whipped around to hit the brick and he was dazed; another punch slammed his face but his skin remained unscathed, much to the man’s shock: no bruising, no marks, nothing.

The pause was momentary as the man simply kept his fist up above Jay’s head like he was ready to strike again. ”The hell…?” he muttered, then making a move to claw his nails across the mutant’s cheek. The resulting red marks faded immediately, far faster than they should have. One more hard punch to the face was all it took to confirm his suspicions.

”He’s not getting hurt - his face ought to be bruised up by now! The kid's got to be a mutant or something.”

Panic immediately filled the redhead as he threw his hands up to protect himself against the barrage of punches and kicks that pummeled him. Think, think, THINK-- and hypnosis was the only option he could come up with. But using it… wasn’t that wrong? As he used his arms to protect his head, curling up on his side against the wall while the group assaulted him, he was quickly beginning to realize hypnosis might be his only way out of there.

@MARIE D'ANCANTO + if i need to edit anything just lemme know!
Nov 16 2017, 07:23 AM

He was surprised, to say the least, when his phone mooed and he pulled it out to see that he’d received a text. Not from Kurt, not from Jubilee, not from Warren, but Mary Jane. Eyebrows rose up as he opened the message and saw he’d been invited to a show in town. His initial reaction was to politely decline, of course, as the school had become his one safe haven that he chose to never really leave, but what changed his mind was the fact that he’d already met her. He wouldn’t be meeting someone new aside from other show-goers and he’d already met Mary Jane. She was kind, and someone that he had enjoyed the con thing with.

Maybe it’d be fun. Worth a shot, right?

The Kentucky boy was careful when putting the harness on. As much as he didn’t like it, he did not want to be cornered into signing the Accords, and so strapping his wings down was the only option. It took a few minutes for him to get used to the cramping and pressure points, just enough so that the discomfort was bearable. Then a T-shirt, then a hoodie, and that drawstring bag with spare water bottles so it could cover the odd curvature on his back that the compressed wings created.

Finding the venue was just as big a task. Fortunately he’d been able to plug the address into his phone and get directions, so he left with plenty of time to spare in case he got lost (which was entirely plausible, considering he very rarely left the school grounds). As always, he tried to not make it obvious that he was giving people wide berths since he was used to doing so because of the wings, but often he did catch himself weaving through the other pedestrians like they had a sickness he didn’t want to catch.

Arriving at his destination, he sent a text to Mary Jane to tell her that he’d gotten there and gave a landmark so she could find him in the crowd. Keeping his phone in his hand, he stood quietly with his back to a wall, blue eyes watching those around him while he tried quelling his nerves about being in crowds and away from the safety of the school.

Oct 12 2017, 08:40 AM

There was really only one other person at the mansion that understood the struggle of preening and molting everywhere.

Maybe that was why Jay really looked up to Mr. Worthington. Wings, however cool in theory (and as much as that childhood dream was shared amongst so many kids), were quite a hassle to deal with and take care of. He loved his, no doubt about it, but there were often times where they frustrated him. Turning and accidentally wing-slapping someone, knocking them to the ground, stepping on flight feathers, not being able to sit properly in chairs or cars - the struggle was most certainly real and frequent. But possessing the ability to fly whenever he pleased, or laying on one wing for a pillow and using the other as a blanket, being the “ultimate hugger” by using both arms and wings - that was plenty to make the daily struggles worth it. So, yes, even though he molted everywhere and was constantly finding and picking up red feathers, he loved his avian appendages.

And if he ever had a question about them, he knew he could as the flight instructor. That class was perhaps his favorite out of all of the ones he’d taken. Why? Because it was all about flying. The Guthrie absolutely loved being up in the air, twisting and turning, diving and spiraling. There were often times where he felt more at home up in the clouds than down on the ground with everyone else. Up there, he had no concerns about anything other than which way the air currents were going. Up there was his safe place.

Up there, he didn’t think about Julia. He didn’t think about the plaguing horrors that surrounded her death. Didn’t think about the hate that Cumberland had for his family, didn’t buckle under the worry he held for his siblings since he wasn’t around to protect them.

And because of those thoughts, whenever he was on the ground, he was constantly looking for ways to keep himself distracted in order to not succumb anymore to them, so that was why he sought out Warren.

Lightly knocking on the door to the other winged mutant’s office, Jay was sheepish as he peered in. ”Mr. Worthington?” His voice was quiet as he spoke. ”Do you have a moment? I was curious to ask you somethin’.”

@WARREN WORTHINGTON III + wooo birds! if i need to edit anything, just lemme know!

Oct 5 2017, 11:31 AM

Student at Xavier's, kinda really likes birds and music and abstract topics like religion, seventeen, fluffy soft bird boy~


This lil bird is a very friend individual. A bit soft-spoken and reserved, but friendly nonetheless. Be kind to him and he will return it. He has a very strong sense of family, so therefore loyalty is important to him. Those of whom he considers close will be put before him and he will be treated just as he'd treat his own brothers and sisters. Truthfully, too, he has an affinity for children, considering he'd taken on the role as head male of his family after his father had died and Sam had left.


Really, he doesn't have very many people he considers an enemy. To get on his bad side, simply bully one of his friends or be mean to kids - do that, and you'll get to see his protective big brother side. Growing up in the backwoods of Kentucky in a town that hated mutants (and the Guthrie family as well), so he knows how to throw punches when push comes to shove. It's rare for him to do that, however, but can and will be done to protect those he loves.


So he's still in the process of coming to terms with the death of his girlfriend, Julia, and therefore isn't too keen about jumping into relationships quite just yet. But to win his affections, simply pet his wings and he'll absolutely melt, hehehe.

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