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Jan 11 2018, 07:03 PM

the basics

FULL NAME: Natalia Alianovna Romanova.
AKA: Black Widow.
DOB: November 22, 1928.
POB: Stalingrad, Russia.
POR: Somewhere, never in the same place for long.
OCCUPATION: Spy on the run.
NATIONALITY: Russian, American naturalized.
FACE CLAIM: Scarlett Johansson.

case file


Olympic-class Athlete : Trained as if she was going to become a ballerina, Natasha reached a level of agility and flexibility worthy of an Olympic champion. Truly mistress of her own body, she is able to perform perilous manoeuvres and gestures with a breathtaking naturalness. Her mastery is worthy of the greatest gymnasts and acrobats.

Master Martial Artist : With many years of experience in the field and in training rooms, Natasha masters a wide range of martial arts, including sambo, boxing, karate, judo, aikido, ninjutsu, savate, muay thai and multiple styles of kung fu. She is able to fight with this grace of her own, as deadly as she is hypnotizing when she defeats an opponent.

Expert Markswoman : Firearms seem to have no secrets from Natasha. She knows them as if she had created them, she masters them and knows how to use them. Regardless of size or caliber, Natasha is able to hit her target without giving herself too much trouble.

Serum : It was supposed to be a gift from the Red Room, something to help her in her missions for the mother country. And it did. Even if it wasn’t as effective as Captain America’s Serum, hers was still usefull. Providing her with enhanced strength, speed and stamina, increasing all of the abilities she’d already have. As well, Natasha is healing at an above average human rate. It helped with her mental resistance too, allowing her to withstand tortures far better than someone without that serum. This biotechnology is reinforcing her immune system, aging, diseases and some soft poisons are no threat for her.

Toughfull Spy : The result of many training sessions and years of experience make her a perfect spy. Natasha’s able to identify threats, targets and other informations quite easily and to respond rapidly in case on situations. That make her an effective tactitian and strategist when needed, all that sharpened by years on the field. Highly manipulative, Natasha knows how to seduce and how to use her body, too fulfil her missions. With that, she’s a master interrogator, knowing perfectly how to make people talk, with and without violence. We can add her abilities in stealth, disguise, infiltration and, of course, basic espionage.

Master Assassin : Her previous skills are a good way to improve those in assassination. While it was one of her main tasks during her time in Russia, the redhead still retains a point of honour to kill only when absolutely necessary.

Multilingualism : That was a part of the training, being able to be usefull everywhere in the world, to have the ability to blend easily into the mass. For this reason, Natasha is able to speak a lot of languages such as Russian, English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, and various others.

Talented Hacker : Evolving with his time and technologies, Romanoff can boast of knowing how to hack into a computer without too much trouble. Reduce to almost nothing the security systems, find some information, all that remains at her height. Surely she will encounter more difficulties with more advanced programs, developed by real specialists.

Pilot : Not the best in the field, she still knows how to take off and land a aircraft. Also, some simple manoeuvres will remain at her height.


Pheromones : It was a way to secure the Red Room’s trainers. Something that would prevent the trainees to rebel and attack them. A failsafe that became very usefull when the little Widows started to gain abilities and became lethal. Natasha’s unable to attack anyone who’s wearing the pheromones, even if she puts all her will into it. She was able to break their hold on her only one time, as the user did the mistake to break her nose.

Still Human : Even with all the training and enhancement, Romanoff is not flawless. She’s not immune against bullets or blades. A bullet through the heart or through the head would still be lethal for her. As well, she developped some apprehension with all these magic things, she knows she can’t fight that, she’s never been trained for that and she has to adapt, not even sure if she could get used to feel so helpless.

Sterilized : Having a baby is impossible for the Widow, it’s one of the effect of her serum. Indeed, a fœtus would be considered as a threat for her own body and wont waste time to kill it. While trying to prove to herself that she could be human, that she could be normal. She’s not the type of women who would want a child, it’s too dangerous but knowing that the serum makes her unable to bear a child got some bad psychological effects on her. How could she ever reach normality now ?

