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1. Be respectful of your fellow roleplayers. Harassment and ill behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. If an issue arises, don't hesitate to contact the admins, Ruth and Ky--it's what we're here for. Please keep cbox conversations pleasant and free of religion and politics. Box-code in the Cbox should be used sparingly.

2. With Great Powers (WGP) is a home for creativity and imagination, and while we do not require perfection, we do expect proper grammar and spelling. We also have no word count, so please use your best judgement and be considerate of your roleplaying partner. God-modding is not allowed, and when in doubt, communicate with your partner and respect their wishes.

3. We are not a premium board and so we comply by Jcink content rules: thread content should not exceed PG-13, and use fade-to-black for mature situations. Characters under 18 may not be involved in any mature threads. If your thread contains potentially triggering content, play it safe and tag it with a warning.

4. Real life comes first, and if you will be away from WGP, please post an absence notice or inform an admin. Posting should be fun, not stressful, but to keep threads and plots moving forward, we ask that each character should have one post every two weeks. Account activity is monitored and inactive accounts will be removed. Registered accounts that haven't posted a WIP or a reservation will be cleared out after approximately a week. The same goes for accounts whose reservations have expired.

5. The timeline is to provide connections between comic-inspired and MCU characters, and the rest is yours to adapt as you see fit. We encourage creativity but if you are applying for a canon character, please keep the spirit of your character similar to their comic/movie counterparts.

6. When you're ready to join, please register your character's name in capitalised letters (e.g. TONY STARK). Avatar sizes are 250x400px, and your face claim should be a real and alive person, preferably a celebrity. All graphics needs to be photos, both for application and avatars. Please consider using HQ images. If you have trouble finding and cropping images, PM Ruth for help. Refrain from decorating your avatars, and signatures should be left empty.

7. We allow Marvel canons and OCs provided that they fit into the MCU, the same goes for canons from the 616 verse. If you have a character in mind but aren't sure how/if they will integrate into the board, send the admins a PM and we'll brainstorm together. We do not accept plagiarism, and evidence of it will result in the immediate rejection of the applicant.

8. Please fill out the application and follow the application instructions. Unfinished applications will be archived after one week. When you're done, let us know by bumping your topic or sending us a PM. We require that you make at least 10 IC posts per character before reserving/applying for a new character.

9. Here at WGP, you tell the story. We welcome plot ideas and suggestions to improve the board. We love to brainstorm, so don't hesitate to send the admins a PM if there's anything you want to discuss.

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