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Dec 22 2017, 05:29 PM

December 25th, 2017

The round shape was visible from quite a distance, already risen from out of the depths of the Atlantic Ocean as if a friendly greeting but for Tony, the sight was not welcoming. It was a reminder of what he had helped create and how torn he was between those he considered friends and what he deemed was doing the right thing. It wasn't an easy path to walk and it had never been but he was more than okay with that. He was even okay with them hating him. It was. and would always be, the necessary evil. The maze they had to go through to reach the other side.

Tony slipped orange-tinted glasses on as the chopper started to settle down for a landing on the top deck and wrestled with what he thought he was feeling. The UN had made it abundantly clear to him that in Bruce Banner's case there was nothing but the Raft to be considered when it came to the confinement, but Tony found himself questioning how it had even happened in the first place. He'd heard the news, had seen them too and had been given direct orders to stay out of it. His hands were tied. Doing what you considered right didn't always feel good.

It had taken a lot more than just asking, to be able to see the good doctor but he could only assume that it was because it was Christmas and nothing else. The trust the UN had placed in Tony Stark wasn't as solid as it once had been, especially not given the latest turn of events in his life. They could trust him to do the right thing, basically, it was just a question of when and how. Everything in between they appeared to consider uncertain, at best. He couldn't blame them.

Armed men followed him down below to the single cell on a level of its own, stripped him of every piece of technical equipment, including his glasses, earpiece and watch. He did so willingly. When the doors parted, Tony stepped inside the fortified room, sleeves of his shirt rolled up and a white styrofoam box between his hands. The steps he took after the doors slid closed echoed lightly, in similarity to how he felt. One after another, they were stripped from his life and there was no one to blame, not really. Except himself.

"Happy Hanukkah."

Dec 6 2017, 06:16 PM

He always had the solution.

Tony couldn't claim his life to have been a series of unexpected struggles that rested above everyone else's. They might have been more publicly known but he couldn't claim them to be better, or worse for that matter. His inability to properly deal with such matters though, that was something that had always remained the same. It was easy really, all you had to do was to keep strolling along and eventually you'd found that whatever you tried to bury, would erupt. Since he was also Tony Stark, the way these things manifested themselves were either very predictable or completely random and erratic.

He didn't have a plan or a way to fix things as they were. Press had been trying to reach him for days, wanting statements about Pepper and the Expo but he didn't feel like given anything, to anyone. So he did what he always did, kept to himself, poked around in his workshop. That usually did the trick but in this case... it wasn't enough. It was only enough for him to revert back into old and bad habits.

How he came to find himself landing in the middle of 5th avenue in broad daylight in his latest suit, cracking the pavement beneath him as he did, Tony wasn't sure. He supposed it didn't matter much either. The spot where he'd landed wasn't a great one and even though the car's driver slammed the breaks it hit him and when he flew backwards, there was a distinct clonk! when the backside of the armor met a street sign.

It was fine.

Once he was on his feet, Tony gave a wave and a thumbs up before he started down the avenue in search for what he'd come to find; coffee. He barely noted the voices and arms pointing. He only ever stopped when there was a camera and sometimes not even then. The Starbucks sign beckoned to him and when he stepped inside, the armor plated helmet folded back and he squinted at what he felt was bright lights. The line... was long.

With a sniff, Tony slipped behind the line and ended up at the front, before everyone else, grasping the counter to steady himself, the rolling sensation beneath his feet still very real. "I would like a... black coffee, venti, with, uh--get some vanilla in there, will ya. Five pumps, I'm feeling generous and in dire need of something ridiculously sweet and caffeinated." There was a level of quiet awe in the coffee shop, at the sight of the Iron Man having stepped in there, only to cut the line. Further from the back a mumble was heard; "Is he drunk?" Tony raised a finger into the air as if he had an important announcement to make, the armor effortlessly following. "Sure hope so. Do you guys have donuts?" He turned back to the server behind the cash register.

open for 1-2 others! note: don't expect anything spectacular, the guy's a bit under the weather xD
Sep 18 2017, 03:03 PM
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He's Iron Man.

Given Tony's past as a fairly (okay very) egocentric and arrogant war profiteer, he hasn't actually made a lot of friends over the years. He of course has Rhodey, whom he has been friends with for several years and of course Happy Hogan. During the most recent years as a heroic icon and part of the Avengers, Tony did make a lot of new friends and he's during the time with them, proven to be both reliable and dedicated. He's willing to risk himself in battle for allies and friends, but it can be debatable if this is primarily just a sense of selflessness or another way to deal with guilt and make amends.

This group is quite big and that to no one's surprise. Tony's created enemies over the years, both in and out of suit. Some he's had to deal with,others remain. In this category could some of his former team mates be, but if that is so, it's their choice as Tony, since the establishment of the Accords, doesn't compartmentalize people this way, at least not those he once used to consider friends.

Tony is generally incapable of functioning in a healthy relationship but he's got a good thing going with Pepper. Even though he'd never admit it out loud, he is trying to do right by her for his past mistakes but at the same time is slowly settling into the pace they've created.

He doesn't like to be handed things.

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Sep 18 2017, 06:22 AM

The Avengers operates under the panel of the United Nations and are currently under the leadership of Tony Stark. The facilities are located in Upstate New York.

Tony Stark - Iron Man
Thor Odinson - God of Thunder
Colonel James Rhodes - War Machine

(lordy this is a sad list right now)

other associates
Nick Fury
Pepper Potts
Thaddeus Ross
Maria Hill
Erik Selvig
Helen Cho
Happy Hogan

The facility was founded shortly after the aftermath of the Battle of Sokovia. It provides for residences for the Avengers but the base is used for scientific research, military training and weapons development. The facility has the support of renowned scientists such as Erik Selvig and Helen Cho. Vehicles and aircraft such as the Quinjet are also stationed at the facility.

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