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Yesterday at 04:57 pm

"C'mon, it landed that way!"

Temperatures were subzero and wind speeds were at least 25 mph with near zero visibility, but Steve trudged on anyway, bent over with his arms over his head to shield himself against the cold. The snow was almost to his waist, but it cleared off when they reached a major intersection. The storm had buried everything from trash cans to postboxes to parked cars in snow, turning them into irregular white bumps along the sides of the road. Soon as he was able, Steve broke off into a sprint, his boots casting deep tracks into the soft ground.

If Steve's sense of direction was correct, they were in the Bronx area; the strange aircraft had fallen east of them, at least as far as the river and maybe even into Jersey. Steve couldn't place the type or make of the vehicle, so the only way to find out what it was, was to chase it--even if it was in the middle of the worst winter storm in New York history.

Still, this wasn't the worst welcome back party he could have come back to. At least they weren't pointing guns at him. Not yet.

"Keep up, soldier!" Steve called easily, throwing a glance over his shoulder to make sure his friend wasn't falling too far behind. He'd reached another intersection and raised his arm to tap the snow off the street sign. Good, Tremont. If they kept following that road, they'd eventually find their way to the bridge--

"Help! Help, please, somebody! Help!"

The cry was nearly lost in the howling of the storm, but Steve heard it nonetheless. He stopped in his tracks and shot an inquiring look at Bucky, silently asking him if he'd heard the same thing.

@BUCKY BARNES | Hope this is okay, let me know if anything needs to be changed. Feel free to make stuff up!

Jan 12 2018, 01:49 AM
Saw the news. How is she?

Jan 12 2018, 01:44 AM


Upon the introduction of the Sokovia Accords and the conflict regarding who controlled the Avengers, the team was split into two. While Tony Stark leads what remains of the official Avengers, the former members have scattered across the world in order to both evade capture and do right in their own way.

The Secret Avengers isn't really an organised group yet--they've been more like dudes and dudettes doing their own thing and maintaining relatively regular contact with each other (or not, up to you). Their paths may, however, eventually converge back in New York, to combat the growing threats that plague their beloved city. After all, there's no place like home.

Currently (as of Jan 2018):
  • Steve Rogers has been based mainly in Wakanda and Sokovia, but will soon return to NYC in light of the new regulations made against the enhanced and his own alleged sighting alongside the Hulk. He maintains regular contact with the other Secret Avengers under the alias 'Nomad'.
  • Statuses to be added.
Given the sporadic-ness of the group, feel free to post where/what your character's been doing, to keep ourselves vaguely organised aha.

Bucky Barnes
Clint Barton
Sharon Carter
Wanda Maximoff
Steve Rogers
Sam Wilson
Jan 11 2018, 11:59 PM

When the destruction of Novi Grad in 2015 left thousands dead and over two hundred thousand people homeless, it wasn't just about grieving the lost and finding the survivors new homes. In a country that barely covered 7,000 square miles and had lost a sizeable chunk of that within minutes, there just wasn't enough space to house accommodate everyone. For the first few months, the government turned anything with four walls and a roof--schools, community centres, even parkades--into makeshift residences, but the solution was only a temporary one. The relief funds and support from other countries weren't enough to mend what had been destroyed, and eventually, thousands of Sokovians found themselves homeless on the streets.

With loss comes desperation, and with desperation, crime. Ever since Ultron, Sokovia law enforcement had had to deal with an over tenfold increase in crime rate, the highest in all its history. Some lawbreakers were genuinely desperate, doing just enough to scrape by; others, like organised gangs, saw the outnumbered officers and downtrodden souls as a chance to further their profits.

The latter, who were exploiting an already fragile country and hurting it for their own gain, were the ones Steve went after.

Today, he and Sam were tracking down a few members who were believed to be part of a Sokovian drug cartel; a substance nicknamed 'sentries' (named in poor taste, in Steve's opinion) had recently plagued the nation's more destitute citizens, and was believed to be the cause of erratic crimes that dogged the poorest neighbourhoods. The crimes were mostly small-time, but the last one had escalated unexpectedly, claiming the lives of two police officers.

That was as bad as it was ever going to get, if Steve had anything to say about it.

January 2018, Sokovia. Noon.

"Right there, see him? Grey jacket, red shirt, black baseball cap." Steve pointed from his perch on the roof of a three-storey apartment building. It was located along one of the main streets of Sokovia, and, as Steve had deduced after a few days of surveillance, the site of a drug drop-off. He watched for a few seconds more as the target cautiously reached into a potted plant and extracted a manila folder that looked suspiciously bulky--about €10,000 bulky, by Steve's estimates.

"Well, that's my cue," said Steve lightly, and leapt off, bounding gracefully from window ledges to hanging planters until he finally reached the ground. His impressive feat of acrobatics did not go unnoticed by the target, who'd watched, agape, until he realised that the focus of Steve's attention was him.

While Steve's new, grungy appearance might not scream Captain America, it certainly screamed trouble.

"You think one day they'll learn to stop running?" said Steve as he broke into an easy sprint, casually dodging the airborne patio chairs and falling bicycles that were meant to deter him. Into his commlink (provided generously by the Wakandans), he called, "Last one to catch him buys lunch!"

@SAM WILSON | Let me know if anything needs to be changed! The wings might be too flashy and identifiable to bring out in public, but if you think it can work for the thread, go for it! Also I have no plan for what happens next, so feel free to make stuff up aha. (Picture is of Aosta, which was the city used for filming Sokovia scenes.)
Jan 6 2018, 03:14 PM

Oh look it's Steve's beard.

Okay, so basically, Steve's been based in Wakanda since Civil War, but he's been working around the world (less so in the US because war criminal and all), helping out where he can while keeping a low profile (the beard helps obviously). However, there are a couple of recent events that have caught his attention and has him convinced that the world's gone to shit:

  • the Registration Act and the new trackers (tf is Tony doing)
  • the mess that was the Stark Expo attack (flying cars still aren't a thing?)
  • the Hulk smashing in Long Island (Steve swears he wasn't there but apparently he was sighted at the scene and now it's all his fault--what else is new)
He'll most likely have maintained some contact with other Secret Avengers, under the alias 'Nomad' in case the authorities are tracing calls.

All plot ideas are welcome, so if you've got any ideas with Steve, throw them at me! Also let me know if you've had plots with past Steves that you'd like to continue and we'll work something out.
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