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Today at 05:20 am

Clint cursed under his breath as he tried to adjust the heat. It was cold, dam cold. Why didn't places like these have fireplaces. He pulled the blanket around him tighter as he moved around the room. Lucky was bundled up in blankets. Clint looked back at Barney, "Futzin cold. I think the power's off. The heat stopped." He leaned on the counter, reaching for the pot of now cold coffee. Taking a sip he leaned back.

"To futzing cold. I hooked up a generator on the roof, for times like this. Just need to turn it on. Are you getting any signal on your phone? Have you gotten any messages from Kate?" Clint shrugged off the blanket and moved up the stairs to his bed. He came down a few minutes later wearing his bright winter jacket and toque. He tossed a two way radio at Barney and moved towards the door. He stopped and reached for his quiver. Better to be safe than sorry.

"Stay on the line. Let me know when the lights are back on or whatever." He smiled as he moved to the roof access. Opening the door he had to throw his shoulder in to it, it was frozen, barely budging. Once he did though he was shoved outside into the cold. The air hit his face, like daggers against the skin. Raising his arm he covered his face. Stumbling forward he came down to the generator.

Reaching for the walked talkie he pressed the button to talk. "Yeah I don't think the generator is going to works, its frozen solid. Don't think it's going to run anytime soon." He stepped back, moving back to the roof acecess, closing the door behind him. "We're going to need something to keep warm. Not just us, everyone here. There's a hardware store down the street. I'm going to head out and see what's there. Maybe they have some sort of heater device or something. Stay on the line, I'll keep you updated."

Moving down the steps Clint reached the front of the apartment. Tucking the radio in his pocket and securing the quiver strap he stepped out the door. The cold hit him but he kept going, heading towards the hardware store. It was hard to see, he could barely see anything. The snow hit hard and he had to stop every so often catch his breath. He could feel his body getting colder and colder as he went.

Coming to the hardware store he could hear yelling, the sound of glass breaking. Getting low Clint pressed himself up agaisnt a car. In front of the hardware store were a group in snow suits, they had crowbars and baseballs bats. All of them wore ski masks and one was smashing the glass in the front window. With the power out for most of Brooklyn the alarms weren't going off.

Clint wasn't concerned about them looting, afterall he was here to do the same thing. Right now he just needed what was in there to keep his building warm. People were depending on him.

@CHARLES BARTON | Open, small group of looters. Main focus of the thread will be more on keeping people warm, fed, and safe.

Jan 4 2018, 10:02 PM

Clint liked to check up on those he cared about. He texted his team, checked in with Wanda, Nat, and Sharon all he could. He had a lot on his mind. Coming across those on his team, New and old, they set something in perspective. He needed to choose where to go, what to do. Doing nothing wasn't helping anyone, and he needed to either stay in the shadows like Steve and Nat. Or he needed to join back up with Tony and Thor. Either way he needed to do something.

Coming to Kate's house of residence he stopped. It was dark, night time. He checked his phone for any message, any notification that Kate was out doing something else. Knowing she was gone he climbed to the roof and slipped in an open window. Twirling the bow he set it on the bed, the not visible.

"Figured Hawkeye needs the bow"

It took some digging but he was able to recover it. It wasn't just any bow, it was the bow. The one used in the New York Incident, the one used in sokovia. It fit that a Hawkeye should be using it. He sure wasn't right now. Not dressed as a ninja, mask on his face. Right now he was using a sword, and shurikens. Kate would get better use out of this. If he needed another, he could get one. He didn't my think he would be needing one though.

Clint knew the house to be empty, as he moved out in the hall though he could hear a noise coming from the level below. Flipping over the bannister he landed down in front of the last person he expected to see. Barney Barton, his brother. Clint acted instantly. He drew his short sword and pressed it to the man's neck. Pushing him back he forced him up agaisnt the wall.

The voice modulator on his neck activated as he spoke. "Why are you here. You don't belong here. Why are you here." He slammed his fist into the wall beside the man. He didn't need his brother around. After all these years he shows up now, why. What did he want? What did he have to gain. What good would come from this. He would just Kate in trouble. Clint wouldn't allow that.

"Why are you back in the city. Why are you with her here." There was anger in his voice. He wanted answers.


Jan 3 2018, 03:40 AM

Clint checked his burner phone, tapping his finger against the side as he did. He had came into contact with Wanda the last few days. The typical check in he did with anyone who would answer. Responding to messages through secure lines and safe channels. For him it was normal, spy work never changed it.

He didn't know why Wanda was in New York, but he knew if she was they had to get together. So he set up a place to meet. A small diner in Brooklyn. He knew the people who worked it, the son of the owner living in his apartment. He would be lying if he said he didn't eat one to many meals here. But having pulls meant he could have it closed down, at least for the day. A favour for helping them out with a few things. He would pay though. Some how. But at least it was quiet. Not that it was ever overly busy. It would just be safer this way.

Lucky sat by his feet, laying down now that no one was passing. Clint reached down to scratch his one eyed dog behind the ear. A smile sat on his face. "We'll eat soon boy. Don't worry." He leaned up against the diner, his hand went to the back of his neck as he sent out a text.

