Sokovia Accords, registration list and info
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The Sokovia Accords are legal documents created to regulate the activities of enhanced individuals and the organisations who employ them. Private organisations, like the Avengers, are either disbanded or moved to operate under the supervision of the United Nations (UN).

These documents state clearly that all unauthorised activity involving an individual with enhanced abilities--innate or acquired--is illegal. Those who do not abide by these regulations are arrested and may be detained indefinitely without a trial, regardless of intent. Whether the enhanced individual commits crimes or obstructs them, they are considered a threat to national security and consequences are severe.

There are two primary teams assigned to enforce the Sokovia Accords: Sokovia Accords Task Force (Thunderbolts) and the Superhuman Restraint Unit (SRU). More information can be found here.

  • The creation of artificial intelligence is strictly prohibited.
  • The Avengers are controlled by the UN, and members may not operate outside of US borders without clearance from UN or the government of the nation in question.
  • SHIELD is managed by the World Security Council, whose members have been selected by the UN.
  • All other teams and organisations whose members include enhanced individuals must surrender to the UN for investigation. Vigilante teams are illegal and must immediately disband.
sokovia accords registration act
  • All individuals with enhanced abilities must register and submit their bio-metric data, including fingerprints and DNA samples.
  • Individuals in law enforcement, military, and/or intelligence may be required to register and participate in the above-mentioned tests and analyses, even if they are not enhanced.
  • Those with innate powers (i.e. Inhumans, mutants, individuals with biological enhancements) must submit to an analysis to determine their category and threat-level.
  • Individuals whose enhancements stem from advanced technology or similar must submit their equipment for testing and categorisation.
  • Registered enhanced individuals who are considered 'high risk' are assigned civilian-level trackers, which are injected into the bloodstream of the individual. So far, the device is only known to track the location of the individual.
    • Exceptions may be granted to foreign (including intergalactic) dignitaries, royalty, and high-ranking officials; these are entirely up to the UN's discretion.
    • Members of the Sokovia Accords Task Force are given different trackers, which also track vitals and deliver disciplinary neural shocks.
  • Enhanced individuals who take unauthorized action, break the law, and/or violate the Sokovia Accords may be prosecuted without trial. This is true for both registered and unregistered individuals.


* denotes that the individual has a tracker
    Eskind, Charles*
    Danvers, Carol*
    Fury, Nick
    Gold, Melissa*
    Grimm, Ben*
    Jones, Jessica*
    Lang, Scott*
    Odinson, Thor
    Potts, Pepper*
    Richards, Reed*
    Rhodes, James
    Rodriguez, Elena*
    Romanoff, Natasha
    Smith, Walter (Paul Ebersol)*
    Sofen, Karla*
    Stark, Tony*
    Storm, Johnny*
    Storm, Sue*
    Udaku, T'Challa
    Von Doom, Victor
    Wade, Wilson*
    Williams, Simon*
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