Sokovia Accords, registration list and info
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The Sokovia Accords are legal documents created to regulate the activities of enhanced individuals and the organisations who employ them, the latter which includes government agencies such as S.H.I.E.L.D. Private organisations, like the Avengers, are either disbanded or moved to operate under the supervision of the United Nations.

These documents state clearly that all unauthorised activity involving an individual with enhanced abilities--innate or acquired--is illegal. Those who do not abide by these regulations will be arrested and may be detained indefinitely without a trial, regardless of intent. Whether the enhanced individual is committing crimes or obstructing them, they are considered a threat to national security and will be dealt with severely.

sokovia accords task force

Officially known as the Sokovia Accords Task Force, its hand-picked members are registered assets that are assigned to enforce the Sokovia Accords. Informally nicknamed after Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross, these enhanced agents operate at street-level, occasionally in collaboration with law enforcement, to deal with threats that are beyond human--specifically, they track down individuals suspected of violating the Sokovia Accords. If the individual is deemed threatening, the task force has the authority to arrest them by any means necessary.

Some task force agents are assigned to police precincts, and either groups can request the other as backup. All task force agents are given trackers so mission control can monitor their geographical locations and basic biometrics. See here for their roster and here for their group plotter.

superhuman restraint unit

The Superhuman Restraint Unit complements the Thunderbolts and are managed by the same division, although its members are exclusively human. Recruited from different branches of the United States military, these agents are specifically trained and tasked to bring in and neutralise so-called heroes who do not comply with the Accords and the Registration Act. Its members are are equipped with riot-esque armor and various of none-lethal weapons, such as tranquilizer darts, stun weapons (guns, batons, tasers), war hammers and sonic devices.

  • Activities of once-private organisations, such as the Avengers, are controlled by the United Nations panel. Members are not allowed to operate outside of the United States borders without clearance from UN or the government of the nation in question.
  • Any individual registered with the Accords are required to submit bio-metric data such as finger-prints and DNA samples.
  • Anyone with innate powers (i.e. Inhumans, mutants, individuals with biological enhancements) must submit to an analysis that will fit them into the appropriate category and threat-level.
  • Individuals whose enhancements stem from highly advanced technology or similar must submit their equipment for testing and categorisation.
  • All law-enforcement are susceptible to registration and above mentioned tests and analyses.
  • The creation of any and all artificial intelligence is strictly prohibited.
  • Enhanced individuals who take unauthorized actions, break the law, violate the Accords or are perceived as a threat to the general public may be detained indefinitely without trial. This goes for registered as well as unregistered individuals.

  • currently registered
      Eskind, Charles
      Fury, Nick
      Gold, Melissa
      Grimm, Ben
      Jones, Jessica
      Potts, Pepper
      Richards, Reed
      Rhodes, James
      Rodriguez, Elena
      Smith, Walter (Paul Ebersol)
      Sofen, Karla
      Stark, Tony
      Storm, Johnny
      Storm, Sue
      Udaku, T'Challa
      Von Doom, Victor
      Wade, Wilson
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