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Major events from both MCU and the board are included here. Entries in green represent site-specific canon events. Time on the board generally flows in real-time, give or take a month (past threads not included). For example, a thread started in January 2017 real-time could take place from December 2016 to February 2017 RP-time.

1945: Captain America drives the Valkyrie into ice.
1946-1947: Events of Agent Carter Seasons 1 and 2. Shortly after, SHIELD is formed.
1963: Charles Xavier turns his ancestral home into a school and sanctuary for mutants. Ten years later, he assembles the first X-Men team.
1975: SHIELD learns of the X-Men. To the advantage of both parties, the two form an unofficial alliance.
1986: The Hand causes the destruction of the city of Chernobyl, which is later covered up as a nuclear disaster.
    April: Thanos the Mad Titan adopts two alien girls as his daughters after killing their families.
    July: Janet van Dyne is presumed dead after sacrificing herself to disable a missile.
    November: Weapon X, a secret government project, performs an experiment on Logan Howlett that coats his skeleton in adamantium.
1991: Howard and Maria Stark are assassinated by the Winter Soldier on December 16th. Obadiah Stane is appointed as interim CEO of Stark Industries.
1992: Peggy Carter retires as Director of SHIELD and together with Alexander Pierce, appoints Nick Fury as her replacement.
1993: Carol Danvers becomes the youngest NASA head of security in history.
  • February:The Kree Mar-Vell arrives to Earth and takes on the identity of Walter Lawson.
  • August: Carol Danvers and Walter Lawson are caught in an energy pulse of the alien artifact they are investigating, changing Carol's DNA and making her the perfect blend of human and Kree. She becomes Ms. Marvel.
  • September: After the death of Mar-Vell, Ms. Marvel leaves Earth to fight in the Skrull/Kree war.
1995: A Mars expedition sends the Fantastic into space, but ground control loses contact with the vessel and the four astronauts onboard are presumed dead.
1998: Nick Fury sends Clint Barton to eliminate the young Russian assassin known as the Black Widow but instead of killing her, Barton brings her back to SHIELD.
2001: The Rands die in a freak plane accident over the Himalayas.
2003: Skrulls capture Carol Danvers and place her in suspended animation for several years.
2007: X-Men vs. Magneto. Anti-mutantism rises. William Stryker retires from the military.
2010: "I am Iron Man."
2011: Iron Man vs. Vanko, Hulk vs. Blonsky, and Thor vs. Loki. Pepper Potts is named CEO of Stark Industries.
  • April: Steve Rogers is found.
  • May: Actor Simon Williams is thought to have disappeared and/or committed suicide.
  • August: The Battle of New York. Adrian Toomes loses his company.
  • December: Iron Man vs. Killian.
2013: Thor vs. Malekith. Thor relinquishes his claim to the throne. Agent Coulson assembles his team (Agents of SHIELD S1, episodes 1-16).

  • January-February: Jessica Jones meets Kilgrave and Luke Cake is sent to Seagate Prison.
  • March: Captain America meets the Winter Soldier. SHIELD falls. Phil Coulson is named director. Start of Agents of SHIELD, S2.
  • April: Wilson Fisk is arrested and the masked vigilante that catches him is dubbed 'Daredevil' by the media.
  • April: Events of Age of Ultron.
  • April - June: Agents of SHIELD S2, episodes 19-22. Start of the Inhuman outbreak.
  • July: Ant-Man vs. Yellowjacket.
  • November: Jessica Jones vs. Kilgrave, and Daredevil vs. Punisher.

  • January-March: Luke Cage becomes Harlem's hero. Luke Cage returns to prison. Mariah Dillard runs Harlem's criminal underworld. The X-Men fully retire from the public eye.
  • June: The Sokovia Accords are formed. King T'Chaka is assassinated. Avengers break up, like the Beatles. Danny Rand becomes co-CEO of Rand Enterprise. SHIELD vs. Hive. A task force is assembled to enforce the Sokovia Accords.
  • August: Black Panther vs. Killmonger.
  • October: Spider-Man vs. Vulture.
  • January: Dr Strange vs. Dormammu. The Fantastic returns to Earth. The four astronauts emerge unharmed but altered, and are dubbed the Fantastic Four.
  • February: Dead and wounded are left in the wake of the Society's last heist.
  • March: Nick Fury replaces Phil Coulson as Director of SHIELD. Events of Thor: Ragnarok with some changes (see [link]).
  • April: Luke Cage is released. Danny Rand and Colleen Wing track the Hand. Jessica Jones is drunk.
  • June: X-Men defeats the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle.
  • August: Defenders vs. The Hand. Carol Danvers is freed and woken up by Kree.
  • September: Emma Frost joins Xavier's school as their counsellor.
  • October: The Purifiers carry out their anti-mutant agenda at Stark Expo.
  • November: Punisher S1. Runaways S1 (see [link]).
  • January: Avengers and SATF investigate an aircraft that crashed in the Hudson River.
  • March: Ms. Marvel returns to Earth a hero and, re-introduced as Captain Marvel, becomes an avid supporter of the Sokovia Accords and a defender of law and justice.
  • April: Jessica Jones S2 (see [link])
  • June: Fear Itself - site event.
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As With Great Powers grows, so too do our characters and stories. To help keep track of what happens on the board, players are encouraged to add to this timeline, contributing significant threads that may shape and affect other characters.

To add to the timeline, reply to this topic with the following form:

[b]Summary:[/b] 1 sentence summary of thread
[b]Significance:[/b] 1 sentence describing its significance (e.g. important plot points, character development).[/spoiler]



Happy Hour (Nick Fury and Charles Xavier)

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A Sense of Poise and Rationality (Sharon Carter, Emma Frost, Warren Worthington III)



Fortunate Son (Kamala Khan and Sam Alexander)

Emission Control (Tony Stark & Ben Grimm)





Something Borrowed, Something Blue (Tony Stark and Pepper Potts)

Thunder Road (Bruce Banner and Mystique)

Port in a Storm (Scott Summers and Bruce Banner)

Eye Spy (Secret Avengers)

Like Old Friends (Victor Von Doom and Reed Richards)


Waterloo Sunset (Jemma Simmons and Thaddeus Ross)

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