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Jan 14 2018, 04:55 PM

After being shot, choked, and some of the smaller bones in his wings being broken (maybe some other things too, but those were the highlights), it had taken a while for Warren to feel like flying again. Sure, he flew at the Expo (with Mary’s shirt wrapped around his head, it was strange), but he hadn’t really flown just for fun. For him. After the incident at the Expo, Warren started carrying his own mask with him at all times, just in case something came up. In case the wings had to come out. This evening, though, was one of those times when he was going to fly for fun.

With a deep breath, Warren put on his mask and regarded himself in the mirror. A loose button-up shirt (modified for his wings, of course, which were fluffed out behind him), jeans, and sneakers. Honestly, it felt good to fly barefoot and bare-chested sometimes, but this was not one of those times. He was feeling a little timid about letting himself really go. It wasn’t Mary’s fault that she had shot him and damaged his shoulder and his wings. In fact, he still hadn’t figured out who was to blame. But ever since, he hadn’t really wanted to get out there and fly for fun. What if something else happened? What if someone wanted the job finished and finished right this time?

He moved towards the balcony of his condo. Sure, he stayed at the mansion from time to time, but Warren still had this place. It was good for when he had early business meetings or just wanted to clear his head. Warren’s wings stretched out, fully extending from tip to tip. This was going to be fun. And with that, he dropped off the high rise and into the night air. It was cool against his wings, but it felt good. It felt like home. He soared for a while, looking for a flock of birds he could join in on, perhaps. His wings were, of course, fully healed by this point and it felt good to stretch them out again.

Warren did a few loops, spreading his wings wide and feeling the wind in his feathers before he realized he was being watched. Another damned drone. That Casey Neistat had better watch it because Warren was growing impatient and … wait. That wasn’t one of Casey’s drones. It had a completely different design to it. Sleeker, more aerodynamic. While his impulse would normally be to destroy it, he didn’t know how much the person on the other end had seen. At least with Casey, he knew who to give the money to. He didn’t know in this case.

And it was retreating. The person on the other end knew he had spotted it. Warren took chase, following the little drone back to wherever it came from …

@SAM WILSON | hope this is cool!

Nov 2 2017, 06:45 PM

Warren had been wrapped up in his own little world of late – what with his parents dying and taking over his father’s company – to really realize that an old friend of his was alive. Like most of the known world, Warren thought Danny Rand had died with his parents. Their plane was lost, no one was heard from again. But as Warren tried to settle in at Worthington Industries, he realized that that head of the Rand Corporation was doing much the same. Warren hadn’t seen Danny since … gosh, since before his mutation really developed. It had been quite a long time. And Warren was going to start making up for lost time – if their mutually busy schedules allowed.

So, here he was, making an appointment under an assumed name to get in to see his old friend. Warren wanted it to be a surprise. That, and the briefcase of candy he was carrying around. There was also a few other things in there, but the main takeaway was candy they had eaten like … fifteen years ago. Honestly, Warren had already packed away like three packages of Fun Dip. He had to stop himself, it was for Danny. As a joke. As if they were still kids. And not, you know, responsible adults who had blood sugar to worry about. Well, Danny did, not Warren. But that was too hard to explain to someone you hadn’t seen or heard from in … forever.

He took a breath and let it out slowly. The secretary was competent (like they all are) and confused when Warren arrived instead of whatever name he had given. After some back and forth (and bribery with candy), she finally bid him entrance into the CEO’s office. Not too shabby for a guy the news reporters called ‘the shoeless hippie leader of a millennial generation’ or whatever. “Hey Jerk,” he announced his presence as he stepped into the room after a brief knock (got to be somewhat polite, anyway). “Way to not let a guy know you’re alive,” Warren couldn’t hold the angry frown he managed for very long. He dropped the briefcase in a chair and stared at his old friend for a moment.

Wow, they had really both changed.

@DANNY RAND | let me know if it needs editing!

Oct 24 2017, 05:33 PM

Wakanda was a place not many knew about. At least, they didn’t know much. Until recently, anyway. And for Warren, that was especially true. Not only did he take over his father’s company (recently enough anyway), but he decided it was a good move to acquire an aeronautics company into the Worthington Industries family. Thankfully, the Board seemed thoroughly impressed that this kid could do such a thing. However, the new arm of the company needed some love and attention. Hence why Warren had been looking into alternative fuel sources for the planes.

After all, the poor birds needed to breathe up there in the atmosphere. And, you know, mutants with wings like himself. But he was able to sell the search for alternative fuels as not a way of wasting money, but rather a way of saving the environment. His father before him didn’t seem like the type to care too terribly much about the environment, rather his bottom line. But being conscious of your neighbors was a growing trend in recent years – especially after all the damage done by fallout from heroes saving the world with seemingly little regard for others in it.