Hey, I'm out front. Ready to eat when you are

Letting out a sigh he tucked the phone away. He hoped nothing was wrong. Maybe he should call. She was probably just running late, being careful. He didn't blame her. This was a risk. Two of them in one place. But it would be worth it in the end. They needed to keep in touch and update each other. Had to fight this, or at least get over it.

Clint pushed off the wall. He looked around, wondering if she was watching. He didn't exactly blend in. A bright red jacket, toque on his head. He rubbed the scruffy beard on his face and let out another sigh. Maybe he should just go in and eat, watch from the window. At least have some coffee.

Lucky sat up and Clint nodded. "Alright lets go. Inside where it's warm."

@WANDA MAXIMOFF | hopefully this works

Dec 12 2017, 02:33 AM

Clint darted through the trees, running as he did. He weaved among them people fleeing in the opposite direction. A roar erupted through the trees and Clint made sure the mask he wore was tightly around his face. He had his swords on his back, one long one short. A belt of shurikens were nestled tightly. He moved toward the sound, his booted feet running a lung the fresh snow and dead leaves.

The police radio has listened a disturbance. But it was still early into a call. It would be a while before the police arrived. They'd shut down exits and deal with it then. Clint came to a clearing and ducked low behind a tree, dressed in all black he blended in with the shadows of the dark sky. Out ahead he could see the source of the large roars.

Out before in a small clearing was a bear. It stood thirteen feet tall on its back legs, letting out another roar. The beast covered in a mixture of fur and scales. It hard large green pustules showing beneath the skin, in clumps. This matched the green in it's eyes. Clint followed the eyes to the mouth, two large rows of teeth lined it. Snarling and drooling. He shook his head, this was a lot different than thugs, but should be nothing he could handle. Right now he was really wishing for his bow.

Rushing forward he drew his short sword. Sliding underneath the beast's legs as it came down he tried to cut the underbelly. It didn't budge, didn't cut. The blade barely made a scratch. The bear dropped down on all four legs and turned quickly on the man. Clint rolled out of the way just in time for it to come down with its front paws. It swatted and pawed at him, but Clint rolled and dodged as it did.

Moving back Clint got to his feet. He tried to run but the bear was faster. Moving past him and skidded to a stop and let out a roar. Clint stopped in his tracks and started to back peddle, reaching for his shurikens. Grabbing three he stuck them between his gloved fingers and launched them at the beast. They bounced off but it was enough to stop it from attacking. Clint just had to get close with his blade, this was the only way.

He was in way over his head. Some kind of mutant bear with claws and teeth. He had swords and nothing seemed to hurt it. He needed backup, but he couldn't exactly call Wanda or Sam. Hell he couldn't call anyone, his phone was at home. But this was well above what he could do. But he couldn't leave, and he couldn't let it leave the park. Very least he could preoccupy it till someone else showed up and then flee the scene.

What he wouldn't give for Tony or Rhodey right now. Hell even Scott going big would be better than flicking rocks at it. He was going to die

@THOR ODINSON | Clint is in his Ronin gear, just letting you know //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/smile.gif

Dec 7 2017, 02:58 AM

Clint sat up on top a towering apartment complex. He looked across at another. It was high, he looked down and could barely make upmthe people below. This was a terrible idea. Roughly two streets, across and the wind. He was going to miss, there was no way he was going to make it. Taking a deep breath he let go of the string of his bow, sending the arrows sailing across to the balcony the opposite way. Once it hit he tightened the rope and attached it on his end. Great now he just had to cross.

Setting the bow down he climbed up on the edge of the building. Pulling the mask down he wiped the lenses of the mask. Making sure his swords and gear were attached he set off across the rope. It took a while but eventually he was across. Taking the arrow he shot, he broke it at the tip. Letting the rope fall he looked back at the apartment behind him. It was someone else's problem now. The city would get it, or their landlord. He'd get it for his tenants.

Moving to the door of the apartment he got low. Taking his lockpick set from his belt he began to pick the lock. Opening the door he climbed in, moving across the floor and into the centre of the house, it was late, the lights were off. In the dark he blended in, sticking to corners and shadows. His ears followed the sound of music coming from a living room.

Reaching the living room he stopped. He looked over the man on the couch. "You doing okay? Place isn't as bad as I was expecting. I pictured more empty pizza boxes and take out containers." There was no point of hiding. Mostly likely he was already known. He moved over infront of the man, his mask still on. Slowly he pulled it up so it just sat around the top of his head like a beanie.

"I heard about Pepper man, I'm sorry. Figured you'd want someone to talk to. Someone other than Happy." He motioned around the room, "I'm not gonna have to worry about SHIELD or the task force swooping in am I? I'm just here as a friend tonight. Not asking for anyone."

Walking to the bar he grabbed a bottle from the counter and two empty glasses. Pouring one for himself he sipped it as he poured the other. Coming back to the couch he set one on the coffee table and took a seat in an open chair. "What are they saying? They think it's serious?" He looked at the man across from him, he didn't want trouble tonight. He just knew what it was like, what he was going through. Maybe not exactly, but if anyone would understand more than the others, it was him. Vision, Rhodes, whoever else he had on the team. They didn't have someone taking a big risk like they had. Taking a risk becuase you couldn't decide between you heart and playing hero. It wasn't the same, but it was close.

Let's just hope he was leaving this place by his own choosing not because he was being hauled out by agents with guns. Either way he was leaving with a drink in his stomach.


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