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Jan 16 2018, 01:18 PM

It was a bright, warm day. He had woken up at the crack of dawn (and proceeded to wake up as many people as he could, tearing through the corridors as fast as he could) and breakfast had been more than satisfying - Thor had refilled his plate no less than four times and his goblet at least five, maybe even six. It was no secret that he was, as per usual, raring to go.

It was impossible for him to sit still. Energy - or was that lightning? It had been lightning once, just accidentally, and Thor had been thrilled because of the idea of what it could mean in the future when he had trained and was a mighty, noble warrior like his father - thrummed through his veins. The sooner he could get moving, the better. He was ready. Ready to prove his value to their father and ready to show how he had been practising each and every lesson he had been taught (it was a stretch of the truth, of course, but he tried his best).

So he pecked his mother on the cheek, grinning up at her before tugging insistently at Loki's - his best friend, his brother, matched by no one and easily the greatest companion he could ever ask for in Thor's eyes - sleeve. "Let's go!" He hopped from one foot to the other as he waited, bobbing impatiently until a bolt of inspiration struck him. "Last one out to the courtyard's a pile of bilgesnipe dung!"

Grinning, Thor did not turn back as he ran from the hall, deaf to everything but the sound of his own footsteps.

@LOKI LAUFEYSON | Thor is really sad at the typing of Laufeyson,
just saying
Dec 29 2017, 11:10 AM
Hello! Here's a few characters that it'd be fun to see around the board.
Please PM Ruth / Ky before applying for Asgardians.
|| Reserved || Taken ||

Valkyrie. Strong, somewhat alcoholic, sceptic.

Lady Sif
Warrior. Loyal, badass, disappeared (to stop Lorelei).

Jane Foster
Astrophysicist. Curious, brave, heart-breaker determined.

Darcy Lewis
Social science major. Friendly, confident, loves her iPod.

Erik Selvig
Astrophysicist. Did some work for SHIELD, was close with Jane's father, was mind-controlled by Loki, supervised Thor during his venture in the hallucination hot tub.

Trickster. Brother. Liar. Confidant. Traitor. Ally. Murderer. Friend. Usurper. Equal. Their relationship is a complicated one.

Dec 13 2017, 05:01 PM

The list of things that Tony's slip of plastic enabled him to do was seemingly endless. In his eyes, all of Midgard could potentially be bought through the power of one, flimsy card. It was remarkable, really, and Thor made a point of looking after it. Given the current state of things, he doubted that Tony would appreciate him dropping by to ask whether they could be replaced.

So he continued as he had done for the past few weeks, learning from experiences and experimenting. Midgard, generally, had quite a forgiving terrain (in comparison to say Jötunheim, anyway) and many of its citizens did not try to start trouble (start something, he had heard said) in his presence. Whether it was due to the fame he had acquired over the past few 'years' or the intimidating aura that his form gave him, Thor did not know but, for now, it worked in his favour so he did not question it.

One thing he did question, however, was the ease that Midgardians seemed to have in contacting each other. He had seen mobile phones before, of course, but he had never owned one himself. Perhaps if he had, things with Jane would have been easier to maintain - not that it mattered, she was a thing of the past and he told himself that he was completely over her. Entirely. It was scarcely worth thinking about.

But think he did. If he wanted to improve his communication skills on Midgard, Thor realised that he needed to acquire one of these phones. The paper sign on the window had said PHONES and, inside, there was a multitude of tiny devices with similar screens and a series of buttons, icons and pictures. Thor stood near the front with a piece of technology that seemed a little larger than normal in the palm of his hand, looking at it. Then he pressed his thumb to the circular button, unsure what would happen.

The device vibrated, a colourful stripe rolling across the bottom and asked him how it could help. Surprised by the motion, he fumbled the phone and almost dropped it, managing to catch it before it hit the smooth shop floor. The phone waited expectantly and Thor swallowed, considering it. "Uh. Call Captain Steven Rogers," he said. Most of the others were simple enough to get into contact with but Thor had not heard from Steve since the Ultron event.

"Here's what I found on the web for: Kill Captain Steven Rogers."

Thor's eyebrows raised, pressing the button again. "No! No, that is not what I asked. Please don't..." He looked around helplessly, half-expecting the phone to sprout wings and fly off into the distance to shoot Steven down.

Dec 13 2017, 04:29 PM

Thor stood outside Stark's tower - no longer his home but still a notable building nonetheless - and watched the civilians on the streets, a ponderous expression on his face. Pepper's condition was not one that would see her dead, thankfully, but he knew that it was not good, either. He did not consider himself apt enough to either comfort Tony or bring a bouquet to the woman's bed (apparently killing flowers and presenting them to loved ones was acceptable behaviour) so he merely lingered, thinking.

How those still working in the tower were doing, he had no idea. Although he had never held a job in that sense - a nine to five, as some called them - he could empathise with being close to those he engaged with. When running with Asgard's army, those he had become close with those he fought alongside. Even as their general (or boss). That counted as grounds for empathy, he was sure.

It was at that point that he heard something zip through the sky above. It was not the sound of a commercial plane, he knew what those were like, and it struck his curiosity. Stepping out a little, he looked up just in time to see what appeared to be a man in a suit flying across the sky. The colour was a little off and the design was different but Thor's immediate thoughts went to Tony and how long it had been since they had flown together.

Swinging Mjølnir, he built up enough momentum within a few seconds before soaring upwards into the sky, the air cool and refreshing against his face as he cut through it. It took a little time but soon enough he considered himself to be within earshot. "Stark!" he called out, grinning. The fashion choice was a bizarre one, perhaps smaller than his previous models, but Thor did not question it. Tony was an impossible man to predict, perhaps this was simply him testing a new model. "It is good to see you airborne once again, my friend!"

@SAM ALEXANDER | hope this works! <3 cheesy titles are fun
Dec 5 2017, 06:41 PM

The climate in this part of Midgard was colder than Thor was accustomed to. It was mostly wilderness, in between warehouse-type buildings that were filled with enemies who were gradually feeding them more information about the whereabouts of the sceptre Loki had acquired a few years before, but there were towns. Towns with people inside. Ordinary residents of Midgard who seemed to have very little idea on what was going on in regards to a covert danger lurking somewhere on their horizon.

Until rumours - or 'intel', as he had heard it dubbed - had lead those giving the orders to believe that there was a civilian who knew more than they were letting on. Or at least had witnessed something that would be helpful for their skirmish. Investigation, he supposed, but with added battles. Not that Thor was questioning the morality of it - he trusted the Captain to make the right decision and, if Stark's logic backed him up, he had no reason to doubt them. Any of them.

Except, perhaps, the one who had thought that sending him along on the interrogation front had been a good idea. Splitting up to cover more ground and not wanting anyone to wander off alone he could understand but his own negotiation tactics tended to be either reasoning or (he felt Mjølnir swing from his belt) less friendly ways of reasoning. Still, here they were. Wandering through the cold in search of a building that had signs of life inside (Thor had his hopes up for a tavern- bar). "Do you have tactics for this kind of work or has it become something innate for you by now?" he asked, turning his head and genuinely curious as to her answer. Espionage and remaining undetected had never been Thor's forte and he knew that she was an expert in it. "I think this is their humour playing out, pairing you and I together. One who can slip past anyone and one who truly cannot."

Something occurred to him at that point and he shrugged his shoulders, ashamed for having not thought of it earlier. "Would you like my cloak? I have no need of it - Jötunheim reaches far lower temperatures."

@NATASHA ROMANOFF | tell me if you want anything changed!
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