This quest ultimately put him looking into Wakanda. At least, as far as he could. It took several calls, emails, and general paper-pushing before he was able to get a hold of someone willing to speak with him. Not only that, but he managed to arrange for the King of Wakanda himself to come to Manhattan so they could talk business. Warren felt more nervous about this meeting than he had any other. Why? He had no idea why. Maybe he was making too big of a splash? Surely other companies were entertaining the King, now that it seemed Wakanda might be coming onto the market as a place ready for trade negotiations.

He let out a deep breath he didn’t know he had been holding. Warren adjusted his tie, re-stacked the folders (which were already perfectly stacked), and continued to wait. Do you bow to a king? Certainly stand upon his entrance, of course. Maybe he should’ve read up more on language and custom? Or just stop being a nervous wreck. Warren would willingly fly into danger for his brothers and sisters but the idea of making some great business deal was giving him the flopsweats – almost. Thankfully, things had not gotten that bad.

Junior had the talent for this. Not him.

Hopefully, the king would be there soon. Warren wasn’t sure what the waiting period would be like for him. So, he had cleared his schedule with a thirty minute leeway and had been waiting at his desk. Trying to not freak out. This was just another normal day at the office, right?

@T'CHALLA UDAKU | hope this works

Oct 22 2017, 08:52 PM

Warren wanted to get a soft pretzel (and was planning on circling back later), but he had to make sure the aeronautics display was up and running properly. He had heard through the grapevine that not only was there a missing gadget, but one of the two employees who were supposed to be manning the booth was not there. Sure, he should have probably gotten security to track down both of those things, but it was going to be far more efficient if he checked it out himself to see what exactly was going on. Not that he knew exactly what was missing, because he was a CEO who was trying but didn’t know all of the products his company exactly had their hands in. Yeah.

There were smaller booths with other things going on, but the aeronautics branch of Worthington Industries was their largest and most newly acquired. Warren wanted to really showcase what was going on with them at this event, hence making sure they got a decent spot. And he also, of course, threw in his frozen yogurt branch into the event. They had a station near the pretzel cart, which was why he started craving a pretzel earlier, but first he had to see what was happening inside Pavilion I for himself.

As they neared the table, there was one very nervous looking employee talking to someone already. At least they were engaging folks, right? That was a positive. He hoped. The employee went at least three shades paler as their eyes locked briefly with Warren’s. While he never meant to cause fear in his employees, Warren had to admit it did feel briefly like a powerful moment between them. Maybe striking fear into his heart was the way to go? Because, after all, Warren wanted answers. Where was this missing piece of technology and where was this guy’s partner.

Because there were definitely supposed to be two people at the table.

Hopefully Mary would hold him back from yelling at the guy too much. Warren sashayed around the table and looked over the pieces – most of which he didn’t recognize anyway. Maybe he should? It was his idea to purchase this company and bring them into the Worthington family. Aeronautics, he explained to the board, was something of a hobby of his. Maybe he needed to get his pilot’s license to make that story seem more legit? Anyway.

“So, where’s your partner?” Warren asked the guy, still looking over the various sketches and things in the display and not making eye contact with the guy.

@SHARON CARTER | you can have that guy react to warren if you want. Also if you wanna react to anything else going on like evidently there was an explosion and fire breaking out at Pavilion I? Haha, fire. Yeah, Warren’s not a fan.

Oct 8 2017, 09:48 AM

Thank goodness his hair was growing back after the short hair fiasco. Today he was able to smooth it back a bit with a little product, try a new look. A look that didn’t need to involve a hat. He was intent on seeing what Mary thought of it. Sure, she had been there to see the hair recuperating after the horrible cut, but … honestly he wasn’t sure why he wanted to impress her anymore. It wasn’t like they could date each other. Not unless she quit on her own accord – which, for his sake, he hoped she didn’t do that.

Warren pulled on the jacket and headed up to the office. Today was going to be a good day. Even if he probably looked like he was in mourning because of the all-black outfit. Well, the shirt was white, but you know. He glanced down at his black sneakers. Maybe he needed to add some color to his ensemble? Eh, he was comfortable and that was what mattered here. The elevator doors parted and he entered with the three coffee cups – one for himself, one for his assistant, and one for his secretary. Was he supposed to be bringing them coffee? Probably not. Did he know how they actually took their coffee? Definitely not.

But he was trying here, okay?

Warren was a grown man and he could do things for himself. And for his friends. His little team of supporters kept him organized, on time, and looking sharp. He wanted to do something nice for them once in a while. As he entered the top floor office area, something felt … off. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was just something there. He shrugged it off and smiled at Mary, “Morning. I got you a coffee.” He pulled the one meant for her out of the little cardboard rig he was holding and held it out for her. “I hope its okay, I realized I didn’t know how either of you actually take your coffee. Or if you drink coffee …” What if they were both tea people? What if she hated the coffee? Well, he was trying.

@RAVEN DARKHOLME | obviously, it’s not mary, lolz

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