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All event threads will be found here.

For They Are Subtle And Quick to Anger (Various, NYC)
Synopsis: The prelude thread. Having successfully restrained D’Spayre at the museum, Doctor Strange and Sif take him back to the Sanctum Sanctorum to be banished back to his own division. Disturbed by Doctor Doom’s findings, Loki drops by to offer a warning of dire portents. The three are caught up in an unexpected tale that changes everything they thought they knew about the Nine Realms.Fear Itself: The Unveiling (Liberty Island, NYC)
Synopsis: With the shards of Malice Striker charged and gathered, D’Spayre unveils his plan and opens a breach to Everinnye. Earth’s mightiest heroes charge forth to stop him, unaware of the magnitude of the horror they face.Fear Itself: Coming Forth By Night (SHIELD facility, Montana)
Synopsis: The master negotiator, Agent Coulson, has secured his team the rights to a visit with Simmons at the SHIELD facility - under the watchful supervision of Agent Knox, of course. It just so happens to coincide with an attempt by the renegade Quake to sneak in and find her old friend. Unfortunately, Knox’s demonic pact is not forgotten, and a hammer arrives at the facility...but it doesn’t end up quite where D’Spayre planned.Fear Itself: Valkyrja (Jersey City, NJ)
Synopsis: It’s class trip time at the Xavier Academy, and Rogue and Moira have volunteered to chaperone some of the students down to Jersey for a concert. It never quite manages to get underway, though, as a hammer falls from the sky and destroys the convention center. How will the students defend themselves against a Worthy? Perhaps an unexpected wild card will help them out…Fear Itself: Children Of The Stone (Hell’s Kitchen, NYC)
Synopsis: Ian arrives at the Hand’s hidden conclave to sell them a new weapon requested by the Gorgon. Unbeknownst to him, the Defenders have found out where Luke Cage was taken after his capture, and have come to mount a rescue mission. It turns out to be unnecessary, as a hammer plummets from the sky and obliterates his prison. Sometimes you get lucky.Fear Itself: Spawn Of A Lesser God (The Narrows, NYC)
Synopsis: Quinjet in tow, Agent Carter deploys to the Narrows in hopes of evacuating as many civilians from the city as possible. This proves to be a bigger challenge than expected: the entire strait’s been consumed by a tidal invasion from an aquatic tyrant who picked up a hammer that she shouldn’t have, and although some heroes are on site to potentially assist in the evacuation, keeping them away from a ravenous fleet of sharks might prove to be a bit of a challenge.Fear Itself: What Should Not Be Unearthed (Doomstadt, Latveria)
Synopsis: A dangerous confluence of circumstances leads Magneto and the Fantastic Four to Doctor Doom’s castle simultaneously, both in search of further funding. Negotiations don’t get far, as Doom’s patron leaves him an unexpected present...but he doesn’t quite get to it first.Fear Itself: To Throw Down The Heavens (Las Vegas, NV)
Synopsis: Nobody is exactly clear on how the Hulk got his hands on one of the Worthy’s hammers, but he’s steadily rampaged his way across the continental United States in the span of roughly a day. Deployed to the area by a stretched-thin SATF command, Songbird calls on the aid of every heavy hitter she can enlist in hopes of slowing the rampage down. It will be frankly astounding if any of the Strip is still standing after this one.

So when will the threads go up? Do I need to start the thread if I’m a Worthy?
Nope! Just like with the Stark Expo event, we’ll have a Fear Itself subforum, and you don’t need to worry about posting the threads. D’Spayre will do OPs for each of them on Saturday, June 16. From there, you’re free to post all you like.

Are these the only threads that’ll be involved in the event?
No, there’s a ‘phase 2’ planned for after The Unveiling is complete, in which the plot will be resolved. That’ll likely be limited to just a couple threads, though.

If I have a character who isn’t one of the aforementioned threads, am I allowed to create something for them?
Sure! Feel free to start a thread in the subforum.

Any tips for making sure the event threads go smoothly?
  • Prioritize timeliness over post size. Don’t be afraid to do a short post if it moves the action forward - better to keep things exciting than make everybody wait. This is especially true for the bigger threads with six people. When it is your turn, please post within 7 days of the latest post.
  • Communicate OOC! If you have a great idea, pitch it to your thread partners, and if they pitch one to you, think about ways to implement it.
  • If you need to take an extended break and won’t be able to post, just let the admins know! They’ll figure out an IC way to justify your character’s absence - don’t stress out about it.
  • Worthy players - remember that you’re driving the action. Make as many problems for the heroes as you can. With a little creativity, you’ll probably find you can make a lot more than they can solve.
  • Remember the Worthy don’t need to be killed or defeated necessarily - just delayed, held off, or otherwise stalemated. You might not even be able to beat some of them with the resources available.
  • Finally, the golden rule of WGP: have fun, and make the people you’re playing with look as cool as possible. They’ll do the same for you, so everybody wins!
Posted: Jun 11 2018, 05:38 PM
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