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After a two-year, unsuccessful search for the Infinity Stones, Thor finds himself the prisoner of Sutur, who reveals to him that his father Odin, does not sit on the throne in Asgard. Upon his escape and return to Asgard, Thor discovers that Loki has been impersonating their father for his own gain and amusement. Thor forcibly takes Loki with him to find their father on Earth, but they find that the retirement home where Loki had left him has been demolished.

The two brothers meet Doctor Strange, from whom Thor enlists help to locate their father. They find Odin in Norway, where Thor intends to force Loki to free Odin from the powerful spell he's put upon him. However, it turns out that Odin already overcame Loki's spell and has voluntarily placed himself in exile.

Divergences from MCU canon begin here.

Unbeknownst to the three of them, Odin's dazedness while under Loki's enchantment has caused the restraints placed on Hela to weaken considerably, allowing her to finally escape from Hel. Taking advantage of her family's absence, Hela summons her army of dead, brings her wolf Fenrir back to life, and takes control of Asgard.

Skurge, Hela's new Executioner and Bifrost guardian, alerts her when Thor, Odin and Loki call for the Bifrost. Hela is prepared and she meets her family head-on inside the transfer, knocking Loki and Thor out of the portal and taking Odin as her prisoner. The hammer also falls into Hela's possession and she locks it in the vault beneath the palace.

Upon arriving at Sakaar, Thor is forced to compete in the Contest of Champions, but with the help of Loki, Valkyrie, Bruce Banner, and Korg and his revolutionists, they escape Sakaar on a stolen ship and return to Asgard. While his allies distract the bloodthirsty, self-proclaimed queen and her forces, Thor breaks to free Odin and reclaim Mjølnir. United as family, they defeat Hela, and Odin once again imprisons her in Hel.

Major Changes:
  • Odin and Hela are not dead. Odin has returned to ruling as King of Asgard, while Hela has been reimprisoned in Hel.
  • Ragnarök has not yet come to pass, so Asgard is still in tact.
  • Mjølnir has not been destroyed and remains in Thor's possession.
  • Events take place roughly around March 2017.
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