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When six youngsters accidentally become witnesses to their parents committing murder of a young woman, they team up to take their parents down. For years, their parents have masked their actions, calling themselves the Pride, a skillfully crafted front that is perceived as a charity organisation. Later, the teenagers come to understand that the Church of Gibborim plays a devastating role, supplying the Pride with a new sacrifice every year. After trying to report their parents to the police, the teenagers find out that the local law enforcement has been bought by the adults, indicating the depth of their control and influence.

Throughout their efforts to find a way to bring the adults to justice, the teenagers come into various skills, powers and tools that aid them on their quest. Eventually their attention is drawn to what they believe is part of the big plan: a dig-site with a giant, deep hole with something at the bottom that no one seems to know what it is, except Jonah himself. A culmination of their efforts is reached when one night, they attempt to destroy the hole but come across their parents instead, as well as Jonah. They are ready to fight them but are stopped by the Majesdanian. In order for her friends to escape, Karolina holds him off.

After getting Karolina out safely from the Church of Gibborim, the teens decides to leave Los Angeles by bus but at the station, they are shocked to see their own faces on TV, as suspects for the kidnapping of Molly and, potentially, as persons of interest in the case of the missing Destiny Gonzales, whom they know their parents had murdered. Instead of taking the bus, the group of six instead takes a previously stolen white van and heads east.

After having arrived in New York City, a registered hero recognizes them but instead of turning them over to the police right away, the group gets to tell their story. An external investigation is launched and when authorities fails to locate either of their parents or Jonah, the kids are placed temporary homes in NYC so they can resume living their lives.

Important additions or changes below.
  • Tina and Robert Minoru are dark wizards, which means that Nico has a natural, inherited affinity for the arcane arts. Staff of One is not based on nanotech.
  • Jonah is a Majesdanian, exiled many years ago for crimes. He made Earth his new home.
  • Currently the group is not wanted for kidnapping nor are they persons of interest for the police.
  • Their abilities are currently unknown to authorities so therefore none of them are registered with the Accords.
  • Old Lace was set free in the wilderness outside of Los Angeles but law enforcement found her hiding in the backyard when they were searching the Yorkes' house. Currently she is in containment supplied by Damage Control.
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