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Alias: Sebi
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Jan 5 2018, 04:31 PM

It builds up and coalesces, sneaking past the soft places and unbreakable bones to hold him by the throat, this burning fury at nebulous nightmares that bleed and at extremist bullshit that runs over October like a permanent scar. Churning underneath the surface with primal resolve, so much tension permeating the skin stretched thin over white knuckles, and the urge to hunt down those stupid bastards and cut them open from navel to sternum flares up, like embers that lack of resolution―retribution keeps stoked and burning hot.

One of the problems of being on the side of better angels, he reckons; not that it always stops him, stalls the hand and claws that exact just vengeance, but this one cuts too close. Can't be making a mess and leaving bloodied footsteps that lead right to their doorstep here in civilized Westchester, after all. ( And there's that so-full-of-shit justification rearing its head again, this belief that you're taking it upon yourself to trudge through gore and guts so good folks at Xavier's never would, because someone has to. )

The inaction aggravates, still, even after countless holographic opponents destroyed in Danger Room and some faces rearranged in seedy watering holes that good people give a wide berth, running through his demeanor in palpable ways that make most keep distance. ( Healthy dose of caution that never hurts, even if he'd be damned before he hurt any of them, giving him some hope for these kids' survival instinct after all. ) Most, but not everyone, and her scent wafts over past the smells universal to garages everywhere.

"Ain't much for a company right now, Red," he says, tries not to grind those words between the teeth like shattered glass, but some of the edge persists―there from underneath the car he's tinkering with, nothing but jeans and boots in sight as he's in no hurry to slide out from under it.

Dec 19 2017, 04:58 PM

Logan has been many things throughout his long life. A soldier, government operative, samurai, husband, a killer, a hero. He's a complex and layered individual, but the first impressions of him are usually one dimensional. Hair-triggered badass, arrogant and closed-off pessimist, ruthless, more animal than man, it's his signature and certainly what he is and can be. But beneath that hardened and paranoid shell is a selfless and heroic heart, a person of surprising depth, and those who manage to slip past his defensive lines and earn his trust will find a fiercely protective and loyal friend in him ― and those connections are the source of Logan's greatest strength and weakness.

Despite having been with the X-Men for quite some while, he still has an inclination to run on pure instinct because he trusts them more than most things in life; yet however irrational those actions might seem to others, he proves to be a man who generally knows what he's doing, and any good leader would know to keep Wolverine on a very long leash.

FREINDS // Although not always an easiest person to get along with, sometimes utterly unapproachable even to those he keeps close to his heart, he can be fairly easy going when caught on a good day, good-natured when joking with his friends. He's a perfect drinking buddy, a good listener and advice giver who won't sugarcoat things, and he can be quite charming when he wants to be.

ENEMIES // The government, anyone who's hurt those he cares for. He doesn't see the world as black and white, so someone being pro-Accords won't automatically make them an enemy, but their actions might.

LOVERS // Single and sort of damned. He does crave human contact and connection, but women who get close to him tend to get hurt, which is why he mostly engages in one night stands with no strings attached on either side. I wouldn't be against exploring a genuine relationship with some discussion and build up though.

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