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 Posted: Aug 20 2017, 03:15 PM
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How do I start?
By reading all the informational topics (a good place to start: check out this forum). When you feel ready, sign up for a character account and submit your application.

What kind of 'verse is this?
With Great Powers is a board set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but we also welcome characters from the 616 Universe. If you are unsure about a character's adaptation, don't hesitate to message Ky or Ruth.

Is [insert MCU show/movie] canon here?
A great place to check out is the timeline, which highlights everything we consider canon to the site. Generally, we try to incorporate everything from the MCU, unless it conflicts with events/relationships already established on the board (these will be noted on the timeline).

Are any of the X-Men movies applicable here?
Nope. We highly encourage anything X-Men to be inspired from the comics.

Something big happened in my thread that might affect several characters. Where can I point this out?
That's awesome! To help everyone feel they're part the same universe, we have a special board timeline where players are encouraged to contribute their significant threads. These may include crimes/accidents, important meetings, public announcements/events, and anything that might change the day-to-day of other characters.

Are original characters allowed?
They are! They are kept to the same standard as a canon character and we expect them to be, well, original. No plagiarism or copy cats allowed. Concerns and questions? Just PM an admin and we will give you a hand.

How many threads can I have?
As many as you want! Just try to be equally active in all your plots and be considerate of your posting partners.

How do I drop a character?
Just PM Ky or Ruth! We'll get you sorted.

Do you guys do activity checks?
No, but there are activity guidelines in place (see the rules here) and we do cleaning when necessary.
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