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Hey everyone!

WGP's just about to hit the eight-month mark, and we're absolutely ecstatic at how far it's come. This site wouldn't be where it was without you, the members, and the amazing characters and stories you've brought to life.

Regarding site things, we've got lots of stuff in the works. Xeper's been doing great things with his coming plot, and we're also working on implementing our own version of Infinity War. Sokovia Accords enforcers such as the SATF and SRU are getting more and more effective at rounding up the unregistered, so vigilantes beware.

A couple of important thing we want to address OOC-wise:
    Remember to keep Cbox conversation topics pleasant and inclusive. While it's fun to discuss our characters and the plots they're involved in, it's reached a point where certain conversations exclude other players, which is not cool. Please keep character/plot-specific conversations to plotters or private messaging platforms so the Cbox stays open to all.

    Try and be equally active in all your plots and be considerate of your posting partners. While we do understand that some threads and plots can really get the inspiration going, be fair and to tend to all threads and plots in a timely manner. We're not here to tell you how to post but we do expect our players to be considerate and responsible in regards to the content they've committed to. Remember, communication is key and goes both ways.
If anything comes up, don't hesitate to PM us. Y'all are rockstars--here's to another eight months and beyond!

- Ky & Ruth
Posted: May 17 2018, 01:52 AM
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