Red Ledgers : While working for KGB, she did bad things. Like, really bad things. Things that she regrets now and that she’s trying to repay, giving her time, ready to give her life too, just to clean her ledgers. Feeling guilty almost all the time, and now without the Avengers to save anything, she’s still trying to make some good around her. Yet, only God knows how much it will cost her to try and make amends.

Uncertain : After first joining the Avengers, and even before with Barton, gaining their trust was something more than significant for her. Not because of improper reasons, but because she needed it to really feel comfortable with them. Of course, she did her best to hide it. But now that the Avengers are split, now that she’s alone, she’s not sure of what to do. The fear to do something wrong always here even without them around her. Maybe her worst choice was to choose a side. Maybe she should have go with Rogers and not Stark. Maybe she should have stay with Stark. Now Natasha is full of uncertainty, trying to find the right thing to do.


She hadn't grown up with parents, brothers or sisters. She hadn't played with dolls or at any other games for children either. Instead, she had had instructors, comrades. Even as a child, Natalia wasn't crying about it, though. You can't really mourn the loss of something you didn't know after all. And because at that time, she only knew the Red Room and that everything was done to make it seem normal, almost right, for the good cause in the eyes of young recruits.

Ivan Petrovich was the one who took young Natalia to Department X and the Red Room. She was young, probably one of the youngest in the program. The soldier had taken her out of the burning building where her parents had perished, while he was initially looking for her sister who should have been there too. It didn't take long after she was rescued to be placed with 27 other orphans; the Black Widow Program was launched.

Cut off from the outside world, the emphasis was solely on training. Constantly ranked and evaluated, only the results counted. It was strict, it was rough. After a while and after the orphans had begun to develop their skills, the decision was made to implant false memories in the girls' brains. The 28 orphans of the Programme had become 28 future Bolshoi ballerinas. In their minds, anyway. Under the sharp eye of Lyudmila Kudrin, the young students evolved, thinking about developing their dance skills. However, espionage, infiltration, combat and weapons handling were on the menu. Trained to manipulate without any scruples, nothing was left to chance. They continued to modify the memories of the young widows, using various methods such as pheromones to preserve themselves from potential rebellion, making themselves untouchable as they became fearsome. In any case, no matter what memories were implanted or what they did, the glory of the Motherland always came first. During all these years, Natalia had never failed to stand out despite a difficult start. Her results turned out to be more than satisfactory, so that she was able to distinguish herself from other young women. Ivan had never really removed his inquisitive gaze from the redhead, closely following his progress, sometimes even more so than with others. The slightest mistake had to be paid, pushing the Widow upwards, inviting her to break new records every day.

Although it had taken a different turn when the Winter Soldier was assigned to it, the training was never really finished. At his side, the young Russian girl kept improving again and again. The missions to which she was assigned were generally accomplished with a seriousness and almost frightening dedication. But while at the bend of a training, the two were getting dangerously close, playing with fire and against the will of Department X. The assets weren't supposed to get so familiar with each other. They weren't supposed to like each other. They weren't supposed to love each other. These assets weren't supposed to ever feel things such as love. And despite all the precautions taken, despite all the means put in place by James and Natalia, their superiors ended up discovering the relationship shared by their killing machines. Because they weren't much more than that after all.

So then both lovers were punished. Natalia's memory was again altered, erasing James' presence from her memories. Russian intelligence couldn't afford to lose two of their best assets to a love affair. While one was back in the cryogenics chamber waiting for his skills to be required again, the other was also put aside, though differently. Her reprogramming made Natalia a ballerina, just as she thought she was when she was young. As for a long time now, her whole life was controlled and the slightest deviation was never tolerated. The KGB had an eye on her. As it had on Alexei Shostakov when he married the dancer. Alexei was a test pilot, talented and loyal. Natalia's love for this man had been handed over with her new memories, as he was the perfect cover for a KGB sleeper, waiting to be reactivated to serve the organization again. It was all a huge illusion, a means of rehabilitating an asset.

