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Oct 24 2017, 12:28 AM

What was Tony doing?

Suddenly, the hot spotlight was on her and blinding her, and it took all of Pepper's willpower not to scowl as she instead plastered on a semi-convincing smile, all while shifting her squinting eyes to glare at the man presently on stage. Improvisation was not Tony's strong suit, particularly because he had a tendency to--

Oh, God. Was he on his knee? Suddenly, Pepper wished she was telepathic, so she could mind control his sorry ass off stage before he could embarrass himself--and her--any further. There was no doubt in her mind that Tony thought this was a terribly romantic gesture, proposing to her in front of thousands of people and possibly to the hundreds of millions who were live-streaming the event from across the globe. Except Pepper had never been one for acts of grandeur, especially when they involved her. One would think that after almost ten years, Tony would have understood that, but clearly--

Get up, she hissed at him, or, at least, would have, if half the cameras weren't focused on her (the other half was still on Tony, who was still on his knee). Under the circumstances, she could only manage shooting him The Look, which roughly translated to 'I don't know what you're doing or thinking but whatever it is, stop it now'.

An explosion sounding in the distance caused Pepper to turn her head for a moment, before fixing her eyes back on Tony with another Look, this one meaning 'what the hell did you just do'--

Which Tony replied, verbally, that he'd nothing to do with it. Given the situation, Pepper might have doubted that, except the onslaught of shattered glass that followed was too reckless, even for him; he'd never jeopardise the safety of their guests. As Pepper dove for cover, she shouted into her radio requesting security back-up. She lifted her head a fraction, just in time to see masked and armed men storming through the audience, their weapons pointed at the now destroyed ceiling.

Her eyes searched for the man who, just thirty seconds ago, she'd wanted to strangle, scream at, and kiss all at the same time.


@TONY STARK @T'CHALLA UDAKU | hope this works!

Oct 23 2017, 11:52 PM

Central Park was a nice place to go running. It was certainly big enough to get lost in, and there were so many paths that no run was ever the same--a kind of choose-your-own-adventure deal. It was especially beautiful now, with rows of strong maples painted in shades of red and amber. The leaves were strewn across the concrete path like fiery confetti, except when Pepper's fluorescent trainers disturbed them and sent them flying a few inches into the air. The cool breeze wicked away her perspiration with an efficiency that the sticky summer air did not. Pepper felt like she could run faster, farther--so she had.

She'd finished about twelve miles when she decided to call it a day, slowing to a walk as she exited the park, heading towards a gym a few blocks away. She had a membership there, and while she didn't utilise its facilities as much as she should, it was convenient to have a place in the middle of the city where she could take a shower and get changed.

They also gave out complimentary coconut water. Granted, Pepper didn't particularly care for the beverage, but the penny-pincher in her always grabbed a couple of boxes whenever she was at the gym. If nothing else, she felt healthier when she drank it--right before she reached for actual water just to wash the weird taste out of her mouth.

It was this train of thought that Pepper followed as she stepped onto the street. Still a little exhilarated from her run, she waited absently at the intersection until clickclickclickclick the walk sign was on and people began to move. Taking the cues of those around her, Pepper followed them blindly, without actually checking to see if the street was clear. As a result, she didn't notice that anything was amiss, not until the screams of others prompted her to look around and fixate on a bright yellow taxi cab barrelling her way. She tried to move, but her exhaustion had finally kicked in and her feet suddenly felt like lead.

What she wouldn't give for a pair of thrusters now.

@WANDA MAXIMOFF | hope it's okay! Let me know if anything needs changing <3

Sep 14 2017, 11:30 PM

Heeere's Pepper! Current CEO of Stark Industries and multitasking queen. She spends most of her time trying to keep Stark Industries from collapsing into itself like a black hole. She used to be afflicted with Extremis until Tony Stark stabilised her and removed her symptoms, though it hasn't quite worked since a few of her powers have lowkey resurfaced recently.

Friends: Pepper's pretty friendly, and makes a point of remembering people's faces, names, and details that they share with her. She tries to be on good terms with most people and is the type to put her friends before herself. She's also a very thoughtful gift-giver, and true story, gives the best Christmas and birthday presents.

Enemies: While Pepper tries not to make enemies, being associated with Tony Stark and Stark Industries has and probably will continue to make her a target. Tougher than she looks, Pepper is an effective CEO and firmly stands by her company and the decisions she makes.

Lovers: She and Tony got back together sometime between Civil War and Homecoming. There's always opportunity for past relationships, but present-wise, she's pretty committed to Tony. Could a wedding soon be on its way? Maybe, but not until after the upcoming Stark Expo--she can only handle so many Stark-ccentric events at once.

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