And when the news of her husband's death fell, the widow did not hesitate, revealing her desire to honour the memory of her late husband, to show herself worthy of him. Of course, her reaction was anticipated, calculated in advance. The KGB had recovered its asset, the latter motivated by a fictitious loss. Some missions followed one another on American territory, Natalia accomplished them without blinking, giving everything she had. No mission was too difficult for the Red Room's best product, no mission was too bloody for her. With most of her memories removed, she was back among the most effective spies of the KGB.

No one expected Black Widow to be compromised again. They had imagined her and shaped her flawlessly. A perfect creation with the sole aim of serving the mother country. And yet, as some memories began to return, the Russian woman had begun to doubt. It showed nothing of it, always carrying out the assigned missions with mortal precision. But Natalia was secretly questioning herself. And the intervention of Clint Barton, originally sent to put an end to her actions, marked a crucial turning point in the spy's life. Tired of all of this, she had let him approach, giving him the opportunity to accomplish his mission. He did not do anything about it, offering to join him and the SHIELD. The only thing she knows for sure at the time was that it could never be worse than it currently was. So she had seized this opportunity, keeping the false hope of redeeming herself a conscience.

Being affiliated with SHIELD differed greatly from what she had always known. She was always an agent, always obeyed orders, always carried out her missions with care. But there was something different. Like a wind of freedom. Her life and decisions were no longer entirely dependent on her employers. It took some time to gain Nick Fury's confidence, but the STRIKE Team Delta proved its worth. Within SHIELD, Natalia -now called Natasha by her entourage- saw a chance to finally do something really right, without indoctrination or other games with her memory to ensure her loyalty. Many of the missions had already been successfully completed despite a few failures and many situations, sometimes perilous and with uncertain outcomes. One of them ended up meeting her late husband. It was painful, it revived memories that she had preferred to leave aside. So much so that his relationship with Clint did not remain intact. Nevertheless, the agents remained close to each other, still functioning as well as a duo.

Natalia was more and more involved in single-handed missions, the absence of her teammate made the whole thing strange. Years of collaboration were not easily erased. But this did not prevent her from completing the tasks entrusted to her. Ready to protect from her body those over whom she had to watch. So she faced the Winter Soldier again. With the remembrance of her relationship with him, she had faced him. And even with her best efforts, the asset still ended up completing his mission by firing through the woman's body, killing the engineer behind her. It was painful, being shot by the man she once loved, being shot by a man she tought dead. And then she tried to find him again. Save him maybe. But all in vain.

New events, new problems. At Nick Fury's request, Natalia infiltrated Stark Industries under the alias Natalie Rushman. The objective was to evaluate the billionaire, to make a decision on his possible integration into the Avengers Initiative. All the while ensuring Anthony Stark's overall condition. The man had managed to pull himself together, but the officer's report was not as positive. Two years later, during the Loki attack, the billionaire managed to prove that the redhead was wrong. And Natasha, like the others, was marked by the events. From her face-to-face with Loki to Clint's disappearance and the creation of a new team. After that, the Black Widow spent some time working alongside Steve Rogers, notably for the SHIELD. Which turned out to be gangreneed by HYDRA's agents. A second encounter with James Barnes again left a trace, a new scar of a man she couldn't save. Natalia fought Ultron and his robot army alongside the Avengers, assembled once again to face a global crisis. Like her encounter with Loki, the one with Scarlett Witch had a similar effect on the redhead, which took some time to recover.

Everything changed with the implementation of the Sokovian Accords, while the team was split in two, she remained with Stark, fighting alongside him. But everything sounded wrong, acting for one side was acting against the other. Distanced from conflicts, she could only watch her friends fight, watch the Avengers tear each other more and more. She had signed the agreements, but it didn't take much to understand the real issues and to change sides, becoming a criminal in the eyes of the law.

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